Week 10 – Lollipops and Gatorade Dreams

Last week brought us a 7am start time and a lovely 20 miles. It was sublime for some, but perhaps this week will feel more like a treat to the soles.

Long run route = 16 miles. Shorter long route = 8 miles. No early start (yay!), unless you truly want to get yourself out ahead of the crowd. Please take a look a the maps and know where you’re going. The good news is that with one water stop that you’ll keep revisiting the course is pretty simple and looks like one or two lollipops, depending on the mileage.

The plan is this: at 8am we’ll converge in front of Bruegger’s, as usual. Everyone will run up Main Street into Wakefield to Nick’s Pizza – water stop #1.

16 Milers – after that we’ll be heading to Lake Quannapowitt along Main Street and circle the lake by following Lowell Street, turning left through the Converse parking lot over to North Ave. Follow North Ave. all the way back to Nick’s Pizza where there will be a brief but refreshing tailgating party, a.k.a. waterstop #2.

From there you’ll head down Nahant Street over to Wakefield High School. Head up towards the Voc and into Breakheart from this side. Run around the outer loop in whatever direction you chose and stop for a sip of water at the water fountain at park headquarters (this is a well-placed but unofficial waterstop – you will not get spoiled with candy or GU here). Continue around the outer loop and pop back out of the Wakefield side of the Voc and backtrack down Nahant to Nick’s Pizza where the tailgating party is still going on.  Grab a sip and/or a snack and head back down Main Street to Bruegger’s.

8 Milers – once you hit the first waterstop at Nick’s Pizza you’ll begin a small loop that runs up Main Street to Church Street, take a left along Church Street and run to the intersection with North Ave. Take a left onto North Ave, back to the water stop, a quick sip and then head back to Bruegger’s the way you came.

I think we’re all set with Don K. offering to be our water stop this week (Thanks, Don!).

That’s the plan, my speedy friends. Who is in? ROLL CALL!!!

25 Responses to “Week 10 – Lollipops and Gatorade Dreams”

  1. Rob Busby says:

    In for the full

  2. Dan Slattery says:

    IFTH 🙂

  3. Matt Kerton says:

    In for the full.

  4. jeanne boisseau says:

    In for the full

  5. Stacia says:

    Half for me! Thanks!

  6. Lauren Cossette says:

    IFTH at least. Maybe a loop of the lake too.

  7. Paul Locke says:

    Half for me.. maybe looping the lake, too.

  8. Joanne Piper says:

    In for the half. Thx !

  9. Maggie Browder says:

    In for the full. Thanks!

  10. Nancy Gaudet says:

    I’m in, not sure how far?

  11. Beth Picardi says:

    In for the half and loop the lake too

  12. Joe Terranova says:

    At least the lake, maybe Breakheart.

  13. Leon Romprey says:

    Judi and IRIFTF.

  14. Jackie Ecker says:

    In for the full

  15. Sue clough says:

    IFTH and maybe a little more

  16. Thuy says:

    Full plz. Need to start a little earlier at Nick’s to meet y’all at Brueggers @ 8 so I will end at Nick’s. Ty!

  17. Julie galvin says:

    In for the half

  18. Bill Riley says:

    In for the full

  19. Joe Winslow says:

    In for the half + lake

  20. Jessi says:

    Full please thank you ????!!!!

  21. Audrey H says:

    In for the half…maybe a little more…thank you!

  22. Brian Walfield says:

    I’m a I hope so!

  23. Jessica crispin says:

    In for the short run. Thanks.

  24. Mark Feldman says:

    In for the short run – about to join the MRC!

  25. Courtney says:

    In for…. Something. Hahahah.

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