Sunday May 23rd Run/Brunch

This is the last of the Sunday Long Runs for the first half of 2010!

This week we’ll be running the route for week 14 of the Boston Training, giving Dan one last run through the hills before Vermont. In order to get to the Brunch on time some runners plan on starting a bit early. The idea is to finish the 12.5 mile route by 10 so we can get over to Liz’s before all the good food is gone. For some that means taking off from Brueggers at 7:30, for others 7:45, and some will leave at the normal 8AM. So let me know if you’re running and what time so your pack can arrange to take off together. Personally, I’m planning on 7:45.

Water stop… someone needs to get some supplies out to Highland Ave. I believe Barry has some supplies, as do I. Let me know who’s interested in being the stop and who can pick them up and I’ll drop some stuff at one of those people’s houses on Saturday.

As far as the Brunch goes, it’s at Liz’s house. I’ll e-mail the address to people later today. If you don’t think I have your e-mail, e-mail me today at

Who’s in? And who else is coming from Brunch. If you ran at least one run with us you’re welcome to join in on the celebration. So far I have the following: BarryC, LaurenC, Catherine, Nancy, Genevieve, Ginny, Sue, DaveH, Michelle, Carol,, Judi, Lois, Liz, Jim, Dan.

15 Responses to “Sunday May 23rd Run/Brunch”

  1. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    I plan on starting at 7:30 so that i can enjoy being at the front of the pack for a brief period. I plan to yell out an occasional ‘I’m winning!’ until the speedsters come up from behind and steal my thunder.

    i’m on for brunch as well – bringing cupcakes and maybe something savory.

    looking forward to sending Dan off to an awesome marathon in VT with some hills and bloody marys!

  2. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    oh, and i’m happy to leave my car as a waterstop somewhere. would just need another soul who is taking off at 7:30 to pick me up on their way in.

  3. Sue Clough says:

    I’m starting at 7:30 with Lois and am bringing some sort of salad, whatever I can throw together during my very busy Saturday, including two baseball games, an anniversary party, and a dance recital! I am looking forward to a very spicy, TALL, bloody mary!

  4. Catherine Kane says:

    I’ll start at 7:30 also and hopefully do the whole route. I can pick you up, Lois on my way in. Looking forward to hanging out with everyone!

  5. Hi All,
    Not sure yet. I will probably go out very early (6:30) if anyone has any
    interest. In will see you all at Liz’s. I cannot stay long I have a dance
    recital. I’m planning on a fruit salad but that could change, we’ll see.
    Have a great Saturday.

  6. Andrew Pate says:

    I am IN for the 12.5 with Dano. See ya at 7:30!

  7. Rachelle Horwitz says:

    My plans are very uncertain right now…I should have a better idea tomorrow evening. I’d like to go to the brunch and run 12.5 at 7:30 but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make either. If I am able to go, I’ll bring some homemade bread (if I am able to cook) or some DD coffee (if I can’t cook and that’s still ok with everyone).

  8. Barry Cossette says:

    I’ll do the waterstop at Highland Ave and will be there at 7:30. I have some supplies but I’ll need more Jim. I’ll run 2 loops around the lake to make it close to 10 or more. I’ll make sure I wait until Lois passes though, so I can take over the lead and yell “Now I’m winning!” with a haha (Jim/Nelson style).

  9. Dorota Bulik says:

    I will be there at 7:30 with Loise et al. I’ll bring a poppy seed bread (Polish specialty).

  10. Dorota Bulik says:

    Oops, sorry Lois for the typo 🙂

  11. Anthony Capua says:

    I’m in for ten, so I’ll jump in on Barry’s plan. I’ll figure out something to bring for brunch… see everyone bright and early!!

  12. ginny rowe says:

    I’m in for 8+ ish. Maybe longer, we’ll see. I’ll be there at 7:45.

  13. Marlene McGunigle says:

    I will be there for 7:45. Not sure how far will go.

  14. Lynda Field says:

    I can’t make the Brunch 🙁 but next year will plan on it! I am exhausted so will sleep in and run at 8:00. I would like to run 8 to 10 miles. I will be at Brueggars if anyone ends up starting out later than they had planned I would love company.

  15. Nick Lamberti says:

    Hi Guys!

    Sorry, I will be a scratch today while playing electrical contractor. I hate missing a party at Liz’s!


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