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Nice Run… Let’s Eat!

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

This Sunday, go for a little run at 8AM and then join us for the Sunday Long Run Brunch. We’ll start things up at about 10AM. The brunch is a pot luck, everybody should drop a note here and let us know what you’re bringing.

The Brunch is at:

Kelly Walsh’s house
194 Warwick Rd

See you there,

This Week – If You’re Running It, Run It Strong!

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

I hope you all made it through your taper without being stupid.

A few of you ran your long run today (Saturday), if you did I hope you had a good one. It was a bit windy but warm in the sun… finally.

Many of you will be celebrating Easter tomorrow (Sunday). Enjoy the rare Sunday morning where people don’t have to chase you to enjoy your company.

And some of you will run Monday… run strong! Its been a pleasure helping you all get to the starting line. My job is done, now its time for you to do yours. Run well and enjoy every mile of it.

Next Sunday we’ll be having a Sunday  Morning Brunch at Kelly Walsh’s. We start around 10AM on Sunday to allow for some running beforehand. More details will be posted mid-week but its a pot luck.. bring some food, drink, and running stories. Get the word out, if you ran every week or one week with us, you’re invited!

Week 14 – Last Long Run Before Boston

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

We’re mid-Taper Time for the Boston Runners and the Spring Half Marathon season is upon us. This week is should feel like a short run, slightly slower than race pace, to work the kinks out of those muscles that are still healing up from all that training so they’re at their peak next week. Don’t Do Anything Stupid Time is in effect so run carefully and live carefully, you’re almost to the starting line.

This week we’ll be running the route that everyone complained about 13 weeks ago… most of the Melrose Half. We’ll start up Main St and head past Ell Pond where last spring a memorial was held to remember those impacted by the events at the Boston finish line and honor all those that ran that Boston who were from Melrose. The location was chosen because of a monument we pass every time we run up Main St. One we traditionally give a tap on as we train for our marathons, The Clarence DeMar monument. While living in Melrose Clarence won Boston in 1911, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, and 30. The monument also notes another Melrose resident who won Boston, Bill Rodgers ran our streets to train for his wins in 1975, 78, 79, and 80 (the monument is a little inaccurate in that respect). A runner from Virginia, Jack Fultz won Boston in 1976. If you ask him he’ll tell you he spent his weeks prior to Boston in Melrose running our streets  to get ready.  So give the monument a tap then turn the corner onto Melrose St and the Lynn Fells and continue up through those hills on the Fellsway East. Be assured there are 3 guys that accumulated 12 Boston Marathon wins from running those same hills.  After the hills turn right on Highland Ave and meet me at the water stop.

Once you’ve rehydrated go straight to the front side of Spot Pond. Yes we’re running it in the reverse direction than we typically do. Some say this is easier, some say its harder. If you’re running short, turn right on Pond St down to Grimsby’s. Continue straight onto West Wyoming and left on Main St to finish up. Longer runners keep going past the Zoo and turn left into the Straw Point parking lot for a little more water (I assume Jeff is helping me out this week?). After this stop keep going around the pond and up Elm Street back to the Highland Ave stop.

From here you turn onto East Boarder Road and back over to the Fellsway East. Roll the hills and turn right at Grimsby’s. Enjoy the last flat mile of your run on West Wyoming and Main Street where you finish your long run training for Boston.

Running longer then long today? Let me know your plan and I’ll see if we can support with an extra water stop.

So who’s in for the final training run before Boston? ROLL CALL!

Week 13 – Taper Time (DDAST)

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

After a successful trip to Hopkinton, a nice run to Boston, and a little celebrating in Wakefield, its Taper Time! Years ago I dubbed this period Don’t Do Anything Stupid Time. In the next few weeks  you’ll encounter a situation in which you will ask your body to do something that seems rather non-challenging. If you do it there is a slight chance you might irritate a muscle that’s been trying to heal up since your long 22 mile run. Don’t do the simple task or you’ll be uttering the words so many before you have as pain shoots through your hamstring, calf, or quad “man, that was stupid!”. Be careful out there my friends.

This week we’ll be doing a run similar to one run a few weeks ago. We’ll run up to Melrose Common, over to Swain’s Pond, by Oak Grove Cemetery to a water stop at Citizen’s Bank in Malden. Leaving the water stop you’ll run past the Oak Grove T station and along Greenwood St to the Fellsway East, onto the LynnFells Parkway stopping for water at the Knoll by Melrose High School. From their, if you’re running short you’ll head to Main Street back to Brueggers.  If you’re running long you’ll take the LynnFells to Main Street in Saugus, and heading to Farm Street. You’ll turn onto Nahant and stop at Nick’s Pizza for some water. After that you’ll follow Main Street to Brueggers. 7 miles for the short runners, 14 for the long.

While you’re back at Brueggers, enjoy a bite to eat and a coffee. Not only will this help refuel you and give you a chance to talk racing strategy with your fellow long runners, you’ll have a change to help Gilliam race funds for the Fallen Soldiers of Maine. Present the coupon below, or show it to them via your smartphone, and 15% of your purchase will help Gillian reach her Boston Fundraising goal and the Fallen Soldiers of Maine to recognize the great Americans who lost their lives serving their country.

Ok, who’s in! Roll Call!!!