Week 12 – Hopkinton to Boston College

Here is Sunday’s plan!


If you have any questions post them here and Lois will answer.
Have a great run, enjoy the weather, let Lois know if you’re in for post-run pizza, the KofC bar will be open!

6 Responses to “Week 12 – Hopkinton to Boston College”

  1. Thuy Dang says:

    In for post run pizza and beer! Thanks Lois and company????

  2. Matt Kerton says:

    In for the post run pizza and celebratory beverages. Thanks Jim for putting the game plan together and thank you to all who are volunteering and driving!!

  3. Dan Slattery says:

    Thanks JC for the logistics carried out from an undisclosed location! Thanks Lois for taking the helm on this endeavor! Final thanks to all who will drive and help at the water stops!
    I’m in for, as Joe T would say, The Whole Magilla! (Run, post food and bevies) 🙂

  4. Julie Galvin says:

    This is incredible – thank you Jim, Lois and everyone! Actually looking forward to it (and the post-run pizza and beer!)

  5. Marianne C says:

    Mmmmm pizza. Def IN! Thanks so much Jim & team for the continued support in organizing these Sunday runs!

  6. Mary O’Connell says:

    Count me in for pizza and beer. Thanks to everyone who made the day possible.

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