Week 12 – The Plan (Part I)

This week we leave Breakheart and head to Heartbreak. The plan is to leave Brueggers at 7AM on the dot. Be there slightly early, the cars will pull out at 7. We’ll get to Hopkinton right before 8AM, with a group bathroom stop about a mile before the starting line. A quick picture in front of the Doughboy Statue next to the start, a “does everyone know where you’re going?!” and you’ll be off. Every 3 miles or so there will be water stop cars stretching the way from Hopkinton to Boston College. A car will be designated as the finish line car holding most people’s clothing so you can change at the finish into warm dry clothes. We’ll congregate outside St Ignacius Church, take another group picture, weather permitting, and head back to Melrose.

Here’s the list of people I believe are coming. If I missed you its because I can’t keep this many people straight in my head. Please reply with a post if you’re on the list and you shouldn’t be or are not on the list and want to be:

Running the Full Distance (about)

1 AJ
2 BrianS
3 BrianW
4 Carol
5 Dan
6 DaveH
7 DougD
8 EdB
9 Jackie
10 JohnK
11 Judi
12 Katie
13 Kellie
14 Kerry
15 Kim
16 MarianneF
17 Melisa
18 MichelleD
19 MichelleL
20 Matt
21 PaulD
22 SueW
23 Walt

Running Part Way
24 AudreyH
25 Dorota
26 Lois
27 MaryanneM
28 Nancy

Water Stop Volunteers
29 Jim
30 Liz
31 Lizzie
32 Lynda
33 Mary

Planned Cars so far

7 BrianW
7 PaulD
5 DaveH
5 Jim
5 Liz
5 Lois
5 Matt
5 SueW


Unless we get more than one more runner showing up, this should work. I was expecting to hear of one or two more but it looks like we’ll fit nicely in 6 cars. Part 2 of the plan, with all the details will be up this afternoon.

22 Responses to “Week 12 – The Plan (Part I)”

  1. Kim Sarno says:

    I will be running the full 22 (or at least try).

  2. David Hayes says:

    I plan to run the full. My car also plans to drive the distance and is currently out in the parking lot stretching. My car can hold five snugly (and all their gear).

  3. Paul Donahue says:

    I plan on running the full distance and can bring my minivan if someone is willing to drive it from Hopkinton to BC.

  4. Sue Clough says:

    Jim, I would be happy to be a driver, just can’t take my car this time. I can drive Paul’s minivan or something else if needed.

  5. Brian Slater says:

    I plan on running most but probably not the whole 22.

    Brian S.

  6. Doug Drozdowski says:

    Hi Jim, Sorry I am late to post, I am in for 22. I can provide a car if needed.

  7. Sue Clough says:

    Sorry Jim, I have to take back my offer. Just found out Danielle has to be in Andover by 2 and that is cutting it too close.

  8. Haecha says:

    Hi Jim,
    Sorry I didn’t post earlier…. I’m not sure if I’m running due to my back issue that has developed but if I dont run I can help with the water stops and I can drive. I can fit 6 but the way back in the pilot is tight. Let me know what you think?

  9. Walt Drag says:


    We can use my 5 seater, especially if someone can drive it to the finish around Noon.


  10. Carol Carstensen says:

    My husband volunteered to be a driver/water stop helper if you still need someone. His station wagon would fit 5 or he could drive someone else”s car if it would be better.

  11. Brian McDonough says:

    Hi Jim,
    I can drive and help out at the water stops. I could take up to 4 people in my car if you still need vehicles. Let me know what you need. I’m not planning on running at all.

    -Brian M.

  12. Michele DeAngelo says:

    I’m in for the full- a slow long run!

  13. Kerry Armstrong says:

    I will be in for the 22 …

  14. Jim says:

    Thanks all that have offered their cars and special thanks to Haecha, Carol’s husband, and BrianM for offering to drive. Haecha, if you can’t run I’m leaning towards you as the driver, an extra seat and part of the Sunday Runs all winter. We’re getting close to capacity on the 6 cars I was planning on though, so we may end up still needing Brian or Carol’s husband so don’t make other plans for Sunday morning just yet!

    Thanks again to all of you! The SLR wouldn’t work without you!!!

  15. Brian walfield says:

    Hi Jim, I’m not sure if I’m running at this point. I’ll Be making the trip with the van.I may only run 4-8 or maybe not at all on sunday so I could be another driver?I’ll know saturday.

  16. Jose Viveiros says:

    Hi Jim,

    I plan to do the 21.something if an extra car is needed mine will be available. Thanks

  17. Jose Viveiros says:

    p.s. Magi just offered to be a driver if needed

  18. Dorota Bulik says:

    I can drive to Hopkinton and take 3 more people comfortably or 4 snuggly, and give my car to someone to drive along as I’m leaning more and more toward attempting the full route.
    Again, I have a stick just in case someone else has to drive it.

  19. Haecha says:

    Hi Jim,
    I’m not going to run so I am available to drive and help with the water stops. I will just have to follow everyone because I honestly don’t know where I’m going! See everyone tomorrow morning EARLY!

  20. Nandan Padukone says:

    I am overwhelmed and super-impressed with the organization of the Sunday runs. I ran the course today with MGH – it was a beautiful run, no walk in the park though – but I’m totally spoiled by the water stops every 3-4 miles and the well thought out routes of the MRC runs. I’ll have to plan ahead for how I work those in the actual marathon.
    Have fun tomorrow – would have loved to help but my legs think otherwise…

  21. Audrey Hanscom says:

    Hi Jim, Thank you for all your planning. I am in for the half and volunteer my husband to drive/help with water stops etc. Let me know if he is needed.

  22. Michelle LeBlanc says:

    Hi Jim:
    Wish I’d thought to get a cell number–I got food poisoning last night so am in no shape today to run. So,so bummed out. Good luck to everyone,

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