Week 8 – 18/9 Miles

While many of our training buddies are up in Quebec running marathons and halfs, the rest of us will be here running along what used to be the Wakefield version of the Law Enforcement Half Marathon (now Boston’s Run to Remember).

Where : Brueggers

When : 8AM

Theme : It’s the last Sunday before Labor Day so let’s go beachy. Wear something summery, beachy, bathing suitish, but don’t go all Hampton Beach Topless Day on me (which Facebook trending news tells me is today)

Water Stops: Lots of them! I need a few volunteers, or at least a car at Wakefield High and/or Lake Q and/or Nick’s Pizza.

What  (short): You’re running Breakheart. Main Street to Green to LynnFells Parkway to the Saugus side of Breakheart. There will be a water stop there. Do a counterclockwise loop, or clockwise if you wish. Since you’re dressed for the beach, feel free to cool off in the pond as you make you’re way around. The loop will take you back to the water stop. After that just go back the way you came to finish up your 9 miles.

What (long): Start with the short route out to Breakheart, around, hit the beach if you like, and come back out to the water stop. From there you’ll head back along the LynnFells again, but turn right at the lights at Main St in Saugus. Follow that up to Wakefield High School where you’ll see the third water stop. After that continue to the lights at Water Street. Turn RIGHT, yes right, onto Water, then take the first left onto Montrose. Run to the end of Montrose and take a left on to Salem Street. Follow that, merging right onto Lowell Street when you see this:


Note the yellow arrow won’t really be painted on the road. This will take you up to Lake Quannapowitt. There start running counter clockwise around the lake. Feel free to stop at the little beach there. I’ve never seen anyone swim in Lake Q but I’ve heard rumors that Jose has taken a swim in there during a run. In the Converse parking lot look for an MRC car for your next water stop. It may be self serve.

After that stop continue around the lake by taking a left on North Ave and a left on Church Street. When you hit the church turn right onto Common and merge onto Main. Run through Wakefield Center and keep heading down Main Street. Stop at Nicks for another stop, then keep on running until you hit Brueggers.

Roll Call: Who’s in?!

25 Responses to “Week 8 – 18/9 Miles”

  1. Lynne O'Mara says:


  2. Regina Curran says:


    Julie and I are in for the short run. Thank you

  3. Lee says:

    IF15M. Going to skip the Lake and do 15. Thanks Jim et al….

  4. Matt Sazama says:

    In for the half. Thanks!

  5. Audrey Hanscom says:

    In for the full with Maryanne… thank you!

  6. Christina DiCalogero says:

    In for the half. Thanks.

  7. Mike McLaughlin says:

    In for about 15 skipping the lake part as well. Thanks

  8. Marian says:

    In for the short run + 1 or 2 more. Thx and see you then.

  9. Ryan Lochte says:

    In for the half – thanks 🙂
    Speedo just dropped me, so I’ll be skipping the beach attire

  10. Denise Judware says:

    In for the half. Let me know if you need a helper for the water stop- I could do the Wakefield high and figure out a run around there.

  11. Yvonne Liu-Constant says:

    In for the half. Thanks!

  12. Cynthia Berger says:

    I’m in for the half.

  13. Jim says:

    Tom Gorman and Jeff Rushton will be helping out tomorrow. We’ll be fine for water stops. The three of us will go the first stop. Jeff will head out to the second stop, Tom will head over to the lake, and I’ll move to Nick’s after I’m done at the first stop.
    See you tomorrow.

  14. Paul Locke says:

    Duncan, Lynda & I are in for something approximating a half… probably meeing up with you on Lynn Fells.

  15. Ashley DeAcetis says:

    IFTF Jim!! Thank you! 🙂

  16. Don says:

    In for the full. Thanks, Jim and his little helpers!

  17. Jeanne Boisseau says:

    In for the half with Jackie Thanks!

  18. Glen Josephson says:

    In for the full. Thanks!!

  19. Jessi says:

    In for the full!!!

  20. Donny cranley says:

    In for a half

  21. Maryanne Martin says:

    IFTF and starting early. Thanks Jim!

  22. Alice says:

    IFTH, thanks!!!

  23. Matt Kerton says:

    In for the full. Thanks!

  24. Mary O'Connell says:

    In for short. Thank you!!!

  25. Jackie Ecker says:

    In for the half. Thanks!

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