Week 15 – Go Run A Marathon or Something

So this is it week 15: RACE WEEK!!! This week you’ll be out on a different road with different people handing you water and gatorade. Remember this is just another long run, just a bit longer. It’s really a bunch of small runs, say 7 runs that are less then 4 miles.  No problem. You’ve done 6 of them before and that went fine. The big difference is that after the 7th run you’ll get a medal, a shiny blanket, and the extreme honor of finishing another marathon. So get out there and do it!

For the rest of us, no real run planned this weekend. I may not be in the area, I’m not sure yet, but if people are running and I am around I’ll try to meet you in the middle somewhere and run a few miles. Feel free to use this space to coordinate this week, then hop to the forum if you want to keep it going further into the fall.

One last piece of business. What are the marathon plans going forward? I ask because we need to start planning the post Fall ’13 Sunday Long bRUNch. Every season, on a week where the least number of people are off running a race, we like to get together and celebrate the accomplishments of the year. To do this I need a volunteer to host the brunch. All you need to do is clean your house, have us come in with tons of food and beverages, and then clean whatever we leave behind. Its a pot luck kind of brunch, the host brings nothing, the guests bring everything. That too will be coordinate once we figure where and when. So who’s interested?

That’s it from me this week.

Run Well!!!

Go Sox!!!

4 Responses to “Week 15 – Go Run A Marathon or Something”

  1. Bill o says:

    Thank you all for great support throughout the past SLR season! Thanks Jim and Lois !

  2. Denise Judware says:

    Yes, thank you!!! I am so grateful to all the support and friendship of the Sunday Long Run. It has been a great experience.

  3. Nancy Slocum says:

    Thank you MRC. I had the best training season thanks to everyone on the SLR TEAM!
    Thank you for the support, encouragement, team work and those orange jellies at the waterstops.
    Looking forward to the next training season!

  4. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    I would like to ‘Like’ all of your comments… but this isn’t Facebook.

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