Week 14 – SATURDAY long run

Last week – A good sized crew wound their way through Swains Pond and over to Citizens Bank where Nicole serving snacks and beverages. Everyone continued through the hills of the Fellsway East, with half trainers heading back Wyoming to Brueggers. Some half trainers decided to put in a few extra miles, probably for a chance to visit Andy at water stop 2, before heading back to Melrose Center. A small group continued on to Farm Street, cutting across Nahant to meet up with Me for a beverage as we looped back to Melrose along Main Street. Thanks to the water stop crew!

SATURDAY This week – We’ll wrap the whole thing up Saturday at 7:30. The weather looks beautiful as we’ll head out to the Fellsway East, if you’re running long you’ll loop Spot Pond, and then run back. We’ll do this a little differently, for those looping Spot Pond this is the only week of the season the route loops the pond counter-clockwise.

Half route: http://www.melroserunningclub.com/sundayrun/longruns/week14-half.pdf

Full Route: http://www.melroserunningclub.com/sundayrun/longruns/week14-full.pdf

Start – We’ll head up Main Street towards Ell Pond. As you pass the pond look for the monument to Clarence DeMar. Clarence lived in Melrose for some time before moving to Keene, New Hampshire. He ran the same paths we run but 100 years earlier. Clarence DeMar is the man that has the most Boston Marathon wins to his name, winning 7 times over a 30 year span. The monument to him also mentions another Melrose resident that won the Boston Marathon multiple times, Bill Rodgers. As you finish up your training know we’ve been running the training routes of champions. Keep that in your head as you turn left on Melrose Street and left again onto the Lynn Fells Parkway heading towards our hills. Run past Grimsby’s, through the Fellsway East hills, and turn right on Highland Ave, making your way to the water stop.

Half Finish – The half runners will go through the Highland Ave rotary onto Woodland Rd, up to the right on to Pond Street. Run down to Grimsby’s and continue straight on to West Wyoming to finish up with a left on Main and a trip to Brueggers.

Full 2 – The full distance runners will also continue straight through the rotary onto Woodland Rd. Continue straight at Pond St, past the Stone Zoo, and veer left into the Straw Point parking lot. You should find Jose there for a little water before continuing left onto the Fellsway West, over I-93, past the Sheepfold, under I-93, and down to Elm Street. Elm will take you up, up, and up back to the Highland Ave rotary. Turn right on Highland for the next water stop.

Full Finish – From Highland, turn left on East Border, left at the lights on to the Fellsway East, and up to Grimsby’s. Turn right on West Wyoming and a left on Main to finish up at Brueggers.

Water Stops – Regina and Jose will be running the show this week! If you aren’t running but want to be part of the fun, show up to Bruegger’s at 7:30 and give Regina and Jose a hand.

Roll Call – Who’s in?!

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  1. Brendan says:

    When are the Sunday long runs coming back? Thx!

  2. Jose Viveiros says:

    Why is it called Saturday long run & is it Saturday or Sunday
    If Sunday I plan to do the full route

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