Week 11 – Off to the Races

This Sunday many of our long run regulars will be waking up after a day of relaying around Lake Winnipesaukee, including me. So Walt has agreed to step in and manage the long run for me on my week off. We have a route that wanders around the Swains Pond neighborhood before cutting past Oak Grove to the Fells. From there the routes will be familiar for everyone.

Water stops. Walt will manage them but he’ll need his help. First piece of business is the water stop materials. I have plenty of water/gatorade/snacks but I need to drop them off to someone before I head to NH. Preferably someone in Melrose. Any volunteers? Walt can coordinate with you and whoever helps with the waterstops for getting the boxes in the morning, parking cars in spots, and collecting everything back up in the morning.

The waterstops on Sunday are: (1) In the parking lot of the Citizens Bank in Malden, on Main St near Forest St. (2) The knoll across from the Melrose Middle School, (3) the Saugus parking lot of Breakheart.

Thanks Walt for taking the reigns this week! Thank you in advance to all who help with the water stops. Now its time for the Roll Call!

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  1. Jim says:

    Oh yeah, and Kelly I have your jacket from last week. If you need it back this week I’ll put it in one of the water stop bins.

  2. Julie D'Andrea says:

    I can do a water stop and hold on to supplies. When do you leave for NH? I could pick stuff up Friday morning at 7am on my way to work or afternoon on my way home at around 4pm.

    I could do a water stop too. I only want to do about 10 miles. I could perhaps park at water stop #2, then drive from there over to stop #3 and run 3 more miles at breakheart…

    I used to see the guy selling newspapers over there by the Citizens Bank near Oak Grove every Sunday… maybe he could do water stop #1 for us?

  3. Catherine Kane says:

    I will be there for the long run and may be able to do a water stop if needed. I won’t be able to make it to Melrose before Sunday so I can get my own stuff for the water stop.

  4. Jim says:

    Hi Julie. Sorry I didn’t get back. You know where I live, right? I’ll put the water stop bins in the trunk of my car and leave the door unlocked. You can stop by whenever and take them.

    Thanks for the help.
    Have a good run everyone!

    PS. We’re still one 10 mile runner short for Lake Winnie on Saturday if anyone wants to come up and run.

  5. Kelly Walsh says:

    I’m in for the long run. I can do the water stop at the Knoll. I live near there and can walk to Bruegger’s after. I can buy some stuff if needed or meet up with Julie.
    Forgot all about my jacket. I was so wet afte the last run I couldn’t wait to get home and change.
    Good luck at Lake Winnie everyone.

  6. ginny rowe says:

    I’m going to try to pick up a race this weekend, so I won’t be there Sunday. Good luck at lake winnie. Hope you all have a ball!

  7. Walter Drag says:

    Good Friday Evening…. I am running 16… and here is what i plan to do…. I’d like to place my car at WS1 (Citizen Bank I believe). Then Kelly or Katherine can you handle WS 2 on the Lynn Fells?

    WS3 for the 17 milers is I think good for self service at Breakheart where this a fountain at the shelter

    My questions at this point: Where should i drive to pick up supplies for WS1? I’d like to pick them up around 710am. Then I’ll leave my car at Cit Bank WS1 and run 3 miles (reverse the course) and be at Brueggers at 8amish.

    Who can take WS2 and will you be able to have supplies?

    The questions hereafter…

    who is in for at least the 11.1 or a large chunk of it?

    Is anyone planning to run the 17.8?

    I am working Saturday 1030a-730P with an hour commute back to the Melrose area. my cell 617-846-6336 if there are questions…

    I hope to have company getting this run in on Sunday.

    If there is anything else i overlooked… please let me know… we will be small group but this can work… Meanwhile, Go Lake Winnie challengers…


  8. Donna Leggiero says:

    I am in for 11.1 miles. I can pick up whoever does water stop 2 (Knoll) on my way to Bruegger’s.

  9. Julie D'Andrea says:

    Ok, I have all the supplies.

    Walt, I am not far from water stop 1. If you google 38 Whitman Ave in Melrose, you can pass by here to get supplies on your way there as early as you want. It’s a yellow house with black shutters, a dark blue minvan and a silver Saturn in the drive way. I’ll have a bin of supples in front if I am gone already.

    I’m happy to do water stop 2 since I have all the supplies already. I really don’t mind driving to Breakheart if people want Gu or whatever over there, because I can run a loop there too. But, that does leave water stop 2 gone for your return trip. But if you have Gu and gatorade on your way out of Breakheart, you should be ok for the last 4 miles, no?

    fell free to call me if you have a better idea: 781-665-9228


  10. Julie D'Andrea says:

    ps – Walt, if you don’t want to run 3 miles first, I’ll meet you at stop 1, and we can drive to the knoll and park there, and jog back to Brueggers.

  11. Walter Drag says:

    Good morning,

    Julie… I will pick up supplies at your home- 38 Whitman at 710am ish… then I’d like to run the reverse route 3+ and meet everyone at Brueggers… 8am.

    Thank you to all who have already replied and those that that still will…

    I’ll check this thread again tonight and again at 645am Sunday…

    I think we’re good with Breakheart by itself and no formal support there… the key I think are wstops 1 and 2… missing a wstop (3) if anyone got there and the fountain did not work… is actually good training to manage the mental aspect of a race where not everything goes according to plan.

    Looking forward to a good run, My intent is to run together through ws 2 and then those who want to run faster can finish at their own pace. So far it seems we are about 5 … others going? Just let us know to look for you… thank you!

  12. Sue Clough says:

    I am heading to Gloucester to do the Lone Gull. Everyone have a good run whether it’s in Melrose or NH or some race! Looks like nice running weather…thanks Walt!

  13. Jen Randall says:

    I should be there for the 11+ route.. See you then!

  14. Kelly Walsh says:

    I can still do water stop 2. I am doing the long run so my car will be there for the early part of the run and the end of the run. Julie, I’ll call you to see if I can get supplies from you today. If not I’ll buy some.
    Donna that would be great if you could pick me up in the Knolll at about 7:45 tomorrow morning and then Catherine could probably drive me back.
    Walt, Catherine and I will be doing a the 18. We are not the fastest runners but we can keep you company for the first half.

  15. Denyce Curis says:

    I will be there for the 11+ route. Sounds like the water stops are under control. Good luck to everyone at Lake Wini !.

  16. Julie D'Andrea says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if the water fountain is shut down for the season at Breakheart already. Though there is a sink inside and a soda machine and sometimes even free coffee!

    If Donna or someone else can get me at Breakheart at 7:45, I’ll park there. So we’ve got everything covered.

    I’ll wait to hear from someone.

  17. Carol Carstensen says:

    I will be there and plan on doing the long run.

  18. I personally will need a water stop at Breakheart so I will leave a bag with Gatorade, H20 and cups just past the skating rink since there are just a few of us.
    See you tom’w at 8!

  19. Kelly Walsh says:

    Hello again, Julie if you could leave a bin outside your house for me to pick up in the morning that would be great. I’m running out of time today. I have the address and I will be there about 7:30. I will leave my car at the Knoll. I’m sure Catherine could pick me up in the morning if Donna wants to get Julie at Breakheart. I like the idea of a car being there. As I leave every water stop I already start to think of the next one.
    So I will be all set for rides and supplies for water stop 2 at the Knoll. See everyone at Breugger’s.

  20. Jen Randall says:

    Hi all,

    Again, I go by Breakheart so I can get Julie @ 7:45.. I was not thinking when I responded earlier.. I have had a crazy week. Sorry about that. Same place in Saugus? Let me know if you want me to pick Julie up.. See you then.

    Here is my cell 781-738-7524.. I’ll check back tonight..

  21. Julie D'Andrea says:

    Catherine, don’t stash water, I’ll park my car near the rink with lots of stuff.

    Jen, I’ll wait for you same spot as last time to pick me up.

    Walt – take the cardboard box with supplies in the morning.

    Kelly – take the crate with your jacket and supplies in the morning.

  22. Jo-Ann says:

    I’m planning to run 11+. I’ll see you at Bruggers at 8:00a.m . Sounds like the water stops are under control.

    I hope everyone is having a good time at Lake Winni. Beautiful day but I hope it’s not to hot running.

  23. Walter Drag says:

    Hi! This is my 525PM EDT Saturday check and looks like a nice group to go in the morning. I’ll take the cardboard box of supplies. Looks to me like we’ll have about 10 going. understand about Breakheart wstop needs and appreciate all of you kicking to ensure all is taken care of there.

    This should post as message 23 and have read all prior messages.

    I’ll check back later tonight and again 645 AM EDT Sunday in case anything comes up that needs further coordination. Emergency changes…pls call me at 617-846-6336. Thanks, Walt

  24. Dave McCaldon says:

    I think I should be there for the long run; but don’t wait if I’m not there at 8.

  25. Jen Randall says:


    Got your message, I will be there @ 7:45.. See you then!

  26. Donna Leggiero says:

    Kelly – I can gladly pick you up at the Knoll. If I am a minute or two later than 7:45, do not worry…..My son is doing the Jimmy Fund walk tomorrow AM and is getting picked up from my house @ 7:40 ish, but I only live @ 5 minutes away from the Knoll.
    See you in the AM.

  27. Walter Drag says:

    Good morning- a great morning to run… 620am. All is on plan. I’ll pick up supplies 710-715a for ws 1. Thanks all for your 26 comments above, Walt

  28. Kelly Walsh says:

    Donna, Catherine is coming to pick me up. Let me know that you got this message.

  29. Kelly Walsh says:

    Donna, ignore the above. I’ll look for you at the Knoll. I’ll call Catherine and let her know she doesn’t neet to pick me up.

  30. Jen Randall says:


    I spoke w/ Donna.. She knows as she is going to get Julie as I have been up since 2am feeling sick and feel like I am getting a fever…So please have Catherine get you.. Sorry everyone for changing the plans! Please respond so I know you got this

  31. Kelly Walsh says:

    I got it, but did Donna. Leaving now. My cell is 781-910-9436. Catherine can still come, but don’t want to make Donna too. Oh well! We will all have a ride. Maybe 2. Feel better.

  32. Jen Randall says:

    Yes, I told Donna that you have Catherine getting you and she is going to get Julie for me.. Sorry everything got so confusing and I’m annoyed I feel sick w/ 3 more weeks to go…Have a good run…

  33. Dave McCaldon says:

    Another great run (except for the Breakheart hills!), thanks to everyone who did the water stops and to Walt for organizing this week and keeping my pace up!

  34. Walter Drag says:

    Will write something short for Jim to recap…nicely done despite some personal adversity via sickness and a locked car door with a DD replacement waterstop…


  35. Kelly Walsh says:

    So sorry about the locked car. Glad Julie was at Breakheart with an open car. After those hills we needed it. Julie thank you for dropping more water off at my car. We needed that too. It was getting hotter by then.
    Carol thanks for keeping me company and helping me go a bit faster. Catherine probably needed a break from listening to me during every run.
    See everyone next week.

  36. Julie D'Andrea says:

    Nice run all! I liked that route and was glad I stopped before Breakheart. I watched dog walkers while waiting and got licked in the face once.

    Special thanks to Michelle Carson for letting me get the supplies late at night.

    Kelly, my husband washed your shirt!

  37. Kelly Walsh says:

    Oh, you have a laundry guy too! Did it smell that bad. Thanks, I seem to be leaving my shirts and jackets everywhere. I’ll get it at some point.

  38. Carol Carstensen says:

    Thanks for a great run everyone. Thanks to Walt for organizing this and for checking up on us. Once again, having company along the way and the water stops really made this go by quickly!

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