Week 6 – Enjoy the Scenery

Here we go into Week 6 of the Wintriest Winter Ever! Well since the Ice Age anyway. But even though Old Man Winter is trying to keep us down, the SLR group is on the verge of its first 40+ runner week. I’m thinking as soon as we get a nice week we’ll break that mark.

This week you’ll go on my favorite run of the whole season. Starting from Brueggers you’ll head up to Spot Pond and go right. That will take you past Friendlies and over towards I-93. Don’t get on the highway! Although the breakdown lane is probably cleared wider than the roads we’ll be running on, I think there’s laws against running on the highway. Instead go to the next set of lights and turn right. This will take you up and over I-93 to the first water stop.

After leaving the stop you’ll head down Forest St into Winchester. Enjoy the wide  wooded downhill because you won’t enjoy the same stretch a little later. Taking a left on Highland Ave, climb up to Winchester Hospital and take a left onto Reservoir, what I consider the nicest street of the long run program. Take in the scenic Winchester Reservoir, the woods of the Fells, the large beautiful houses, the gas light style street lamps, and ignore the giant hill in front of you. Reservoir Rd will loop you back to Highland Ave. Take a left onto Highland and follow it all the way to the end for another water stop. Oh yeah, and Highland is named Highland because it ends up in some high lands, so yes there are hills. Love them, they’ll love you back.

At the water stop ask where you’re going next. We’ll try to explain it to you. You’ll take a right onto Rt38 and head over to a rotary. The goal is to come out of the rotart on Main St in Winchester. One trick though, there’s no street sign for Main St. Going counterclockwise in the rotary (with traffic) it will be the second street, the first being a small road, Main St being a bigger road. This will take over to a 5-way intersection crossing the Mystic Valley Parkway. Cross and bear right onto Washington St (look at the map before hand and make sure you understand this). Now it gets easier, follow Washington St back to Forest, turning right at the intersection with the Gingerbread Construction Company. Run conservatively up the hill, as Forest St is a progression of three hills on top of each other that go on for about a mile. This hill is getting you ready for any hill that’s ever put in front of you. Don’t let the hill beat you, you beat this hill, because there’s candy at the top of the hill! You’ll find yourself out of breath but back at water stop 1 at the top.

Now things get familiar again. Leaving the water stop head back over to Spot Pond the way we came, taking a right on Park St. At Friendly’s take a right and run the backside of Spot Pond. Turn at Elm and head up to the Flynn Skating rink. We’ll have a little stop there before you head home to Melrose via Pond St and West Wyoming.

Sounds like a long run, we’re just getting started on the longs one now. Two more months til Boston!

For those running shorter, you’ll be following the same route but taking a short cut in the middle. For those not interested in the full route, there are a few short cuts listed on the map to help you tailor your run. For those running Boston, don’t look at the short cuts.

As for water stops, Barry will be away but I’ll be handling the stops along with my two lovely assistants, Mary and Sue Clough.

Ok, who’s ready for Week 6? ROLL CALL!!!

29 Responses to “Week 6 – Enjoy the Scenery”

  1. Melisa Thorne says:

    whoop! Whoop! I love this route. I’ll be there.

  2. Catherine Kane says:

    Finally able to make an SLR! I’ll be running the shorter route. See you in the morning, miss you guys!

  3. Nandan Padukone says:

    Jim-I’m supposed to get in 10-12 this week so I’ll do some route 2/3rds of the full. See you tomorrow,

  4. Haecha says:

    I’ll be there for the shorter distance say 8ish. I could never do 16!!!

  5. Sue Worrall says:

    I”m in for the full — have to finish early, so will start in the middle of the route someplace –

  6. Maryanne Martin says:

    Bring on the high lands!! See you for the half.

  7. Michelle Palmer says:

    So happy to finally be home this weekend to run with the group. I’m in for the full!

  8. Michelle Palmer says:

    So happy to finally be home this weekend to run with the group. I’m in for the full!

  9. Sue Worrall says:

    Hey Jim….do we take Franklin to get to the first water stop or is Friendly’s a snow modification?

  10. liz tassinari says:

    hopefully doing the Eugene st to Eugene st with my buds.

  11. Brian Walfield says:

    I’m in for the full. Thanks!!

  12. Doug Drozdowski says:

    Hi, I am in for the full.

  13. Doug Drozdowski says:

    Hi, I am in for the full.

  14. Ed Bradford says:

    Full for me – thanks again Jim.

  15. Mary Corbett says:

    I’ll be at Brueggers for my WS assignment.

  16. Betty Cooper says:

    Angel and I will be there for the short route.

  17. Jackie Ecker says:

    I’m in for the full. See you at Brueggers.

  18. Jennifer Rapaport says:

    I did my long run today. Have a great run everyone!

  19. Brian Gilroy says:

    I’m in. Not sure how far. Maybe the full or maybe 13ish.

  20. Carol Carstensen says:

    Taking my boys skiing tomorrow so I will miss another SLR. Hope to see you all next week. Be careful out there!

  21. Lynda Field says:

    It is Kyla’s birthday and per family tradition I will be home making sure she has breakfast in bed. Will miss the SLR crowd and run later in the am.

  22. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    i’m in.

  23. Jim says:

    Oops, you’re right Sue, it’s Franklin St. Let’s stick with the posted route, not my mistaken route. Although I am wondering if Summer St, from Franklin to Main, is safe. It might be better to go up to Main on Franklin and turn. or cut down a different side street. We can figure it out tomorrow.

    See you all in the morning!

  24. Melisa Thorne says:

    I live in Stoneham, So I know this area really well.
    We could either stay on Franklin until we get to Main St in Stoneham, then follow Main St until we get to Marble.


    We could take Franklin to Pine, then to Summer, then to Marble.
    By taking Pine to Summer we avoid the blind turn on Summer

    I think the first option may be safer.

  25. Audrey Hanscom says:

    I’m in for the half…finally…

  26. mel rico says:

    I’m in for the half

  27. Brian Slater says:

    I’m in….

  28. Nandan Padukone says:

    Jim, Mary, Sue,
    The water stops helped a great deal. Only reason I could actually do the full. Thanks for organizing,

  29. Lee Romprey says:

    Sounds like fun, I’m in for the full.

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