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Week 0 – 2011 Training begins

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Welcome to the 2011 winter training season. With some snow on the ground, some goals ahead of us, its time to get serious again. If you’re new to marathon training, or at least new to training with us, look over the ABOUT link on the upper right of this page. It’ll tell you the basics to our training program. I’m sure you’ll have more questions as we progress, like why is there a week 0, but we’ll save those answers for when we hit the streets.

This week’s water stops… well I’m still not back in the groove of long distance running so I plan on manning water stops for a while, and Barry has offered to help out too. Between the two of us we’ll be able to serve you adequately through the first few weeks of training so don’t worry about a thing, just lace up your sneakers, hand over your dollar bills, and concentrate on running.

Now its time for the roll call. Let us know if you’re joining us, how far you want to go, and vocalize (in print) your goal race(s) for the winter/spring. I won’t hold you to it, but its good to know what your plans are so we can plan for your training schedule correctly. So who’s in and for what?

See you at Brueggers, 8AM, this Sunday!