Week 4 – Horn Pond

Cool, overcast, flat, glitter, maracas, Kanes. Six words that sum up a much more pleasant Sunday Long Run than you usually get in July or August. The typical water stop supplies were out but Courtney put her unique touch on the water stop bringing a party feel to a Sunday morning. So I have some good news and some bad news for you. Bad news: It’s going to be warm on Sunday. This week’s run is expected to start out with temperatures around 70 degrees but by the end of the run it will be touching 80. I know, Booo. The good news is I’ll be at the beach. Ok, that’s only good news for me, your good news though is Courtney has volunteered to host the water stops again this week. With the help of Don you should be well taken care of this week.

The route this week is one of the SLR’s favorites, a trip to Horn Pond in Woburn. We’ll start out running over to West Wyoming and head up Pond Street to SPot Pond. Take a right at the pond, run past the Stone Zoo, past Friendly’s, past the onramp to I93 North to a set of lights at the corner of Park Street and Marble Street. Go left, over I93 and look for a water stop on the corner of Eugene in Winchester.

Running long. Keep running on what is now called Forest Street, down a few hills to a set of lights where the Gingerbread Construction Company is. Go left onto Washington Street and then a right at the lights onto Cross Street. Cross will bring you in to Woburn where you’ll turn right on Main Street, Route 38. You’ll run along Main only a few seconds as you take a quick left on Lake Ave which will surprising bring you to a pond, not a lake. Run to the parking lot at the head of Horn Pond where you’ll find water stop 2.

After the water stop take a loop of the pond and head back out Lake Ave, right on Main, left on Cross, left on Washington, and right back up Forest Street to the water stop at Eugene.

The last section of this run will be to cross over I93 as Forest turns into Marble Street. Continue on straight through the lights staying on Marble. At Main Street in Stoneham you’ll cross over onto School Street. Follow this bending road until you get to the second set of lights at Franklin Street. Go right here, run past Stoneham High School and follow Franklin into Melrose until you get to Main Street in Melrose. Go right here and head back to Brueggers.

Running short? You have an option. Run the first section out to the Eugene water stop and return with the last section along Franklin Street. Or… you can carpool out to the water stop and jump in there running from Eugene to Eugene. Either way is about 7 miles.

Water stops are covered.

All that’s left is ROLL CALL!!!! Who’s in?

22 Responses to “Week 4 – Horn Pond”

  1. Dan Slattery says:

    In for the full πŸ™‚

  2. Mike Sikkema says:

    I’m in for the full….and some glitter!

  3. Casey Stratford says:

    Out for Kanes but in for the full! Courtney – as much as I’ll enjoy seeing you at the water stops, I’d rather have you running beside (or slightly in front of me) during another warm one!

  4. Jen D says:

    Quick question….do the runs start at 8 a.m in the summer? Thanks. I plan on being there Sunday.

  5. Denise Judware says:

    In for the full

  6. Lauren Cossette says:

    In for the whole shebang.

  7. Courtney says:

    I am ready! I have the water and Gatorade chilling in the fridge (I ate everything I had to make room).

    I’ll see you at Brueggers! Thanks Jim and Don!!

  8. Courtney says:

    And Jen D – yes 8am!

  9. Tom Gorman says:

    I’m in for the half

  10. Dorota says:

    Wouldn’t miss the Horn Pond route. Thanks Coutrney, I’d be rather running with you but take water and glitter instead πŸ˜€

  11. Bill Riley says:


  12. Katie Sinnott says:

    In for the shorter route…and glitter…and Kanes. And sparkly shorts please!

  13. Nedim Altaras says:

    In for the half.

  14. Joe Winslow says:

    IFTH….Full Glitter

  15. Lee Romprey says:


  16. Sue Clough says:

    In for the short

  17. Jessi says:

    Iftf!! Love this route and the waterstop girl!!!????

  18. Mary O'Connell says:

    Thuy and I are in for the half. Thank you Courtney!

  19. Joanne Piper says:


  20. Jason Doucette says:




  22. Julie Galvin says:

    In for half

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