Week 7 – Old Melrose Half

Last Week – The weather was very hot and humid for a long run last week, with temps reaching the 80s and the sun breaking out for the later miles.

This Week – It looks like we’re in for some better weather. The route this week is the old Law Enforcement Memorial Half which was held in Melrose about 20 years ago. It later moved to Wakefield, a portion of which you’ll run next week, and ultimately moved to Boston when it grew up, becoming Boston’s Run to Remember. The full runners will run over to the starting line and complete the whole route, minus a lap around the Melrose High School track mostly because it doesn’t exist anymore, and then back to Brueggers. The half runners will skip a loop of Ell Pond, and cut the end of the route off. When you’re done running you’ll be halfway through the training runs for this season!

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Full/Half Start – Unlike most weeks, the start will end up putting the half runners ahead of the full runners. We’ll start together up Main Street, past Ell Pond, turning left on Melrose Street (before the LynnFells Parkway). Take a left off Melrose Street onto LynnFells Parkway and run past Melrose High School. This is where the Melrose Half started. the half runners will continue straight along the LynnFells Parkway to Grimsby’s. The full route runners will turn left at the set of lights at the tennis courts onto Tremont Street. Loop Ell Pond with a series of lefts onto Lake Street, West Emerson Street, back on to Main Street, Melrose Street again, and around to the LynnFells Parkway. This time continue straight past the tennis courts and over to Grimsby’s. There will be a little water stop there in case you need an early one.

Full/Half 2 – From Grimsby’s you’ll continue on the LynnFells as it becomes the Fellsway East, through the hills, to the traffic circle where you turn right onto Highland Ave. Highland takes you up to the rotary at Highland where you’ll find a water stop on your left.

Half Finish – As usual you’ll keep going straight through the rotary onto Woodland Rd, passing the Flynn Rink. Turn left onto Pond Street coming down the hill to Grimsby’s. Continue straight onto West Wyoming, turn left on Main, and finish at Brueggers.

Full 3 – As usual loop Spot Pond by taking a left on Elm Street at the rotary. Turn right at the end of Elm onto the Fellsway West. Go up a hill, under I-93, past the Sheepfold, over I-93, past the off-ramp of I-93 (watch for fast moving traffic!), and turning left into the Straw Point parking lot where you’ll probably find Hank. Keep circling Spot Pond by leaving Straw Point merging onto Pond Street, past the Stone Zoo, straight onto Woodland Rd, past Flynn Rink, through the rotary, and back to the water stop at Highland Ave.

Full Finish – Leaving the water stop, cross Highland to turn left onto East Border Road. Run up a hill and turn left at your first set of lights back on to the Fellsway East. As you run through the hills again remember I didn’t make up this route, it was an actual race. Run past Grimsby’s over one more hill, past Melrose High School. The race ended with a lap of the Melrose High track with spectators watching your hill weary legs trying to sprint. I’ll save you that embarrassment and instead you’ll run up to Melrose Street, turning right and right again on Main Street. Your hill weary legs will instead parade you through downtown Melrose as you finish up at Brueggers.

Water Stops – I think I have Tom helping me out again this week. Anybody else interested?

Roll Call – Who’s in?

21 Responses to “Week 7 – Old Melrose Half”

  1. Diana says:

    In for the half!

  2. Bobby Taylor says:

    Kristi and I are both in for the full. Yay running weather!!!!

  3. Billy Ray Cyrus says:

    Old Town Road Route? In for half plus loop at start 🙂

  4. Dave Bryson says:

    I ‘m in for the half. Thanks.

  5. Yvonne says:

    Full. Thanks!

  6. Donna Leggiero says:

    I am in for the half plus the extra loop. Thanks!

  7. Cynthia Berger says:

    In for the half plus a little extra

  8. Haecha Donnelly says:

    I’m in for the full! Thanks!

  9. Joe Terranova says:

    Will likely meet at Highland and run around Spot. Thanks guys

  10. Aine Lunney says:

    Weather sounds perfect…David and I are both in for the half plus the extra loop 🙂 Thanks!

  11. Michael McLaughlin says:

    In for the full. Thanks

  12. Jackie Ecker says:

    In for the full. Thanks!

  13. Jessica Crispin says:

    I am in for the full. Christina is running half and maybe extra. Thank you

  14. Amy G says:

    IFTH! Thank you!

  15. Darth Dingles says:

    IFTF ahh so love acronyms

  16. Andrea Twomey says:

    IFTF plus 3 miles. I’m training for Chicago and need 18miles tomorrow if anyone wants to join me

  17. Paul Locke says:

    Lynda Field & I are in for something around 10 miles…

  18. Liz says:

    IFTH nice cool weather

  19. Linda Giesecke says:

    Running the half. Thanks!

  20. Collins .N says:


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