Week 10 – After the Lion

Last Week – We finished February with a beautiful, upbeat run to Winchester for 20 miles and 10 miles. The temperature was in the mid-30s, but the bright sun and lack of wind made the day feel like the warmest of the year. As they tackled the longest run of the season, runners were up beat at the water stops manned by Hank, Lois, Tom, and Audrey.

This Week – Then came March like a Lion! With a large snow fall, lazy shovelers, and consistently freezing temperatures, running this week has been abysmal. If you do find a stretch of shoveled sidewalks it tends to end at a 4ft snowbank on a corner. As the days warm, the snow will melt and then form into slick patches of ice by morning. Needless to say, we won’t be running Breakheart this week with snow and ice covering its paths. We will run Lake Q and return to Melrose for a trip around Breakheart. With Black Cat today and the Malden “Block Party” Half Marathon tomorrow, I suspect the crowd will be light at the SLR.

The Route –

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Start-1 – We’ll be running up Main Street, past Ell Pond, all the way in to the Wakefield, stopping at Nick’s Pizza for a water stop.

Half-2 – Continue up Main Street through Wakefield Center, bearing left onto Common Street, turning left on Church St at Lake Quannapowitt, and then turning left at the traffic lights at North Ave. This will bring you back to the water stop at Nick’s.

Half-Finish – Run back Main Street to Brueggers to finish up your 8 mile run.

Full-2 – Continue up to Lake Quannapowitt by taking Main Street through Wakefield Center, staying to the right of the lake. Turn left on to Lowell St and then a quick left on to Lake Quannapowitt Parkway. Run through the parking lot to a left on North Ave and take North Ave straight back to Nick’s for another water stop.

Full-3 – Next we’ll run along Nahant over to Wakefield High School. Since Breakheart is snowed in, we’ll turn left on to Farm Street, left on Water Street and left back on Main Street in Wakefield Center. Return to Nick’s Pizza for another water stop.

Full-4 – Return to Melrose along Main Street, passing Brueggers, passing Marathon Sports, and look for a water stop on the left in the parking lot at Sullivan Tire (Formerly Montvale Tire) for a quick water stop.

Full-Finish – Continue on Main Street up past Pine Banks Park. Enter in to Malden, turning left on Forest Street. Forest will take you over to Lebanon Street. Run on Lebanon taking a left on East Foster. When you get to Main Street you’ll take a right to finish at Brueggers for about 16.7 miles.

Water Stops – I’ll be gone this week, so Lois Parker Carmona will lead the way this week. With the change in route there will be two stops, one at Nick’s you’ll see several times, and one at Sullivan Tire for the Full runners. Thank you Lois and your band of water stop helpers!

Roll Call! – Who’s in?

14 Responses to “Week 10 – After the Lion”

  1. Matt K says:

    In for the full. Thanks!

  2. Marty says:

    Half plus a Lake Q lap for me.

  3. Lee Romprey says:

    In for the half Sir James. Thank you.

  4. Dan Slattery says:

    In for the exciting full.
    Breakheart is now in Melrose? Apparently Jim CAN move mountains!
    Thanks all! 🙂

  5. Mike McLaughlin says:

    In for the full. Thanks

  6. Nicole Jacob says:

    In for something— not sure what ????????

  7. Nicole Jacob says:

    In for something— not sure what ????????

  8. Marian says:

    Hello. In for the half. Thank you Jim!
    And hey everyone – Day Lights Savings. We ‘lose’ an hour. See you tomorrow

  9. Marian Sales says:

    Hello. In for the half. Thank you Jim!
    And hey everyone – Day Lights Savings. We ‘lose’ an hour. See you tomorrow

  10. Marianne Chmielewski says:

    In for most of the full, thanks!

  11. Yvonne Liu-Constant says:

    In for the half and maybe lake Q loop. Thanks!

  12. Sarah Pilcher says:

    In for the half. Thanks!

  13. Chris Hancock says:

    In for the full.

  14. Freddi says:

    In for something maybe.

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