Week 3 – Lake Courtneypowitt Run

Last week Lois, Dan, and Dave kept people hydrated on a challenging early morning run. On a day where temperatures quickly climbed into the high 90s, the group decided to start early, leaving Brueggers at 6:30AM, to beat the heat. It was a hard long run, but a small group got it done!

This week and next Lois is on vacation, I’m still away, and Tom is unavailable so a little help was needed. Minutes after Lois posted on Facebook, boing, hands were raised. Courtney, Gail, and Marian volunteered for this week. Liz Hecht and Cynthia volunteered for next week. Thanks!

The route this week will bring us to Wakefield, with a loop around Lake Quannapowitt for the long run. The run will start from Brueggers at its normal time of 8am. Temperatures will still be quite warm this Sunday, 73 at 8am and quickly rising into the 80s by 10am, so you’ll need plenty of fluids.

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The run will begin heading north on Main Street, continuing straight into Wakefield to a water stop at the intersection of Main Street, North Ave, and Nahant St where you’ll find Dunkin Donuts and Jiffy Lube. The water stop will be on the right side in the Nick’s Pizza parking lot. Courtney usually hosts quite the party at her water stop so watch for a lot of energy and excitement.

After the water stop the half route will turn around and head back to Melrose to complete the run. The full route will continue up Main Street, through Wakefield Center, up to Lake Quannapowitt. Stay to the right to run along the east side of Lake Quannapowitt, turning left at Rte 129, and left onto Quannapowitt Parkway. Follow through the parking lot across to North Ave, taking a right there. You’ll reach a softball field after which you’ll turn left onto Church Street, which will bring you to a church. Across from the church is Common Street, where Wakefield Common is. Common Street will merge onto Main Street which will bring you back to Nick’s Pizza for another water stop.

When you’re hydrated up, follow Main Street back to Melrose, back to Brueggers, to complete your run.

When you get back to Brueggers, if you’re hanging out there please change out of your running clothes, which will undoubtedly be very wet, into something clean and dry before you mingle with the customers and your fellow runners.

Enjoy your Courtney Run, keep drinking.
Who’s in? Roll Call!

25 Responses to “Week 3 – Lake Courtneypowitt Run”

  1. Liz says:

    IFTH leaving a little earlier 7:30 but will be back at. Brueggers after in time to collect anyone’s money who wants to pay for tacos in cash for the summer party.
    Courtney has laid down the challenge for the best water stop, I accept the challenge!

  2. Bobby Taylor says:

    I’m in for the full!! Kristi will be running the half plus a mile or two…

  3. Bobby Taylor says:

    I’m in for the full!! Kristi will be running the half plus…

  4. Yvonne Liu-Constant says:

    In, but haven’t decided full or half…

  5. Jackie Ecker says:

    I’m running full but starting an hour early to beat the heat. I will probably catch the Nick’s water stop on the way back so thanks for coming out and hydrating us!

  6. Steph Lawson says:

    Ifth + 1. See you in the morning

  7. David Bryson says:

    I am in for the full. Thanks.

  8. Doom Lizard says:


  9. Lynne meehan says:

    In for a half

  10. Michele DeAngelo says:

    I’m in but will decide as I’m going. May start at 7:30..
    Thank you volunteers!!

  11. Andrew Nagelin says:


  12. Michael McLaughlin says:

    In for the full. Thanks

  13. Kate Millington says:

    I’m a new runner to the group and in for the full. So excited!

  14. Sarah Pilcher says:

    Jess and I are in for the full. Brian is doing the half. Thanks!

  15. Valerie Smith says:

    In for the short thank you!

  16. Mary O'Connell says:

    In for full. TY

  17. Haecha Donnelly says:

    I’m in for the full but also starting early. I’ll definitely catch the water-stop on the way back! Thanks again

  18. Erin Dirks says:

    Oscar and I are in for the full!

  19. Jessica Crispin says:

    Christina and I are in for the full. We plan to start early but will probably stop at the water stop on the way back to brueggers. Thank you

  20. Lynda Field says:

    Paul Locke and I will start from Pearl St a bit early and run the full. Thanks to all the volunteers.

  21. Lauren Cossette says:

    IFTF, starting a little early.

  22. Diana Mirabello says:

    IFTF -may start early as well.

  23. Brendan L says:

    Monique and I are IFTH!

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