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4/26 Run?

Friday, April 24th, 2009

The official marathon training program has ended, but there are still people training for upcoming marathons. My intent is to make up runs off the cuff based on the distances needed by people. This week’s tough though. My son has a 9AM baseball game so I won’t be available for the whole run. In addition some of our long runners are away on vacation. Not to mention that many of our running mates just ran a marathon last Monday.

If there is a run I suspect there will be a light turn out, but lets go ahead and do the weekly roll call to see who would like to show up and how far they want to run. If there’s enough interest I’ll put together a plan… if there’s not we’ll pick up on the Sunday runs again next week.So who’s in for how far?

Week 15 – Race Day!

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

For most of our Sunday Runners this is the week. The Boston Marathon is Monday and 20 Melrose Running Club members are ready to go the distance (although some of them don’t know it yet). They’ve trained through snow storms, icy roads, frigid temperatures, and cold driving rain to get to this day…. although some have chosen to move their run to avoid the weather, this week you don’t have the choice of running in the sun on Sunday instead of whatever Marathon Monday has in store for you. They’ve beaten the hills along the Fellsway, the hills of the Winchester Highlands, the hills of Breakheart and even the hills of Newton. They are ready! Good luck to Ginny, Nick and Demi, proudly wearing their MRC numbers this year. Good luck to our Sunday Runners who trained with us week in and week out: Judi, Joe, Brian, Carol, Jose, Christina, Suzanne, and Matt. And good luck to those that stopped in for cameo appearances on Sunday Morning: Katie, Barry, Walt, Gina, Jennifer, and Rick. And good luck to the MRCers running Monday that trained elsewhere, Roy, Ron, and Jackie.

The Sunday Long Run group takes great pride in being part of getting all our runners to the starting line of a marathon. Now its up to you to get yourself to the finish line. Go get ’em people!

Now for the rest of us, there will be a Sunday Run tomorrow morning, 8AM Brueggers. Where we go? How far we run? I have no clue. Let’s see who’s in and there desired distance before we plan the route. Roll Call!

Week 14 – Next Stop Boston (Saturday Run)

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Fourteen weeks ago we headed out on a sunny Sunday Morning and ran a tough 8.8 miles to start our training. We’ve seen very few sunny Sundays since that morning, but have pushed our way through snow, ice, rain, and cold to get to here… our last Long Run before Boston. To throw just one more obstacle in our way Easter falls on this Sunday which means, although Sunday will be warm and sunny, we’ll be running on Saturday in (wait for it…) THE RAIN! The good news is that its just 12.5 miles which these days feels as easy to you as the 8.8 felt hard back in January.

The run will be up Main to the LynnFells, then along the old Melrose Half Marathon route, cutting back along Wyoming to finish up. For those desiring a longer route you can add on the MRC Summer route for extra miles. I should be able to handle the water stops myself this week I think, although anyone running longer might want to add an additional stop along the summer route for the extra miles. Post here and we can figure something out.

Roll call: SATURDAY, Brueggers, 8AM, Who’s in?

Week 13 – Taper for Boston Roll Call

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

It’s now taper week for the Boston runners. We have 14.8 planned for them, while some of the rest of us run longer and others run shorter. The weather, last I checked, looked like a decent morning: cool and breezy at the start but high 40s and sunny by the end of the run.

If everyone that has a water stop bucket could drop it by my house today (Saturday) I would appreciate it. I don’t even know who’s holding them by now but I guess BarryC, Sue, and Dave, and Liz. Just plop it on the front step of 110 Linwood Ave.

Who’s in?