Week 10 – Back to the Q

Last Week – We started on an empty Main Street in Melrose, ran off to Winchester for 20 miles or 10 miles, and returned to Melrose Center with the Victorian Fair in full swing at the finish. While only 5 people ran the full route in what has been another quiet season for marathoning, we had over 20 runners doing the half route. The weather was cool with a pleasant breeze, which led to a lot of upbeat runners stopping by the water stops.

This Week – A recovery week for everyone, the mileage goes down 4 miles for the long runners, and down two for the half runners. We’ll be running up to Wakefield along Main Street. Full route runners will continue on to loop Lake Quannapowitt and then loop Breakheart. Half route runners will run up to the lake on Main Street before turning back along North Ave. I do suggest veteran half marathon runners consider adding on some miles to this run. Ramping up to 15 miles in the near future will make racing 13.1 feel just a little easier. The weather looks comfortable again, primed for another good training day. This week’s run will have multiple legs that all end at the Nick’s Pizza parking lot for water stops. Yes, you travel all around but the water stop stays in one spot.

If you use Strava – here are the routes: Half Full

If you get lost easily, here’s turn-by-turn directions:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Start – Heading north on Main Street, we’ll pass Ell Pond, continuing on into Wakefield, and hitting the Nick’s Pizza parking lot at the corner of Nahant for a water stop.

Half 2 – Both groups will head through Wakefield Center along Main Street, but half route runners will veer to the left onto Common Street and turning right on Church Street. Run to the set of lights at North Ave and turn left. North Ave will bring you back to Main Street at Jiffy Lube. Cross Main Street and get yourself another cup of water at the Nick’s Pizza water stop.

Half Finish – The half route runners will then return to Melrose along Main Street the way they came.

Full 2 – Full route runners will continue to follow Main Street after they pass through Wakefield Center, staying on Main Street to run along the east side of Lake Q. At the end of Main turn left on Lowell Street, then another left on to Quannapowitt Way to continue circling the lake. Head along the path on the north side of the lake over to North Ave where you’ll turn left. Follow North Ave all the way back to Main Street where you’ll cross over to the Nick’s Pizza water stop again.

Full 3 – Next run along Nahant Street over to Wakefield High School. Head up Hemlock Street to the Northeast Technical Vocational School, through their parking lot to the Wakefield entrance to Breakheart. Go counterclockwise around the outer loop, staying right through the hills (Love the hills, they’ll love you back), past the headquarters, along the flat side, staying right at the beach, and back out at the Voc. Run back down Hemlock, crossing over to Nahant and back to Nick’s Pizza.

Full Finish – From here, head back down Main Street to Brueggers to finish up!

Water Stops – There is one water stop today. I’ll man the water stop but if anyone wants to join me so I can get a few miles in too, I’d appreciate it.

Roll Call – Who’s in?

24 Responses to “Week 10 – Back to the Q”

  1. Liz says:

    Skipped a mile last week, IFTH plus a couple of miles.

  2. Yvonne LC says:

    Full. Thanks!

  3. Bobby Taylor says:

    Kristi and I will both be running the Full.

  4. Tom Gorman says:

    Jim I can help you with the water stop

  5. Jeanne Boisseau says:

    In for half or until the still healing parts protest too much!

  6. Valerie says:

    In for the half thank you!

  7. Michele DeAngelo says:

    IFTH plus a few…

  8. Regina Curran says:


    In for the full please. Starting early, see you at Nicks. Thank you

  9. Dorota says:

    I’ll do the full unless someone wants to do a long bike ride (SBR) instead. Hint, hint

  10. Joe Terranova says:

    In for half-maybe some more. Thanks Jim!

  11. Aine Lunney says:

    David and I are in the for half & hopefully adding a couple of miles….Thank you!

  12. Katie Barnes says:


  13. Michael McLaughlin says:

    In for the full. Thanks

  14. Jessi says:

    Iftf!! Thank you!!!

  15. Amy Giuliano says:

    In for the half plus thank you!

  16. Jessica Crispin says:

    In for the full. Christina is in for the half.

  17. Maryanne Martin says:

    IFTH…thx Jim!

  18. Yesitsme says:

    IFTF bring beer and Scotch

  19. Andrew Nagelin says:

    IFTH +

  20. Andrea Twomey says:


  21. Paul Locke says:

    Lynda Field and I are in for an extended half – doing the Breakheart loop instead of the Lake Q loop.

  22. Jackie Ecker says:

    In for the full. Thanks!

  23. Linda Giesecke says:

    In for the half. Thanks!

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