Week 11 – Saturday Morning isn’t just for cartoons anymore

This week you’ll have to shut off your favorite Saturday Morning cartoons to join in on the Sunday Long Run. Many of us will be looking for eggs and jellybeans at the break of dawn Sunday, or watching a 6AM Red Sox exhibition game from Japan. So this week, due to Easter, we’re featuring the Saturday Long Run!

I just put up a new map for this distance, covering 17.8 miles and hitting Swains Pond, the Fellsway, and Breakheart. This will be our last trip to Breakheart before Boston. The route needs three water stops, at the corner of Main St and Winter St, at the Knoll across from the Middle School, and at the Saugus entrance at Breakheart. Ed will be organizing our volunteers on the existing thread.

Those looking to run less there are many opportunities to turn off of this route to make a 4.5, 7, or 8 mile run, or you can join in at the knoll for a 9 mile run, or just run the Breakheart section for 3. Don’t be shy, we like the company. So join us for the first long run of the Spring, despite the fact that the weather didn’t seem to get the memo about it being Spring.

People should note, since it’s Saturday both Brueggers and the roads will be more crowded. This means we’ll need to be more aware of how much space we’re taking up on both counts.

Roll Call! Who’s in?

15 Responses to “Week 11 – Saturday Morning isn’t just for cartoons anymore”

  1. Ed Torres says:

    Jim, can you point me to the 17.8 mile map? Can’t find it..


  2. Jim says:

    Sorry about that, updated the wrong file. Link whould be fixed now.

  3. Andrew Pate says:

    Like I told ya last Sunday, can’t make Saturday. My van and I and IN for next Sunday. Happy Easter everyone!

    P.S. thank you again to Jim leading last week’s run; to Walt, Liz for the waterstops; and Brian (for not losing me in Breakheart!)

  4. Erin Lynch says:


    I am in and I am doing a water stop. Tell me where you want me to be tomorrow morning. I have the water stop supplies. Shall we coordinate at Bruggers at 7:30? Tell me what’s easiest for you.

    Also I am going to try to 12 miles tomorrow. Perhaps, I can add the 9 mile route and 3 mile route together.


  5. Erin Lynch says:

    How do I find the route? I am clicking routes and I go back to the blog entry where Jim says Saturday is not for cartoons anymore. Then I click the hyperlinks on the right for 17.8 miles, and get an error ‘file not found’. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to register? Forgive me, but it’s my first time using this blog.


  6. Jim says:

    Not sure why you’re getting the ‘file not found’ error. I click it and the map comes up. I’ll mail you the PDF file.

  7. Jim says:

    Oh wait, I just figured it out, when you click ‘routes’ you end up in the archives and the links weren’t working from there. I just fixed that. Click away, you’ll get the routes now.

  8. Tracy Deats (Pickering) says:

    I’ll be braving the cold and wind on Saturday for 17.8 miles!

  9. Judi says:


    I was originally going to run today and do a water stop tomorrow. Being that the wind is gusting up to 100 mph today (slight exaggeration Walt), I decided to go tomorrow instead. HOWEVER, I would still like to provide my van for a stop. Just need to know when to meet to get supplies. Let me know if you need me.

  10. Sue Worrall says:

    the saturday 7 AM group is in …. for most of the spot pond loop —

  11. Erin Lynch says:

    Thanks. Am I still doing water stop one at the citizen’s bank? Does anyone else have water stop supplies or do I have everything? If yes, how do I get what I have to the others?


  12. Nancy says:

    I’m in

  13. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    I’m in.

  14. Erin Lynch says:

    I will drop my car off at Citizen’s Bank by the corner of Forest Street at 7:45. Peter will give me a ride to Bruggers. If this is wrong, let me know and I will do a different water stop. See you all tomorrow.

  15. Jim says:

    Hi guys…

    Sue Worrall, Sorry I just updated the shorter route. You won’t be going to Spot Pond, you’ll follow the longer route for however many miles you want. The official 11.1 mile route is posted now. There are a few turnoffs along the way to tailor your distance.

    Erin Lynch, Ed’s in charge of the water stops. I think other people have what they need. Nick will pick stuff up here and Rick will pick stuff up at Brueggers. If you want to meet at Brueggers you can, otherwise just take all the stuff to the water stop and we’ll send Rick by if we don’t have enough. I would suggest parking at the bank but I just realized we usually do that on a Sunday, tomorrow being Saturday you might be better off if you can find a street parking spot.

    Everyone else, see you tomorrow morning at 8!

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