Week 3 – Winter Storm Harper Run

Last Week – Over 30 of us dealt with some cold temperatures as we circled Spot Pond.

This Week – We contend with Winter Storm Harper. While most opted to avoid training in a snow storm, let’s see how many are willing to deal with the slippery conditions on Sunday. As long as there are no parking restrictions (and someone actually posts that they will there) the run will take place.

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Start – We’ll head up Main Street to Wakefield. Stop at the Nick’s Pizza parking lot for a water stop.

Half Finish – Turn around and go back along Main Street to return to Brueggers.

Full 2 – The full route will run along Main Street through Wakefield Center, staying on Main Street up along the east side of Lake Quannapowitt. When you reach Lowell Street, continue around the lake by going left, and another left onto Quannapowitt Way into the Comverse parking lot. Continue through the lot, coming out at North Ave where you turn left. Follow North Ave to Church Street where you turn left. At the church turn right onto Common Street. This will merge back on to Main Street and bring you back to Nick’s for another water stop.

Full Finish – Head back along Main Street to Brueggers.

Water Stop – I’ll handle the water stop.

Roll Call – Who’s in?

Keep safe!

6 Responses to “Week 3 – Winter Storm Harper Run”

  1. Megin Hemmerling says:


  2. Mike Sikkema says:

    I’m up for it Jim, if there are other participants. If not, I’ll do my own thing. Thanks!

  3. Audie Bridges says:

    I’d like to do the 10 but will make the call in the morning.

  4. David Corbett says:

    Count me in, Jim! Thanks

  5. Mike McLaughlin says:

    In for the full. Thanks

  6. Jessi says:

    In for most!!! Thanks Jim!!! Can’t wait for the return of “darting” Courtney 🙂

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