Week 7 – Melrose Half

This week you’ll run the Melrose Half Marathon, actually called the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Half Marathon held in Melrose back in the 2000 time frame. You’ll know it better today as Boston’s Run to Remember.

The full route run will take you up Main St to Melrose St (pat the Clarence DeMar memorial on your way by for good luck).  Loop Ell Pond by taking Melrose St to the Lynn Fells Parkway, past the High School where the official start of the race was. Left on Tremont St, left on Lake St, left on West Emerson and back to Main. Yes the race did this loop, past Clarence DeMar again (tap tap) and back to Lynn Fells Parkway via Melrose St.

Now you’re ready to run! Along the Lynn Fells to the Fellsway East to Highland Ave. You remember the drill from Week 2… water stop at the end of Highland and around Spot Pond back to the water stop. From here you head up East Border Rd, and yes the original race went this way, I didn’t make all these hills up myself. Turn left on the Fellsway again and head back to the high school. If you were running the race you would turn into the track and let everyone watch you suffer the last 1/4 mile on the track, but you aren’t running the race so you’ll be going up to Melrose St and back Main to Brueggers.

For those running the Half Marathon training route, you can skip the loop around Ell Pond, and head straight to Grimsby’s. From there follow the full route to the water stop and come back the front side of Spot Pond, turning on Pond St to Wyoming and back Main.

Who’s in? I won’t be, I’m on vacation this week. ROLL CALL!

24 Responses to “Week 7 – Melrose Half”

  1. Barry Petzold says:

    I just got my boot off yesterday, so im in for the full!!

    Ok, maybe thats not a good idea.

    Ill be there for the water stop!

  2. Nancy says:

    Barry, I still have the goods from last week, so I can do the stop at Grimsby’s.

  3. Maryanne Martin says:

    Count me in for the 1/2.

  4. Beth Dunne says:

    I plan on running the half. See you then!

  5. Judi Chiavetta says:

    I’ll be there!

  6. Sue Clough says:

    I’m in for the full or close to it, might stop at Nancy’s car at Grimsbys. See you in the am. Nancy, want me to pick you up at Grimsby’s?

  7. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    I’m in for whatever (my way of leaving it open in case i change my mind).
    with Jim away i can take a lot of shortcuts and not worry about being spotted.

  8. Diana Mirabello says:

    I’m in for the 1/2


    I am doing the full but will be starting very early. I have plans so in order to do it I am starting hopefully at 530AM. See you all next week

  10. Catherine Kane says:

    Hi, I’m in for the half route, looks like nice weather!

  11. Brian Walfield says:

    I’ll in for the full.

  12. Kristen says:

    I’m in for the full

  13. Mary Corbett says:

    14.5 doesn’t sound so bad. I’ll be there, but I’ll be missing you Mr. Carson.

  14. Audrey Hanscom says:

    I’m in for the half.

  15. Nick Lamberti says:

    Hope to make it but that bball demon is raising it’s ugly head!

  16. Catherine Kane says:

    I am battling a cold and have worked the last 2 overnights so I might not make it after all, have to see in the morning. Have a great run if I don’t see you! Have a nice vacation, Jim!

  17. Jennifer Rapaport says:

    Won’t be there this week. Have a great run everyone! Jim, enjoy VACA!

  18. Brian Gilroy says:

    I’m in. Will probably come back via Wyoming to cut a mile off. See you in the AM.

  19. Lynda Field says:

    I am in for the half! Jim have a great vacation and thanks for all you do.

  20. Carol Carstensen says:

    Back from vacation and plan on being there for the full. Hope you have a great vacation Jim!

  21. Peter Fopiano says:

    Planning on running the full. See you all at Brueggers!

  22. Betty Cooper says:

    No Sunday long run for me this week! Enjoy everyone.

  23. Nick Lamberti says:

    Hi Guys!

    Looks like a change in plans for me. Wife is spending an extra day in Maine so I have to stay on this side of the world! Bball here we come! Jim! Enjoy your vacation!


  24. Ann Carroll says:

    I’m on the Cape for the week so I’ll see you next Sunday!

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