Week 10 – Back to Normal

Last week we had great weather for our 20 mile run. A lot of our regular runners were off in Salem running the Black Cat 10 or 20 milers. A few more were in Clinton Running Stu’s. We did fill in the holes with some great company from Somerville. A handful of SSR runners stopped in, helped with the water stops, and enjoyed our challenging 20 mile run to the Mystic Lakes and back. They noted the course, the company, and the water stop selection as things that set our Sunday Long Run apart from others. It was nice to meet them and perhaps we’ll get together more often for runs.

This week we’re blessed with what is forecast to be good running conditions. Maybe a few rain drops to start, but mostly clear skies and temperatures in the 40s. To recover from the 20 mile run, we’ll step way back to 16 miles. It’ll start out very flat up Main St and around Lake Quannapowitt. From there you’ll head across Nahant and over to Breakheart. I believe Breakheart is ready for us, I’ll check on it later today. Most of the snow and ice has been washed away everywhere else so I think we’re good to go there, although flooding may be an issue. From Breakheart we’ll head back to Main St and home to Brueggers.

Shorter distances can be 6 miles to the water stop and back, about 8 running the route up to the lake and over to North Ave, or 10+ by just skipping the side trip to Breakheart. Another option for 10 is driving to the water stop and looping Lake Q and Breakheart with the group.

Lessons learned from last week: I hear at least one of our runners experienced some blisters on the 20 mile run. My tip, given to me by a podiatrist, is to spray antiperspirant on your feet before the run. Blisters come from sweaty feet rubbing against your socks during the run. While most search out the right sock, he suggests getting rid of the sweaty. Barefoot runners get cooled by their feet sweating. Us shoe wearers don’t get any benefit from it. So antiperspirant will rid your feet of the moisture that leads to blisters. I used to suffer from blisters and since I started to do this I’ve been relatively blister-free.

Also, I told many of you last week, EAT! You’re exercising for 3 to 4 hours on these runs. Unless they’re sleeping I think its rare for people to go that long without eating when they’re just sitting around working or watching TV. What makes you think you can exercise that long without eating. Don’t wait for 26.2 to realize you need this. We have the food and drink at the water stops for a reason, you DO need it. Try it now, see what works for you.

Speaking of water stops, there’s one common stop for the whole run tomorrow. Barry or I (or both) can handle it. If something comes up and neither of us can make it, BrianW has offered to put his car out there for us, so we have all our bases covered.

Now that we’re all prepared for a good 16 mile recovery run, who’s in? ROLL CALL! (Please post, I have a feeling the nicer weather will draw a lot of runners out this week and we want to be prepared with enough supplies for all of you. )

22 Responses to “Week 10 – Back to Normal”

  1. Haecha says:

    I unfortunately will have to pass but just a reminder that tonight the clocks are pushed ahead!!! You don’t want to be an hour late for the run!
    Enjoy and see everyone next week.

  2. Catherine Kane says:

    I will be there for maybe 10 miles in decent weather! See you in the morning…

  3. Marianne Feran says:

    Hi, I would like to join you for the run. I am not a club member, but I tagged along one week and it was very helpful. My training schedule is out of sync with yours- I have to do 20 tomorrow, but I will try and sneak 3 or 4 in before I meet you at Brugger’s.
    I was a BreakHeart this morning with my dogs, and some of the path is still covered with ice. Hopefully some more will melt away today. I did not see any flooding.

  4. Brian Walfield says:

    I’m in. Thanks!!

  5. Matt Hanson says:

    I’m in for the full if the knee cooperates! Thanks!

  6. Ed Bradford says:

    Count me in. Thanks

  7. Maryanne Martin says:

    Good tip on the blister prevention, Jim. Thanks.
    Hooray for spring!! I am in for the 8 mi.

  8. Nandan Padukone says:

    I’m in for the full. After the very painful 20 last week, I might have to run a few extra miles to hit the threshold of bone-breaking pain.
    See you tomorrow – thanks,

  9. Kim Sarno says:

    I am in for 16! Thanks

  10. Carol Carstensen says:

    In for the long. See you tomorrow.

  11. Jackie Ecker says:

    If I could survive the 20 last week then 16 tomorrow will be a piece of cake. So count me in for the full.

  12. Audrey Hanscom says:

    I am in for the 8 too!

  13. Dana B. says:

    I am in for the full as well.

  14. Lynda Field says:

    I will do the 11 by driving to the WS and running the lake & breakheart route. What time do you think folks will arrive at the WS (yes, I would like to sleep as long as I can!). Not the super fast folks but the average runners like me.

  15. Carleen Melkonian says:

    Im in for the 8

  16. Dave Hayes says:

    Hi, I’m in for the 16 – looking forward to it.

  17. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    I’m in for some amount of miles. yipee!

  18. Brian Walfield says:

    If we start at 8:10 and it’s three miles to the water stop you can figure that people will be there between 8:35 and 8:45 ish. That’s my guess.
    If we start at 8 we might be there earlier but let’s be realistic!

  19. Nancy says:

    I’m in

  20. Doug Drozdowski says:

    Hi I am in for the full

  21. Michelle Palmer says:

    I’m in. Glad I read the posts – totally forgot about “spring forward!”

  22. Melisa Thorne says:

    I’m in. Blisters and all.

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