Week 2 – The old Half Marathon Route on SATURDAY

This week we’re running on Saturday to clear way for a nice evening of MRC Summer Partying. Yes, the Summer Party is this Saturday, so the run will be held on Saturday Morning, from Brueggers at 8AM… when our bellies aren’t full of ribs and beer.

As for the route this week… There was once a Half Marathon held in Melrose, although at this point we’ve run the route much more than they did so it might be the SLR Half Marathon route by now.
The route heads out the Fells, over some fun hills, to Highland Ave in Malden/Medford. From there it heads up to Spot Pond, by Flynn Rink. We take a water stop there.
The shorter distance runners keep right at the pond and run the front side of the pond to Wyoming Ave. Down Wyoming Ave to Grimsby’s where they turn left to follow the Lynn Fells back to Main St and home to Brueggers.
The longer runners follow the old half route to the left of the pond, down Elm St and loop the entire pond (except you’re allowed to take the shortcut through the parking lot at Straw point near Friendly’s in Stoneham. Making their way back to the water stop. After the stop they turn left onto East Border Road to an infamous hill that elicits the saltiest of swears at yours truly for picking the route. Remember, this route was a half marathon before we ran, we’re just following tradition. After the hill we turn left onto the Fellsway East through the hills we started with, past Grimsby’s along the Lynn Fells and into Melrose. Turn right on Main St and follow home to Brueggers.

That’s the route. Let me know if anyone can help with the water stops. Since we’re changing the days, there is a chance I won’t be able to make it (softball to spectate), so if we can get some volunteers to set up the stop and transport people that would be good. Sometimes we even set up a water only stop at the Straw Point side of the pond too.

So that’s the route and hopefully the water stops taken care of . The only thing left is to run it. Who’s in for a Saturday Edition of the Sunday Long Run? ROLL CALL!

10 Responses to “Week 2 – The old Half Marathon Route on SATURDAY”

  1. Brian walfield says:

    I’m in ! I can leave my van for a water stop. water abd powerade. Co we have any guu?

  2. Tom Gorman says:

    I’ll be there.

  3. Catherine Kane says:

    I will be there running a little longer than the shorter run. I can help with a water stop next week. Thanks, see you in the morning!

  4. Kristen says:

    I am in for the short route

  5. Ed Bradford says:

    I’m in for a good portion of the long route. Brian, I can pick you up at the water stop before – let me know.

  6. Sue Worrall says:

    I’m in …. can leave my car for a water stop someplace too. I’ll check back in the AM.

  7. Brian Walfield says:

    I’ll cover the marked water stop. I’ll have my bike with me so I won’t need a ride. If Sue wants to cover the top of the pond she may need a ride? I’ll have gatorade and water.

  8. Beth Dunne says:

    I’m in for the long route.

  9. Jackie Ecker says:

    I’m up and at ’em so I’ll be there too.

  10. Sue Worrall says:

    If anyone wants to pick me up at Straw point, I’ll leave my car there with water.

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