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Boston: Done. Brunch: Pending

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Ok, now that Boston is done it is time to start thinking about the Spring SLR Brunch. We never got around to doing one last fall, so I want to get the word out now and start the planning. What we need to make it happen is someone to volunteer their home, and everyone else to bring some brunchables. With upcoming marathons and Mother’s Day taking our Sundays, let’s figure out the house and the date first. If you can host, please post here. Everyone else post the days you cannot attend in the next 4 weeks.


Marathon Weekend

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Good Luck to all of you running Boston on Monday! You’ve toughened up through the harshest of winters, you’ve trained hard to be ready, all that’s left is to go run 26.2 miles. I hope for the best for each of you and can’t wait to hear how well it went!

For the rest of you, the first unofficial SLR is being organized over in the Melrose Running Club group on Facebook. They’ll be meeting at Brueggers at 8 and heading over to Breakheart for a loop around. I guess they missed those hills. There will be a water stop at Breakheart in the parking lot. I’m hoping to get over there to join in on a loop myself and plan to have some snacks in my trunk and I have a few gallons of water and a gatorade or two left.

Keep your eyes on Facebook for further unoffical SLR planning.

Week 14 – One More Time

Friday, April 10th, 2015

Ok kids, this is it! For those running Boston this is your last long run before the really long run. Last week was your first taper run since the 22 and you all looked thrilled to be trotting along a new route out to Horn Pond. We had a visitor covering you all for the first time, Toni Ann, and she soaked in your enthusiasm as you traveled over 14 miles like it was nothing. You inspire awe in others. Enjoy that feeling.

This week we’ll head out to conquer the hills of the Fellsway East one more time as well as your last loop around Spot Pond for a while. We’ll head out north on Main Street. Pass Ell Pond and give the Clarence DeMar monument a tap as you go by. This season you haven’t seen much of Clarence, his monument being buried under feet of snow for the last 10 weeks. Fitting it reappears just prior to the marathon. Clarence DeMar won Boston several times wearing a shirt with his hometown Melrose written across the chest. His victories coupled with Bill Rodgers make Melrose the city whose residents have won the most Boston Marathons. A little luck from Clarence will send you along the way to a left on Melrose Street and another left on LynnFells Parkway. Follow this out to Grimsbys and on to the Fellsway East. Fly over the hills to the rotary where the newspaper boy sits and go right on to Highland Ave and find the water stop.

After the stop everyone heads to the front side of Spot Pond, by the Flynn Rink. Yes half runners, like you always do. No long runners, don’t go Elm Street. This time you’re going counterclockwise around Spot Pond. Take Woodland Road up to Pond Street. Long, keep heading up to the Zoo. Short, turn right on Pond and continue onto West Wyoming. Left onto Main will bring you back to Brueggers. The long runners will continue past the Stone Zoo, left into the Straw Point parking lot over to Rt28, Main Street in Stoneham. That left will wander past the Sheepfold of the Fells and up and down a few hills on the backside of Spot Pond. This are would look familiar if it was covered with 10 feet of snow like it has been all winter, but finally all should be clear. Turn left on Elm Street, up, up, up a hill back to the rotary at Highland Ave. Go right and the water stop will be back in front of you.

After that stop go left at East Border Road, and left again back onto the Fellsway East. Ride over those big hills one last time and make your way to Grimsby’s. Turn right for your last mile of your Sunday Long Runs if you’re training for Boston. It’ll take you to Main Street where a left will complete your training at Brueggers.

Again, this is Don’t Do Anything Stupid Time so just enjoy the fact that this run, which seemed very difficult about 11 weeks ago, is a nice easy run. I hope to see a bunch of smiling faces with bodies ready to tackle Boston a week later. Its been a fun, adventurous, challenging winter. Finish strong and healthy as we finally move in to Spring!

OK, who’s in for the last official Sunday Long Run of the Winter of all Winters 2015?! ROLL CALL!!!

(There may be a few more unoffical SLRs for those training for other marathons, we’ll talk later)