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Week 4 – End of the First Month

Friday, January 25th, 2013

This will be the last Sunday Long Run of January, one month down, a couple more to go! It’s been a cold one, but that’s just toughening you up for whatever race day will bring.

This week we’re stretching the distance out to 14 for the long run and 7 for the a-little-less-long run. We’ll running over to Melrose High School at the start. If you’re running long you’ll circle Ell Pond and come back by the high school and head up the Lynn Fells toward Grimsby’s. If you’re running the shorter route you’ll skip the Ell Pond loop and just head towards Grimsby’s. Pass Grimsby’s and follow the old Melrose Half Marathon route you ran a few weeks ago. That’ll take through some hills to Highland Ave where you go right and head up to the water stop.

Less-long route will head along the front side of Spot Pond to Pond St. Take a right down Pond, past Grimsby’s and into Melrose along West Wyoming Avenue. At Main St turn left and finish up at Brueggers.

Longer route runners will go clockwise around Spot Pond and come back to the water stop. I’ll still be there. Have a sip, a bite to eat and head out for the rest. Left on East Border, left on Fellsway East, past Grimsby’s along the LynnFells to the high school. Turn right on Melrose St and right on Main. Finish up at Breuggers and you’ll be one run closer to Boston!

Who’s in?! ROLL CALL!!!!

Week 3 – Saturday -Yes Saturday- Long Run

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

After stretching out to a long hilly 12.5 mile long run last week, we step back this week for a shorter flatter 10.7 mile long run this week. Due to the holiday party Saturday Night, and in order to give you no excuses to not party it up as much as you can, the long run this week is moved to Saturday morning. Yes, Saturday Morning. Did you hear that everyone? SAURDAY MORNING. (Someone will still show up Sunday).

It’ll still be at 8AM. It’ll still be at Brueggers. But it will be Saturday instead. Because it’s on Saturday there will be more traffic along the roads, and the parking lot will be more crowded, so plan accordingly. We’ll head out north on Main St towards Wakefield. Continuing all the way to the intersection of North Ave and Main St. Where Dunkin Donuts and Jiffy Lube are. In the other corner, at Nahant St, you’ll find water stop 1.

If you’re running the shorter route you’ll turn around and go back to the start. That’ll give you a 10K distance run. If you’re running the long you’ll keep heading up Main St, through Wakefield Center, up to Lake Quannapowitt. When you reach the lake you’ll stay to the right and circle the lake counter clockwise. Main St to Lowell St (Rte 129) into the Converse parking lot along Quannapowitt Parkway. You can follow the path along the lake there, or head around the building it you want an extra bit of running. Run up to North Ave, follow that to the softball fields and turn left on Church St. When you hit the church bear right and head back to Main St and the water stop.

From that water stop you’ll head back down Main St to Brueggers. Grab a coffee, chat a little, then head home to get ready to party! The rest of your weekend is free.

Ok, who’s in. ROLL CALL!
(and since it worked last week) GO PATS!

Week 2 – Fells and Spot Pond

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Week 1 started off with some decent weather, although it was cold enough to leave ice on the roads. Unfortunately this lead to one incident along the Lynn Fells Parkway where Audrey Hanscom slipped and fell. In trying to catch herself she fractured her finger. Hope that heals up fast for you Audrey!

This week we’ll be heading out West Wyoming Avenue and over to the Fellsway East. Here we’ll find some good training hills to tackle. After the hills you’ll turn onto Highland Ave up to the first water stop. I’ll have some goodies for you and send you on your way.

If you’re running the full marathon training route you’ll circle Spot Pond clockwise (Elm St to Main St to Pond St to Woodland and back to me on Highland). If you’re running the shorter route you’ll run along the front side of Spot Pond past the Flynn Rink up to Pond St where you’ll turn down towards Grimsby’s. Turn left at Grimsby’s up past Melrose High School, turn right on Melrose St and then turn right on Main St, finishing up at Brueggers for a 7 mile run.

The longer route runners will have hit the water stop a second time and head over to East Border Road where they’ll run up a steep little hill back to the Fellsway East. Turn left onto the Fellsway and ride those hills back past Grimsby’s. Keep going onto the Lynn Fells Parkway up past the high school. You’ll turn right on Melrose St and right on Main St to finish up at Brueggers as well with 12.5 miles under your belt.

Although it won’t be as cold as last week, it may be wet so be careful out there.

Who’s in? ROLL CALL! GO PATS!!!!

Sunday Long Run – The Winter 2013 Edition

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

It’s that time again. Time to lace up those sneakers, get the YakTrax polished off and on standby, break out the long sleeves, the jackets, the hats, the neck warmers, the mittens, and whatever else it takes to get through the training season ahead. It’s 15 Weeks until the Boston Marathon, which you’ll need none of those previously mentioned apparatus to get through.

General Bookkeeping: This is the Sunday Long Run, held every Sunday (unless its changed to Saturday) at 8AM (unless weather has us start early or later) at Brueggers (unless its 3 weeks before Boston, then we run the Boston course). This is generally a self-sustaining program. You give me $2 if you’re running the long run, $1 if you’re running the shorter route. I give you cups with water and/or Gatorade in it and on the longer runs I’ll give you snacks. If you prefer to prepay for all 15 weeks ahead of time, feel free. I don’t keep good track of who pays, I trust you won’t take advantage of that and that you’ll only take what you feel you’ve paid for. Each week has a pre-defined route. If you’re not good with directions, print it out and bring it with you. I can tell you where to go but I can’t lead you there. If you get lost, its your responsibility to find your way back to Brueggers. Since you’re lost, I have no idea where to find you. After the runs we meet for coffee at Brueggers. Brueggers is in no way related to this program, they are just kind enough to let us meet early on a Sunday, use their bathrooms, track salt and sand and puddles of rain and snow into their place of business. I believe our patronage afterwards is our thank you each week for their kindness. Please join me in thanking them each week. That’s about it. If you have any other questions there is an about button up there in the top right corner of the menu sidebar on the right. If you still have questions e-mail me at

The Run: This week we start off up Main St to the LynnFells Parkway, out to Breakheart. Boston training is about the hills, and this week we’ll introduce you to the hardest ones around. Take them easy, pay attention, learn them. If isn’t a snowy winter we’ll be there a few times. At Breakheart I’ll be there with a water stop. If you’re running the shorter route you’ll turn around and head back. If you’re doing the longer route you’ll loop Breakheart’s outer loop. Head in to the right, stay right at the beach, take a jaunt through the hills and come back to me for more water. After that head back the way you came. Simple as that. Again, bring a map if you aren’t good at remembering directions or are unfamiliar with the area.

That’s it. Since its our first week we’ll do our normal roll call plus a little introduction and let us know what you’re plans for races this winter and spring are. I’ll start. I’m Jim Carson, I started this program about 5 years ago. I’ve run 10 marathons, but due to a back injury I don’t plan on running one any time soon. Instead I’ll be serving you water.

Ok, who’s next? Who’s in? ROLL CALL!!!!
See you at Brueggers, 8AM!