Week 11 – May The Road Rise To Meet You ????

Last Week – I hear was miserable! While most were off running races, a few trudged through some of the Sunday Long Run in wind blown snowy conditions. Congrats to Black Catters, Malden Lap Runners, and the SLR troopers.

This Week – Start your St Patrick’s Day off with some miles. I assume the hilly side of Breakheart is unrunnable, but the flatter side is. If it isn’t Tom and Audrey are in charge of setting you off in a different direction. But I think the plan will be to run Swain’s Pond, head to Breakheart, run the flat side but skip the hills and pop out at the Voc and run back Farm Street.

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Start 1 – Everyone crosses Main Street and turns immediately left on to East Foster. Run up to Melrose Common and take a right onto 6th Street. Continue straight as this becomes Swains Pond Avenue. Swains Pond will take you up to Turners Pond where you’ll turn right at a stop sign to continue on Swains Pond Ave. There will be a point where you meet Lebanon Street, sometimes people just follow left and end up in Malden, don’t do that, instead take a sharp right onto Lebanon, then a left at the traffic lights on to Forest Street. At the end of Forest Street you’ll hit Main Street where you’ll find Water Stop 1 in the parking lot of Citizens Bank.

Start 2 – Everyone continues together onto Winter Street, past the Oak Grove MBTA stop to a 5-way intersection. Cross straight across to get on Glenwood Street. This will take you through some hilly roads over to Highland Ave where you’ll turn right and then immediately turn right onto the Fellsway East. Continue on to Grimsby’s where you’ll go straight on to the LynnFells Parkway. When you get to Melrose High School look for a water stop at the knoll on your right.

Half Finish – If you’re running the half route you’ll continue on with the full runners down the LynnFells Parkway until you get to the stop light at Main Street in Saugus. Turn left, and immediate left onto Howard. Take Howard back to a left on Green Street. Green Street will merge with Main Street which will take you back to Brueggers with 11 miles under your belt.

Full 3 – If you’re running the full you’ll continue along the LynnFells Parkway until you hit the Saugus Breakheart entrance. Head up to the headquarters and look for a water stop.

Full 4 – Run the flatter side of Breakheart by entering to the left, keeping right at the beach and popping out at the Vocational School. Run down to Wakefield High School and turn left on Farm Street. Farm will become Main Street in Saugus where you’ll take a right at the second set of traffic lights back on to the LynnFells Parkway. Continue back to Melrose High School where the last water stop will be waiting for you.

Full Finish – To finish the full you’ll take the LynnFells back to Grimsby’s, turn left on Wyoming and left on Main and finish at Brueggers with 18 miles to your credit.

Water Stops – After a night of celebrating St Patrick’s Day we should have some combination of Tom, Audrey, and Hank out there to get you through.

Roll Call – Who will we see at the top o’ the mornin’?

Next Week – Time to start planning next week. I won’t be around, but I will be planning the Hopkinton to Boston College Run. I would like you to not just IFTF and IFTH for this week, but if you can not whether you are planning on running all, half, or none of next week’s run let me know now. I also would like those driving to let me know. Starting after tomorrow’s run there will be a daily post about what will happen next week. Thanks!

24 Responses to “Week 11 – May The Road Rise To Meet You ????”

  1. Roy Mounier says:


  2. Sarah says:

    In for the half. Thanks

  3. Joe Terranova says:

    In for the half thanks Jim and crew

  4. Valerie Smith says:

    In for the half thank you!

  5. Haecha Donnelly says:

    HI Jim,
    I won’t be running and I’m around to help with the water stops if Audrey, Tom or Hank would like to run. Just let me know and I’m happy to help. Next week I’m away so I won’t be around! Thanks! Haecha

  6. Mike McLaughlin says:

    In for the full. Thanks

  7. Nicole says:

    Next week I plan to do some and can drive

  8. Matt K says:

    In for the full tomorrow.
    Next week… in for the full.
    Thanks for all that you do!!

  9. Donna Leggiero says:

    I am in for the half this week. Not sure yet about next week, but will check in tomorrow. Thank you!

  10. Marian says:

    Marian and Lori iftf. Will start at 7a. Marian is running Boston 22 next week. Thank you

  11. Marianne Chmielewski says:

    IFTF this week and next week as well. Thanks!

  12. Jessi says:

    In for most this week. Next week I also plan on running 16-18 but can drive my minivan (7 total seats). Thanks Jim!!!

  13. Jenny Boshco says:

    Me and Deb Reppucci are in for the full tomorrow. Not positive about our plans for next weekend…will let you know tomorrow. Thank you very much!

  14. Christina DiCalogero says:

    Jess and I are in for the half. Thank you.

  15. Daniel De Oliveira says:

    Thank you Jim and everyone else!

  16. Amy G says:

    In for the half. Thank you!
    (Out of town next weekend)

  17. Brian Walfield says:

    Freddi is in for the full this week and next.
    I’m in to waterstop yhis week if needed and I can drive next week
    Thanks Jim!

  18. Jeff Rushton says:

    IFTF this week and planning on running the full next week.

    Thanks JC

  19. Maryanne Martin says:

    In for the half…thx Jim!

  20. Rachel says:


  21. Linda Giesecke says:

    In for a part of the half. Thanks!

  22. Judi Chiavetta says:

    IFTF this week and next. Thanks Jim and crew!!

  23. Sheree Wheeler says:

    Full tomorrow.

    Next Sunday, not running. I can drive 5-6 people

  24. Dan Slattery says:

    In for the full this and next week. Thanks 🙂

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