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WEEK 4 – Horn Pond

Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Last Week – We were lucky to have another cool and wet July day to run north to Wakefield for a trip around Lake Quannapowitt.

This Week – The Sunday Long Run will take us out to Horn Pond.  Mileage is starting to creep up and so are the temperatures. We may even get to see the Sun this week!!

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The run will take off from Brueggers back lot at 7:30AM. Half runners, if you want to experience Horn Pond feel free to carpool over to the first water stop and jump in there for a 7 mile run from Eugene to Eugene.

The route will take you south on Main Street, past Marathon Sports and Dunkin Donuts before turning right at a set of lights onto West Wyoming Avenue. Follow West Wyoming past Grimsby’s and up Pond Street to Spot Pond, where you go right to keep on Pond Street. Watch for uneven terrain due to construction. Run straight past the Zoo as the street turns into South Street, and straight past Friendly’s as the street turns into North Border Road, and then straight past the I-93N on ramp as the street becomes Park Street. You’ll get to a set of lights and turn onto Marble Street, passing over I-93 into Winchester as the street turns into Forest Street. On your left will be a small side street named Eugene Drive where you’ll find Tom at the first water stop.

If you’re running the half route you can turn back onto Forest, back over I-93, and continue on Marble Street past Park Street and across Main Street onto Summer Street. Summer will go through one set of lights and then bend over to Franklin Street. At that set of lights turn right onto Franklin and head back to Melrose. When you hit Main Street in Melrose, turn right and head back to Brueggers.

The full route will leave the water stop and head down, down, down Forest Street. Turn left at the set of lights at Washington Street where the Gingerbread Construction Company is, crossing over to the right side to take a right onto Cross Street. Cross Street will cross from Winchester into Woburn where you’ll hit yet another Main Street. Turn right on Main, and a quick left on Lake Street. Lake Street will take you to Horn Pond. There is a parking lot off the right side of Lake Street where you’ll find the second water stop.

From here circle Horn Pond clockwise. It should be pretty obvious how to accomplish this, stay on the main path, you’ll cross over a little section over the water and turn right onto a street, Water Street/Sturgis Street. Follow Sturgis up the big hill (although there is a path that skips the hill for the faint of heart) and turn right on Arlington Road. This will bring you along the side of Horn Pond. If you’re bored look for the planet markings set apart to represent the solar system. Once you hit Lake Street again you can take a right to grab more water, or a left to head back along the next section. If you are skipping the water stop let them know when you come through the first time so they aren’t standing there all day waiting for you to come back.

Head back the way you came along Lake Street, turning right on Main, left on Cross, back to Washington. At Washington turn left and cross over to turn right on to Forest. Now its time to head back up, up, up Forest Street. The prize at the top is at Eugene Drive where you’ll return to the first water stop for more candy and drinks.

Now its time to finish off the 14+ miles along Forest, back over I-93, and continuing on Marble Street past Park Street and across Main Street onto Summer Street. Run through one set of lights on Summer and follow the bend over to Franklin Street. At that set of lights turn right onto Franklin and head back into Melrose. When you hit Main Street in Melrose, turn right and head back to Brueggers.

I’ll be handling the first and last stop while Marty takes care of Horn Pond.

Who’s in? Roll Call!!!

Week 3! Nick’s and Lake Q

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Last Week – We took off for Spot Pond on another cool and soupy July day.  We had a great turn out and the rain held off for at least half of the run. I think most of us would prefer this to a hot sunny long run on a Sunday morning.  Regina helped me hold it down at the first and third water stop while Nicole handled Straw point solo.   We even had a guest appearance by Jim Carson for the Spot Pond Loop. Thanks everyone for another great SLR!

This Week – Looks like more of the same this Sunday, cool and wet.  Lets enjoy it while we can, the heat will certainly come soon enough.

The Route – This week is a step back week, distances reduce a bit. The crew will head north to Wakefield with Full Route Runners (10.7 miles) running a loop of Lake Quannapowitt while Half Route Runners (6.2 miles) turn around at the water stop and head back.

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Start – We’ll head up Main Street to Wakefield. Stop at the Nick’s Pizza parking lot for a water stop.

Half Finish – Turn around and go back along Main Street to return to Brueggers.

Full 2 – The full route will run along Main Street through Wakefield Center, staying on Main Street up along the east side of Lake Quannapowitt. When you reach Lowell Street, continue around the lake by going left, and another left onto Quannapowitt Way into the Comverse parking lot. Continue through the lot, coming out at North Ave where you turn left. Follow North Ave to Church Street where you turn left. At the church turn right onto Common Street. This will merge back on to Main Street and bring you back to Nick’s for another water stop.

Full Finish – Head back along Main Street to Brueggers.

Water Stop – Nicole and I will handle the water stop.

Roll Call – Who’s in?

Sunday July 18th, 2021: SPOT POND

Friday, July 16th, 2021

Last Week – It was so great to see everyone last Sunday!!! Over 20 people came out on a beautiful day to enjoy our first SLR since March 2020! Nicole managed the water stop for the half runners and Joe T. and Regina kept me company at the stop for the full route.  It was a great morning, thanks everyone!!

If you are on Facebook and have not joined the MRC Sunday Long Run group please do.  Updates and discussions about SLR will be happening there and it is just any easier, real time way to communicate, post pics, and connect with others running the SLR. If you are on Instagram so is MRC, please follow us and tag us if you take pictures during SLR.

This Week – We’ll be back at the lot behind Brueggers to step up the distance and take on Spot Pond. Start time will once again be 7:30. The half run is about 7 miles, the full about 12.5. Generally every other week of the long run will step up 4 miles and then the next will drop down 2 miles as we build to 22 miles. Meanwhile the short run will step up 2 and then step back 1 headed towards an 11 max before their race.

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Start – Leaving Brueggers we will head south on Main Street (in the direction of Malden), past Dunkin Donuts, and turning right on West Wyoming, like the start of the MRC Summer Route. West Wyoming will take you out to Grimsby’s where you’ll turn left onto the Fellsway East. Two hills will great you on the Fellsway East which you’ll hate, but maybe someday you’ll grow to love. Ignore the incline and enjoy the feel of running through the Melrose section of the Middlesex Fells. Eventually you’ll go through an intersection with a set of lights and come down to a traffic circle in Medford where you’ll turn right on to Highland Ave. Follow Highland up towards Spot Pond, finding a water stop on the left right before a rotary by the Flynn Rink.

Half Finish – After the water stop, the short runners will continue straight through the rotary on to Woodland Road, running past the Flynn Rink. Follow this to Pond Street where you’ll turn right and head down a steep hill to Grimsby’s. Turn left there and follow the Lynn Fells Parkway past Melrose High School, after which you’ll turn right on Melrose Street and then take a quick right onto Main Street to finish up at Brueggers.

Full Route 3 – The long runners will leave the water stop and turn left at the rotary on to Elm Street. Run to the end of Elm Street and turn right onto the Fellsway West. This will bring you through another portion of the Middlesex Fells, up what we’ve named Slackers Hill after that urge you get to walk instead of run up the hill, keep running. You’ll then cross under I-93, past the Sheepfold, and over I-93. Watch on your right as you cross an off ramp from I-93, cars come down there very quickly! After that you’ll want to turn right into the Straw Point parking lot. There will be a water stop there, so grab some water and keep going through the parking lot to Pond Street. Continue right to keep circling Spot Pond, pass the Zoo, continue straight as Pond Street becomes Woodland Rd, up to Flynn Rink, through the rotary and back to the water stop at Highland Ave.

Full Finish – After the final water stop you’ll cross Highland and take your first left on East Border Road. This will bring you up to a set of lights where you turn left to get back on the Fellsway East. Ride those two hills back past Grimsby’s and onto the Lynn Fells Parkway. Run past Melrose High School, turn right on Melrose Street, and right on Main Street which will take you back to Brueggers.

Water Stops – Nicole has Volunteered to help me through August but as runs increase in distance and we add multiple stops it would be great to have more volunteers! Please contact me at if you’d like to get involved.

Roll Call! Those are the plans, who’s in?

SLR IS BACK!!! Sunday July 11th, 2021

Sunday, July 11th, 2021

It’s time to get the Sunday Long Run started! Join us at 7:30 AM Sunday July 11th for the first run of the fall season.

New to this? Here’s how it works. We meet in the lot behind Brueggers (Main St. Melrose), collect $2.00 from those running the long run, $1.00 if you’re running short. Start the run. Each week there will be water stops about every three or four miles. The stops are there for a quick drink and a little snack if you need it. As the runs get longer (>14 miles) there will be gu around miles 7 and 14. If you need anything else you should practice carrying it for race day.

The program is 15 weeks, aiming for the Baystate Marathon (and this year we have an Oct. 11th Boston!). To train for a half you should already be able to run 5 miles comfortably and regularly. For a marathon your typical long run should already be a comfortable 10 miler. If you’re training for a different race at a different time in the fall, tailor your distances around existing water stops.

Maps for the run are located on the MRC SLR blog main page by clicking on the distance in the top right of the page. Learn the routes please. You can print them out and wrap them in clear tape to waterproof them and bring them with you if you tend to be directionally challenged. Remember, if you wander of the route we won’t find you… because you’re lost. Here’s this week’s route…

This week’s run is short and sweet. We’ll head north on Main Street, bear right on Green Street and turn on the Lynn Fells Parkway. Follow that to the first set of lights where you turn left. Running short, you’ll turn left on Howard, back to a left on Green, merge back to Main and finish at Brueggers. Long runners will continue on Main Street in Saugus which will become Farm Steeet in Wakefield. Look for a water stop at Wakefield High School. Continue on Farm to a left at the end onto Water Street. This will bring you to Wakefield Center where you turn left on Main Street which will bring you back to Melrose and Brueggers.

After the run change into dry clothes and feel free to buy a bagel and a drink. Brueggers has graciously hosted us for a dozen years now, please respect their business! That means keep quiet before the run, get clean after the run, and patronize their business. Please refrain from bringing outside food in to their business.

Lastly, please join the MRC Sunday Long Run FB group and respond to these posts so we know how many people are coming. The head count of people in for the full or half determines the amount of supplies at the water stop. I’m also working on getting the blog updated on the MRC website, as soon as I’m able to get that live again it will be updated as well.

With that, it’s time for the Roll Call! Who’s in for the first run of the 2021 Fall training season?!