Week 14 – Don’t Do Anything Stupid

So last week wasn’t as easy as it should be. With less than 15 miles to run, Mother Nature decided to challenge you a little. I guess this training season hasn’t toughened you up enough, she has a way of making sure you’re ready. The run started with a drizzle and temps in the mid-60s. By the time runners hit the first water stop there were downpours and they lasted until the second water stop. As the rain wore people out, Mother Nature decided to test you even more by lowering the temperature to the mid-50s. The good news is everybody passed the test. Runners were cold and weary but they finished. Hopefully this week goes a bit easier.

This week’s course is the same 12.5 miles that we ran in week 2. Here’s the good part though, its going to seem soooooo much easier! We’ll start out Main Street going North up to Ell Pond. Give the Clarence DeMar monument a little tap, from one great marathoner to another. Then turn left on Melrose St down to a left on the Lynn Fells. Follow the Lynn Fells onto the Fellsway East to Highland Ave. Take the right and head up to the water stop. Come talk to me there and tell me how much easier the hills feel now that you’re all well trained.

Out of the water stop, here’s where things get crazy! Everyone go straight past the hockey rink, long and short runners. Short runners will turn down Pond Street to Wyoming and finish up a nice short run ready to run a half next week. The longer runners will loop Spot Pond counterclockwise. Yes, crazy isn’t it?! You’ll see the pond a whole different way this way. Especially when you run up Elm St to turn right on Highland back to the water stop.

From the water stop you’ll head over to East Border Road, chug up a hill where you’ll be less likely to want to swear at me because this all seems easier now that you’re in tip-top shape. Left on the Fellsway through a couple more hills and then take a right when you hit Grimsby’s. Go down West Wyoming and left on Main Street and voila you’re back at Brueggers with a surprisingly large amount of your Sunday Morning still ahead of you.

Water Stops: I’ll be out there. I may run a bit but I’ll have Highland Ave taken care of. If anyone wants to head over to Straw Point and provide some snacks on the other side of the pond, just let me know. You can meet me at Highland and take some supplies over.

Good luck to all that are actually running their half marathon and marathons down in Hartford as I type this! And anywhere else in the world you might be challenging your running abilities this weekend. Go get ’em people, you’re ready, willing, and able!!!

Roll Call, who’ll be in for this weekends run?

13 Responses to “Week 14 – Don’t Do Anything Stupid”

  1. Nancy Slocum says:

    I am in for the full…thanks!

  2. Joanne Piper says:

    I’m in for the half plus a little. Will finish via left on the Fellsway at Grimsby’s for 8 miles. Thanks Jim !

  3. Nancy Gaudet says:

    I’m in!

  4. Cynthia Berger says:

    I can do a water stop if needed

  5. Carleen Melkonian says:

    I am in for half and a little more.

  6. Denise Judware says:

    I am in….debating about full or half….it will be a game day decision.

  7. Matt Kerton says:

    I’m in for the full.

  8. Brian Walfield says:

    I think I’m in for the full. Is the water stop all set?

  9. Sue says:

    I’m in for half

  10. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    In for the half.

  11. Jessi says:

    I’m in for the full!

  12. Christina Antico says:

    In for the full. May start my run a few minutes early, but I’ll be there!

  13. Joe Winslow says:

    I’m in for something..

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