Week 10 – Post-storm striding

Ahhhhh. This week we get a nice drop down to 16 miles for the marathoners, 8 miles for the half marathons.  Yes, you’ve just become the annoying person who remarks that you’re ‘only’ running 16 miles or ‘just’ 8 miles this week.  Funny how perspective shifts over the course of 10 weeks.

This week we do have a little challenge with our route. I’m fairly certain that Breakheart is likely still impassable. We will be changing just that portion of the run in a way that keeps to our one water stop and doesn’t go far off path.

So, who is in for a little post-storm run?

Roll Call!

22 Responses to “Week 10 – Post-storm striding”

  1. Bill Ozaslan says:

    In for the full!

  2. Sue Worrall says:

    I’m in….but today would be a beautiful day for a long run

  3. Marge Heck says:

    I would like to meet at the water stop at Nahant & Main Sts. for the shorter run. Please confirm the route. Thanks.

  4. Joe Winslow says:

    In for the full.

  5. Chris Hancock says:

    I’m in for the long route.

  6. Audie Bridges says:

    I’ll try the longer run. Elspeth may do the shorter one.

  7. Tom Gorman says:

    I’m in for the full.

  8. Marge Heck says:

    by confirming route I meant… there is a water stop at nahant and main sts, correct?

  9. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    Hey Marge – Yes, that water stop at Nahant and Main will be our waterstop. The only course adjustment will be for the longer run – a loop to avoid going into Breakheart. I’ll get the street names down that longer runners will take instead of BH. Same waterstop though.

  10. Marge Heck says:

    Thanks Lois.

  11. Dorota Bulik says:

    In for the whole thing minus BH 😀

  12. Paul Locke says:

    Count me in for the long!

  13. Michele DeAngelo says:

    I’m in for the long, may try to get in an extra 4 to makeup for last week.

  14. Alicia says:

    I am in and Jen Dodge is coming too.

  15. Brian Walfield says:

    I’m hoping to be in for the full?

    Don’t forget to change your clock or you’ll be an hour late!!

  16. Alastair Drummond says:

    I have lots of water stop stuff, and can do the primary stop at Nicks. I ran at Plum Island today with Dave, but will definitely support the runners!

  17. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    I have some supplies I can add to your stock. Thanks for offering to do the waterstop!

  18. Ed Bradford says:

    I’m in. Thanks AJ – You the Man

  19. Diana Mirabello says:

    in for the half

  20. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    I’m guessing Breakheart is impassable, so a quick revision of the route. It adds a little extra (16.6miles).

    The route will go to the lake, around the lake and back to the water stop at the corner of Nahant and Main. Head down Nahant as if going to Breakheart, but instead of entering the school, take a left onto Farm, take your next right onto Water, then a quick left onto Montrose. Follow Montrose until the end where you’ll take a left onto Lowell St. Follow Lowell St. back to the Lake, take a left back onto Main St and head back to the water stop for one last chug before you head back to Bruegger’s. if you want to acquaint yourself with a map, i think you can see this one:


    see you in the morning! SET YOUR CLOCKS!!

  21. Michelle Palmer says:

    Tim and I are in for the full!

  22. Audrey Paradis says:

    I’m in for the full!!

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