Week 2 – Love the Hills

Been there, done that advice of the week: Love the Hills, they’ll love you back.

As we move forward with our training anyone new to our training group will become aware of the uneven terrain that surrounds Melrose. Almost every run has a challenging hill along the way. Some have two. This week we have about six or seven. Don’t let them scare you though, the hills are your friends. They’ll help you get ready for your big race. There isn’t a race director alive that doesn’t get a kick out of designing a course with a hill somewhere in it, somewhere you least want it, somewhere that’ll make you glad you love hills. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones that runs a race without challenging hills you’ll still be all that much better trained than anyone else by running the hills. Hopefully I haven’t scared you into sleeping in on Sunday morning. Hills can be intimidating, Runner’s World has included many articles in their magazine on this topic alone.

The route this week will be a part of what used to be the Melrose Law Enforcement Half Marathon (which became Boston’s Run to Remember) and was hosted by Runner’s Edge (which became Marathon Sports). So you can see the only things that still exists from this race are the roads it was run on and the pond that it circled. This race was a great Boston Marathon training race and attracted a lot of marathoners. It’s hilly terrain prepared many people for Heartbreak Hill. So this will be your challenge for the week, and remember these things as you’re cursing me, I didn’t invent the route I borrowed it from a race, I didn’t put the hills there I think glaciers did many many years ago, and Love the Hills, they’ll love you back.

For those that are looking at this route and thinking 12.5 miles is a big step up from last week, stop you whining! Just kidding. This is a big step, but the general progression to the 22 mile training run is add 4 miles, then subtract 2 miles week by week until we climb to the big run. This is a +4 week. Now for those that are thinking “I just want to run long, I’m no marathoner”, there are short cuts (marathoners please jump to the next paragraph I don’t want you to consider this) by following the full route around the pond then cutting down Pond to Wyoming you can do 8.5 miles, cut down Pond and do the LynnFells to Main St you can get about 9.5, Or do the full route but go down Wyoming at the end instead of the LynnFells stretch and you’ll get 11.5 miles in.

Walt will be handling the water stop again this week (Thanks Walt!)ร‚ย  and if it looks warm I would like some volunteers to park/pickupร‚ย  at Straw Point on Spot Pond (the lot by Friendly’s in Stoneham) with just water and cups in the car. I’ll plan on putting my car over by Grimsby’s with water in it too. This should give us a little extra to get us through. Who’s interested?

Ok, that’s about it. Who’s in this week? Roll Call!

23 Responses to “Week 2 – Love the Hills”

  1. Sue Clough says:

    I’m in for either the 9.5 or 11.5, maybe I’ll Clough it up to 10 or 12. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ll check back if you need me to do a water stop

  2. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    i have to be finished by 10:30, so maybe my car should be at Grimsby’s or Friendly’s?

    I’m in for however many 12.5 miles or 10:30am – whichever comes first.

  3. Nick Lamberti says:

    I hope to be there. I think I did 12 or so last weekend.

  4. Lauren Cossette says:

    I’m in. I’d like to do 10-ish miles. It’s a step back week for me. That means I don’t want a guilt trip for cutting it short. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Barry Petzold says:

    Im in for the 12.5!

  6. Mary Corbett says:

    I missed you last week. I’ll be there, though I may not be up for the full 12.5

  7. Walter Drag says:

    In for 12.5: and will catch up with our group… please do not wait for me at Brueggers.

    Jim, I’ll pick up the supplies somewhere between 715 and 725… Thanks!


  8. Julie D'Andrea says:

    I’m in for the half route – which is sounding really long to me.

  9. Barry Cossette says:

    I’m in for the full run. I hope it won’t be as hard as when we did it in the winter:)

  10. Nancy says:

    I’m in, and can help with water stops, let me know

  11. Joe Terranova says:

    I am in.

  12. Carol Carstensen says:

    I’m in for the 12.5.

  13. Judi Chiavetta says:

    I’ll miss running with everyone this week. I’ll be running on the boardwalk in Ocean City Maryland (hopefully in the sunshine!) Salt water taffy for everyone at the next first Tuesday:)

  14. Jenn Breen says:

    I’ll be there for the half route.

  15. jose viveiros says:

    Big jump but I will be at Bruegers at 8 AM Sunday to attempt all 12.5 miles w/ you guys.

  16. Matt Sazama says:

    I’ll be there for the full 12.5.

  17. Dave Hayes says:

    I ran Seacoast 7 this morning, and got a good swim in right afterward, so I’m thinking I’m good for at least the half and see how it goes – might add on and run Perkins and Franklin if I’m good for a distance in-between the the full and half.

  18. Mike York says:

    I will be there for the 12.5.

  19. Joanne Piper says:

    I’ll be there for 10-12, but I’m really tempted to go to the beach because the weather sounds so nice!

  20. Jennifer Rapaport says:

    I am coming for the 12.5. Love me some hills…NOT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Brian Gilroy says:

    I’m in for something between 10 and 12.5.

  22. Christina Antico says:

    I’m in for the 12.5!

  23. Kristen Murphy says:

    I am awake- I’m in for around 6

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