Week 4 – End of January Already

Last Week – Winter hit in a big way on Sunday, so almost all of you moved your run to Saturday. While I’m usually a stickler for keeping to Sundays, that running in whatever is thrown your way builds character you may need on race day (see Boston 2018), when big storms roll in there are exceptions to that. While Dan entertained a group of 20+ on Saturday I hosted Mike Sikkema on Sunday morning. His run up Main Street was into the wind driven ice pellets shooting from the sky. As he looped Lake Q, I ran a mile around the neighborhood near Nahant Street. I sent him on his way back down Main Street with the wind to his back. Way to persevere Mike!

This Week – Winter takes a slight break this last week of January as the sky should be clear and the temperatures hover around freezing. We’ll be running the old Melrose Law Enforcement Memorial Half Marathon route. We’ll run over to the start of the old race course in front of the Melrose High School, the long route will then follow the course start around Ell Pond, while the half route will take a few short cuts.

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Half Start – The two groups will start together up Main Street, past Ell Pond, turning left on Melrose Street, and a quick left on the Lynn Fells Parkway. There the half route runners will get a head start on the rest of the route, heading straight to Grimsby’s along the parkway. You’re less than 2 miles into your run, but there is a water stop there if you need it.

Full Start – The full route runners will also head up Main Street to the left on Melrose Street and left on LynnFells. They’ll pass the start of the old race and follow its start by looping Ell Pond. Turn left at the first set of lights on to Tremont Street. Then take your first left on Lake Ave, then first left on West Emerson, and then first left back on to Main Street. Retrace your steps along Main Street, left on Melrose Street, and left on the LynnFells Parkway. Now continue on the parkway straight to Grimsby’s for your first water stop.

Section 2 – Both groups will run the same second section of their run, but the half runners are a good mile plus ahead of the full runners. They’ll try to keep that lead as everyone runs onto the Fellsway East, making through the Fells hills over to the traffic circle at Highland Ave. Turning right on Highland they’ll make their way up to the next water stop on the left side of highland before the Highland rotary.

Half Finish – The half group will stay to the right at the Highland rotary onto Woodland Ave. You’ll pass the Boating in Boston launch and the water pumping station and then turn right onto Pond Street. Let gravity take you down past Grimsby’s on to West Wyoming. Turn left on Main Street and finish up at Brueggers.

Full 3 – The full route runners will loop Spot Pond as they did a few weeks ago. Turn left at the Highland rotary onto Elm Street. At the end of Elm turn right on the Fellsway West. Follow those hills under I-93 and over I-93, past an off ramp of I-93 (watch for cars!) and then left into the Straw Point parking lot at Spot Pond. Hank should be waiting there for you with a drink and some classic rock before yuo continue on to Pond Street going right to continue around the pond. Run past the Stone Zoo and continue onto Woodland Road up to the Flynn Rink. Cross through the rotary (watch out for cars!) and back to the Highland Water Stop.

Full Finish – To finish up take a left on to East Border Road and follow it up to a set of lights. Turn left onto the Fellsway East and make your way through the hills back to Grimsbys. Go straight onto the LynnFells Parkway back to Melrose High School. The race ended with a loop of the track at the high school which is no longer there, but you have to continue up to a right on Melrose Street and a right on Main Street to get back to Brueggers.

Water Stops – It looks like I’ll have a lot of help this week with Hank, Tom, and Lois hosting your refreshment stands. That means I’ll probably run with you!

Roll Call – Who’s in?

25 Responses to “Week 4 – End of January Already”

  1. Haecha Donnelly says:

    HI Jim,
    In case you need another body, I’m not running and available to help at the water stops/ Cheers, Haecha

  2. Megin Hemmerling says:

    IFTH- thanks Jimmy!

  3. Sony Michel says:

    Dan is in for the full, thanks šŸ™‚

  4. Judi Chiavetta says:


  5. Judi Chiavetta says:

    Lee is IFTH

  6. Regina Curran says:

    Hi Jim

    Julie and I are in for the full but have to go early.
    May see you at the stops! Thank you

  7. Amy Giuliano says:

    IFTH thank you

  8. Liz h says:

    IFTH thanks!

  9. David Register says:


  10. Bobby Taylor says:

    Kristi and I are in for the half!

  11. Space Lizard says:


  12. Jessica Crispin says:

    Christina and I are in for the half.

  13. Michele DeAngelo says:

    In for ???????

  14. Michele DeAngelo says:

    In for ???????

  15. Jim Carson says:

    Haecha, feel free to join in the waterstopping. Iā€™d like to run and so would Lois so the more hands the merrier!

  16. Michele DeAngelo says:

    In for ???????

  17. Donna Leggiero says:

    In for the half! Thank you.

  18. Mike Sikkema says:

    Thanks again for last week Jim. I’m chasing the Stew this week. Have fun all!

  19. Maryanne Martin says:

    In for the half…ty!

  20. Jackie Ecker says:

    In for the half. Thanks.

  21. Chris Hancock says:


  22. Zelia says:

    Half please

  23. Michael McLaughlin says:

    In for the full. Thanks

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