Week 11 – Water Stop Support

This week’s run will take place on SATURDAY due to the Easter holiday on Sunday. It will be an 18 mile run requiring 3 or 4 water stops. Erin has graciously volunteered to help this week so I’ll be looking for at least 2 others. Post here if you can help, even if just for a limited amount of time

Any support is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Nick Lamberti says:


    Count me in on water stop duty!


  2. Sue Clough says:

    I can do a water stop, let me know where and when.

  3. Ed Torres says:

    Thanks Nick and Sue!! In addition to Erin, I can use you both. Keep an eye on this site for an updated course from Jim then I will let you know about the particular stop. Right now Erin is planning to be at Citizen’s Bank down near Pine Banks. We will likely need someone at DD behind the Shell Gas Station near Johnnies.

    Stay tuned.


  4. Rick Collette says:

    Hi Ed, I am also available for water stop duties. Just let me know and I’ll hop right over there (getting ready for my trek on Sunday ha ha).


  5. Ed Torres says:

    Jim has now loaded this weeks map so I’ll take a shot at the stops. Thanks Jim..Much better.
    WS#1 after Pine Banks/cemetary at Main St (citizen’s bank) 3.5Mi point. Erin has this one.
    WS#2 right Main St/Ell Pond, possibly at DD behind the Shell Station. ~7 Mi point. Nick can you take this one?
    WS#3 at the entrance to Breakheart at the top of the access road on the Lynn Fells side. ~ 10 mi and 13 mi points. Rick you OK with this one?

    Sue can take the week off unless she Really, Really wants to do a stop and someone else prefers not to.

    Here’s the plan. Erin goes to WS1 and waits for the runners to arrive and start her run there. You can then run to WS#2 on the return from Breakheart, at the 15.5 mile mark for about a 12 mile run. After everyone passes, take Nick’s car back to Brueggers.
    Nick drops his car off at WS2 at DD, getting a pickup from Jim? If Jim picks you up, he can give you the supplies.
    Rick comes to Brueggers at 7:45-8, gets supplies from me, then heads to Breakheart for his stop.
    Can you all respond that this plan works for everyone?

    Thanks again. It’s great to have more support than we need. It doesn’t always happen.


  6. Nick Lamberti says:

    OK, I can do WS #2, I will park in the grassy knoll across from the Middle School, plenty of public parking there. I will pick up supplies from Jim in morning @ 7:15 AM & run back to Brueggers. No need for Erin to drive my car back to Breuggers, I can run back to it or just grab it on the way back from Breakheart!

    Thanks for coordinating!

  7. Rick Collette says:

    I am ok with my section of The Plan. See you Saturday.

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