Week 5 – Breakheart

This week we’ll take off from Brueggers at 8AM on our way to along the LynnFells Parkway to Main Street in Saugus. Here the shorter route runners will turn down Howard Street back to Green Street in Melrose. There they’ll turn back onto the LynnFells past Melrose High School, to Grimsby’s, down Wyoming to finish up. I’d like a volunteer to do a waterstop at the knoll by the high school for the shorter route runners.

The longer route runners will head to Farm Street and Wakefield High School where I’ll do a water stop. From there you’ll take a trip through Breakheart before returning to the water stop. After that stop, head to Water Street, to Wakefield Center, and then back along Main Street to Brueggers.

Who’s in? Roll Call.

26 Responses to “Week 5 – Breakheart”

  1. Liz hecht says:

    Modified full, no breakheart

  2. Tom Gorman says:

    In for the full

  3. Ashley DeAcetis says:

    IFTF Jim! Thank you!

  4. Don Keren says:

    I would be happy to do a water stop, if needed

  5. Regina Curran says:

    Julie and I are in for the short run please! Thank you

  6. Matt Kerton says:

    In for the full. Thanks!

  7. Dan Slattery says:

    In for the long – thanks 🙂

  8. Jeff Rushton says:

    In for the full…thanks JC!

  9. Christina DiCalogero says:

    I’m in for the short! Thanks.

  10. Mike McLaughlin says:

    In for the long. Thanks

  11. Katie Sinnott says:

    In for the full. Thanks Coco

  12. Donna says:

    Hi – I am in for the short. Thank you!

  13. Thuy Dang says:

    In for long plz…ty!

  14. Katrina Berube says:

    In for the full, thanks!

  15. andy nagelin says:


  16. Paul Locke says:

    in for the not-quite-full. probably Duncan, too

  17. Glen Josephson says:

    In for the full. Thanks!!

  18. Valerie Smith says:

    Hi I am in for the short thank you!

  19. Rowena Hakkaoui says:

    IFTF. Thanks!

  20. Alice says:

    Modified full, thanks!!

  21. Chris Hancock says:

    I’m in for the full but don’t know what I’m supposed to wear???

  22. Sheree says:

    Half. Thanks

  23. Lynda Field says:

    IF for six but starting at Fells so can attempt 🙂 breakheart

  24. Matt Sazama says:

    In for about 10-11 miles. Thanks!

  25. Judi Chiavetta says:


  26. Mary O'Connell says:

    In for full.

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