Week 5 – Super Sunday Long Run

Last Week we had a good group of 30+ runners run the old Melrose Half Marathon Route. Great weather helped the runners get a challenging 7 mile or 14 mile training run in to stretch out their mileage.

This Week we start our Super Bowl Sunday off tackling a 6.3 mile run for the shorter distance and 12.5 for the longer distance. We’ll start at Brueggers at 8AM, although short runners have the option to call an audible and start at the Dunkin Donuts parking lot on Main Street in Saugus by the Lynn Fells Parkway if they want to include the Breakheart section of the run.

The Route begins up Main Street, past Ell Pond and our friend Clarence DeMar’s monument where we’ll run a crossing pattern to the right over to Green Street and turn to the right at the lights onto the Lynn Fells Parkway. The whole group will run the Lynn Fells to the next set of lights and turn left onto Main Street in Saugus. Here the short runners who started will curl left onto Howard Street for a water stop. Short runners who want to run Breakheart will jump into the route at this point, going straight along Main Street towards Wakefield with the long runners.

After their water stop the posted short route will return to Melrose along Howard Street and bear onto Green Street to the left to bring them back to the Lynn Fells Parkway where they’ll turn right. Cross Main Street, stay on the Lynn Fells to pass Melrose High School and continue on to Grimsby’s where you’ll turn left onto West Wyoming. At the next set of lights you’ll turn left and rush down Main Street to cross the goal line at Brueggers.

Longer runners and those that jumped in will be heading through the hills of Main Street as it turns into Farm Street. Wakefield High School will be on the right where the water boys will run over and hydrate you up. From there you’ll head through the neutral zone between Wakefield High School and the Northeast Metro Tech on your way up to Breakheart. Stay to the right as you head onto the paths, tackling the hills first, then streaking along the flatter side. Make sure you stay to the right as you approach the beach section to complete the loop, popping back out at the Northeast Metro Tech where you entered. Back through the neutral zone down to the water boys.

After the water stop run a slant back on to Farm Street if you’re running long. Those that jumped in curl left and head back to where you started. Long runners will turn left at the lights onto Water Street for a lateral over to Wakefield Center. You’ll turn left onto Main Street and from their either march back to the end zone at Brueggers like a Patriot or fly like an Eagle and likely stall in the red zone if you’re so inclined.

Water Boys Patriot Fans Jim and Hank, along with Cowboys Fan Tom will try not to fumble your snacks and drinks. While it’s frigid right now, we should get up to the 30s during the run. Don’t forget your $2 for the long run and $1 for the short… there’s a quarterback joke there but there’s only so many football terms you can cram into a running blog.

Huddle Up! Who’s in for the Super Bowl Sunday Long Run?!


32 Responses to “Week 5 – Super Sunday Long Run”

  1. Joe Terranova says:

    In for either full or most of it. May call audible at the water stop

  2. Diana H says:

    In it for the half!

  3. Marianne Chmielewski says:

    I’m in for the full, thank you!

  4. I am in for most of the 12.5

  5. Tara says:

    Iftf, go pats!

  6. Michael McLaughlin says:

    In for the full. Thanks

  7. Matt K says:

    IFTF. Thanks!

  8. Dan Slattery says:

    In for the full. Go Pats! 🙂

  9. Donny cranley says:

    In for the half

  10. Donna Leggiero says:

    Audrey and I are in for the half! Thanks!

  11. Liz hecht says:

    In for a mixed up half, somewhere around 8 maybe a little long without the break heart piece

  12. Audrey Recupero says:

    In for the full!

  13. Diana Mirabello says:

    in for the half

  14. Christina DiCalogero says:

    Jess and I are in for the full. Thanks!

  15. Courtney says:

    In for the .. fun times

  16. Richard Head says:


  17. Audie Bridges says:

    I’m going long!

  18. Nicole says:

    Full please

  19. Mark Rosenblum says:


  20. Katie Sinnott says:

    IFTF and a PATS WIN!

  21. Maryanne Martin says:


  22. Don says:

    In for the full!

  23. Brian Walfield says:

    My team called a time out. I think that we’re in for an option play.

  24. ginny rowe says:

    I’m in for the half. Thanks!

  25. Andy P. says:

    In for the full. Thank you.

  26. Mike D says:

    I’m in for the half!! Thanks

  27. Rowena Hakkaoui says:

    IFTF. THX!

  28. Brendan and Monique says:

    IFTF (snow route minus the post-Brueggers loop)

  29. Brendan says:

    (oh and it’s just me, Q did her share of miles today 😀 –BL)

  30. Tracy Hamlin says:

    I am in for full

  31. Dorota says:

    In for the whole thing
    Thanks Coach J

  32. Paul Whitelam says:

    IFTF – thanks Jim!

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