Week 14 – The Last Week

So this is it. The last week of the Fall 2016 Sunday Long Run Season. Some ran marathons last week, others are out running the Chicago Marathon or the Mohawk Hudson Marathon this weekend, and a few have one more week to go before Baystate. For the latter, this week we run a short, easy 12 miler to keep those legs moving but not overtax them. This is your taper, a time to keep the feel of the pace but cut the mileage way back to let those muscles recover for the big day. I like to call it “Don’t do anything stupid week”. When you’re about to do anything physical, pause and ask yourself “is this stupid”.

Where: Brueggers

When: 8AM

Who: Lois will handle this weeks run because I’m heading back up to Maine. The rest of you will run it.

How: It’s a simple route this week, you’ve done it a handful of times this season in one form or another. Head up past Ell Pond, ask Clarence DeMar for some marathoning mojo, turn left on Melrose Street, and left again to get onto the LynnFells Parkway. Follow that past Grimsby’s onto the Fellsway East. Through the hills, and a right turn onto Highland will bring you to the first water stop.

Whether you’re running short or long, this week everyone goes straight through the rotary and past Flynn Rink. Short will turn right at Pond Street, continue past Grimsby’s on to West Wyoming, turn left on Main and finish up a 7 mile run. Longer runners will continue a counterclockwise loop around Spot Pond, past the zoo, cut left through the Straw Point parking lot, left onto the Fellsway West, around the back side of the pond, left on Elm Street and back up to the rotary near Flynn Rink. Turn right onto Highland and stop again for water.

Take a left onto East Border Road and a left at the lights back on to Fellsway East. When you get to Grimsby’s turn right onto West Wyoming and then finish up with a left on Main Street and you are done. Fully prepared for Baystate.

Water Stops: One stop should do it, but if another helper comes along there’s a little sip at Straw Point people might appreciate.

Roll Call: Who’s in?

Also, keep your ears open for a post marathon season brunch. Sometimes we have them, sometimes we don’t. If someone wants to host, let me know and I’ll help coordinate it.

10 Responses to “Week 14 – The Last Week”

  1. Regina Curran says:


    We are running the BAA Half tomorrow. Thank you for organizing the runs every week.

  2. andy nagelin says:


  3. Christina DiCalogero says:

    Jess and I are in for the half. Thank you.

  4. Denise Judware says:

    In for the half

  5. Donna says:

    In for the full…Thanks!

  6. Liz says:

    In for half, I could host first weekend in nov.

  7. Sue says:

    Nancy, Jojo, and I are doing short +

  8. Lee Romprey says:

    IFTF +. Good luck I to all those racing this weekend.

  9. Jeanne Boisseau says:

    INFH. Thank you!

  10. Denise Judware says:

    overslept- sorry not coming

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