Week 11 – Swains Pond and Breakheart

One week before we run the most miles of the training season and we’re headed out for some peaceful water views and a few hills. This is the point in our training when Jim gives some great advice about what to think about this week and next.  Like… now is a good time to check your sneakers. Despite the snow, you must admit you’ve been running a lot. Also a good time to get your pre-race meal confirmed – what works and what doesn’t should be figured out now. As for marathon day clothes… that one is a little tougher to test out as we still need to dress for the weather that is happening now.  So, think about all of the things you’ll be worried about come the big day and start nailing down with certainty what is going to work best – food before the race, fuel along the course, sneakers, socks, underwear (oh blush) and/or running bra, sunglasses, hair ties, BodyGlide, etc… Now is the time for experimentation if you are uncertain.

Okay, so on to the route. Water views. Hills. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Same route as last year, so a cut and paste of Jim’s instructions from last year seems to fit the bill.

The run will take you up to Melrose Common on East Foster, over to Swain’s Pond along Swains Pond Ave, right onto Lebanon, left onto Forest,  and over towards Oak Grove. If you don’t know where those places are check the map. This run has gotten a few people lost in the past. when you come up to the ponds, Swains Pond Ave turns right, don’t go straight up the big hill. When Swains Pond Ave comes out to Lebanon. GO RIGHT. A few people have veered off to the left and headed into Malden. Eventually they come back, but its best not to add unnecessary miles on. When you come out of Forest St in Malden there will be a Citizen’s Bank across the street. Water Stop 1 will be in the lot.

The second leg of this run is past Oak Grove Station on Winter St. Run directly across to Glenwood St. Follow this curvy hilly road out to Highland Ave. You’ll recognize the paper boy at the rotary, go right onto the Fellsway East. Take those hills all the way to the LynnFells Parkway, past Grimsby’s, Dunkin Donuts, the hill into Melrose, to the knoll across from the Melrose Middle School. That’s where you’ll find water stop 2.

After that stop take the LynnFells all the way to the Saugus entrance to Breakheart. You’ll find another water stop there.

Loop Breakheart back to the water stop.

Follow the LynnFells back to the knoll for another stop.

Go back over the LynnFells hill to Grimsby’s, turn left onto West Wyoming, and another left onto Main St and bring it on home to Brueggers!

If you’re running the short route, take a look at the map, since we’re looping Melrose Center for the first 7 miles you can make this one a few different distances to fit your training.

There are Three waterstops that I’ll need some help with. Anyone?

I know some of our comrades are headed to the New Bedford Half Marathon so best of luck to all of them!

Here it is… the weekly ROLL CALL! Who is in?

19 Responses to “Week 11 – Swains Pond and Breakheart”

  1. Sue Worrall says:

    In for the full, my car can be a water stop.

  2. Sue Clough says:

    I would like to run some and can help with water stop if you need me

  3. Brian Walfield says:

    I love this route. unfortunately i won’t be running. I can cover water stop 1 and 3 if needed. I’ll see everyone at 8.

  4. Cynthia Berger says:

    I am in for the full.

  5. Jose Viveiros says:

    I am in for doing the full distance. Thank you volunteers

  6. Joe Winslow says:

    Yes, Thank you volunteers! In for the full.

  7. Tom Gorman says:

    I’m in for the full.

  8. Alastair Drummond says:

    Hi, count me in for the full, and I have a lot of water stop stuff.. Can someone meet me early -say 7:30ish- and give me a ride back from a water stop? Thanks!

  9. Joe Terranova says:

    I can take a water stop. Let me know.

  10. Jeff Cook says:

    I’m in for the full. Thanks for the help.

  11. Christina Antico says:

    In for the full-thank you so much to teh WS volunteers!

  12. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    Looks like we have an abundance of waterstop volunteers… if you really don’t mind coming out, Joe T and Brian, that would be fabulous – Brian for ws1, Joe for ws2, and Brian again for ws3. Just meet us at Bruegger’s to get supplies?

    If that doesn’t work for either of you let me know. I can easily leave my car at any of the stops. I’ll check back in a little while to see if you respond.

  13. Lisa Hentschel says:

    Derek, Brian, Kevin and I will be there….. not sure if we will make 11 but we will do something…..

  14. Joe Terranova says:

    Will meet at Brueggers for supplies then head to water stop 2.

  15. Alastair Drummond says:

    Yes, thank you to all the WS volunteers! That makes life easier for me.. I will give materials to you before 8. THANKS!

  16. Dorota Bulik says:

    In for the full. Thanks all!

    MRC rocks!!!

  17. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    Thank you, Joe! Should we get some green Powerade/Gatorade for the “Irish” runners?

  18. Dan Slattrry says:

    In and yes, thanks to the unselfish volunteers!

  19. Jeff Cook says:

    Thanks for the good run today. Water stops help.

    Happy running this week all, see you next week

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