Week 11 – How I wish, how I wish you were here.

“Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.” – Pink Floyd

Many of the Sunday Long Run crew were up taking on the challenge of the Lake Winnipesaukee Saturday morning and celebrating their successes late into Saturday evening. Several runners that didn’t make the trip continued on with their training along the familiar roads of Melrose and hills of Breakheart. No matter where you were though, the story of the weekend was most likely the hills.

The Sunday Run group that did run in New Hampshire did great, attacking each hill without hesitation knowing that if they made it up Forest St or through Breakheart that they could  crest any hill put in front of them. Look over the results on the front page and you’ll see some familiar names next to some impressive times. Great job one and all.

Sunday Morning Walt took over the reigns of the Sunday Long Run in my absence, and with Julie acting as his co-pilot, the show went on almost flawlessly. While we were lounging around in Laconia sipping our morning coffees, here are some notes from Walt on what we missed:

A beautiful day dawned chilly with pre 8am run temperatures near 50 chilling fingers.  Our 8:05 am start time run temp was about 52 which rose to 68 by 11am with the only wind, that which was created by the runners and cars…otherwise official wind instrumentation showed calm!

Brilliant sunshine and blue sky above bode well for the day at hand… a group of 9 or 10… comprised of 7 MRC’s including Julie, Catherine,  Kelly,  Donna,  Jen,  Denyce,  Carol, Jo Ann and Dave.

All went well for the first 7 miles, with Dave and I seeing a dead black cat by the side of the road early on,   as we turned right from East Foster on to 6th street at the nice ballpark.

WS2 was the only significant glitch when the waterstop rental car could not be unlocked,  and so across the street to DD ran our group for some hydration to maintain stamina to reach the Breakheart waterstop.

All in all,  we missed our Lake Winnie diverted participants…. but our smaller group got it done with more appreciation for the coordination needed to make a MRC Sunday Long Run successful for all participants.

Oh,  Michelle suggested, when Jim called home not feeling well early Sunday morning,  that licorice is better for eating-not drinking.


And these comments were made by Julie:

Nice run all! I liked that route and was glad I stopped before Breakheart. I watched dog walkers while waiting and got licked in the face once.
Special thanks to Michelle Carson for letting me get the supplies late at night.

Thanks to Julie and Walt for their efforts, along with all that took part in the many posts to coordinate who would be leaving their cars where.

3 Responses to “Week 11 – How I wish, how I wish you were here.”

  1. Congrats to all at Lake Winni! Thanks to Walt, Julie and Kelly for the H20 stops. Thanks also for the great company. We were thinking of you, Jim, while dying (well, I was!) in Breakheart! I’m glad we skipped that last week!
    Hope everyone is recovering well!

  2. Dave McCaldon says:

    Jim, the Pink Floyd tracks that came to my mind were “Breathe” (in Breakheart) and towards the end “Comfortably Numb”!

  3. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful Sunday Long run. I was thinking of all of you while I ran through the beautiful countryside and up the little inclines near Lake Winnie. You all would’ve loved it and thought it was a piece of cake compared to where Jim leads us each week.

    With that in mind, special thanks to Jim for such good prep, for any course, for any temperature or weather condition, for anything that might happen along the roads and trails… we’re so ready for some fantastic fall running and racing.

    See you all next Sunday!

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