Week 1 – 2014 Spring Marathon Training Begins

As the New Year rolls in, the snow blows by, and the temperatures plummet I’m sure there’s only one thing ringing through your heads: When can I start my long runs!

This Sunday we start up another round of Sunday Long Runs geared towards spring Marathons and half marathons and any other long distance ideas you have rattling around in your head. If you’re new to the long runs check the about link in the upper right hand of this page for the background info. Generally we meet at 8AM at Brueggers head out on the route prescribed for the given week. There will be water stops along the way supplying water, gatorade, and some light snacks. These will get you through this run and help you gear up to refueling on the go, a necessary skill for marathon running. All this you get for $2/week, $1 if you’re running the short route. If you want you can contribute $30 for the whole season up front and you won’t have to remember to bring your dollars every Sunday.

Let me remind you that this run is a Melrose Running Club program but all are welcome to join in. If you do join in you are consenting to the fact that long distance running has its inherent dangers and you assume all risk to yourself while participating. We are not responsible for your health, you are. Let me also remind you that you are responsible for knowing where you are going. The maps for each week are available for you to print out. If you tend to be directionally challenged print one out, stick it in a plastic sandwich bag, tuck it in your pocket and hope for the best. Over the years I’ve never permanently lost a runner (as far as I know) and I don’t want to start now. We have temporarily lost people here and there and I’ve found that there is no way for me to know where you went astray so I’m not going to find you. If you do become lost, run back the way you came. The waterstop vehicles generally stay where they are until the run is done and unless you’re towards the back of the pack you’ll probably run into someone else that knows where they’re going.

Each week I take a pre-run roll call. This has a few purposes: Let’s your friends know you’ll be running with us and makes them more apt to join us. Let’s me know you’re coming so I’ll remember you’re out there on the course and I won’t drive off with the water stop before you get there. Let’s me by enough supplies for the amount of people I expect to be there. My family doesn’t appreciate gallons upon gallons of water sitting in my kitchen all winter so I buy just enough for that week each week. And finally it makes you feel a little more commited to showing up if its snowing in the morning. Please take the time to answer to the roll call.

Ok, I think that’s enough to get things kicked off. This week’s route is a run out the LynnFells Parkway to Main St in Saugus. If you’re running long you head towards Wakefield to a water stop at Wakefield High School. If you’re running shorter you turn down Howard St and head back to Main St. to Brueggers. Long Runners will continue on to Water St, over to Main St in Wakefield Center and back south on Main St until you get to Brueggers. Nice easy start to the year.

So who’s in? ROLL CALL!!!

39 Responses to “Week 1 – 2014 Spring Marathon Training Begins”

  1. Sue Clough says:

    YAY, SLR’s are back. I’m in for the long.

  2. Paul Locke says:

    I’m in, and Duncan claims he’s in too – both for the long route.

  3. Dan Slattery says:

    Signed up for Vermont today, so…No Turning Back 🙂 . In for the Long (sorry Lee,…IFTL), looking forward to it, and thanks Jim

  4. Nancy Slocum says:

    I am in for the full and very excited to start up again!

  5. Michele DeAngelo says:

    I’m in, snow and all!!!!!! really missed SLR

  6. Bill O says:

    Hey, what better way to celebrate one’s birthday than a good ole Iftf.

  7. Haecha says:

    I’m in for the full! Dam peer pressure!

  8. Sue Worrall says:

    I’m in for the full!

  9. Cynthia Berger says:

    I am in for the full

  10. Joe Winslow says:

    In for the full….let the fun begin!

  11. Lisa Hentschel says:

    I’m in for the full…. Derek will do half.

  12. Dorota Bulik says:

    In, in, in, for the full, for the full 😀

    Lets the craziness begin 😀

  13. Thuy Dang says:

    Awesome…I’m in for the half! Thanks Jim!

  14. Julie Galvin says:

    In for the half

  15. Mary O'Connell says:

    In for the half .

  16. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    I F T F

  17. Audrey Paradis says:

    Yay! Let’s do this!! IFTF 🙂

  18. Matt Kerton says:

    In for the full.

  19. Brian Walfield says:

    In for the something? I think the full? Thanks Jim!

  20. Tom Gorman says:

    I’m in for the full.

  21. Gillian Petrozziello says:

    Can’t wait to get back into training! I’m in for the full!! Many degrees colder than my last run in Florida!!!

  22. Ed Bradford says:

    In for the full

  23. Brendan Stapleton says:

    See y’all tomorrow

  24. Joyce and Paul Vyriotes says:

    We’ll be there for the long distance. Thanks for organizing!

  25. Matt Sazama says:

    Time to get back into distance running. I’m in for the full!

  26. Leon Romprey says:

    Judi and I are IFTF !!!

  27. Lynda Field says:

    My news resolution was to get back to regular running and you all are the best for helping me to achieve my goals! In for the half.

  28. Jessica Crispin says:

    Looking forward to trying this out. I am in for the half. Thanks

  29. Lisa Hentschel says:

    I am not going to make it tomorrow…. this cold has got the best of me, I thought I would be better by now…… Derek and I will see you next week!

  30. Kelly Walsh says:

    I’ll be there for the full.

  31. Alicia Furbush says:

    I am in for the full. Looking forward to it!

  32. Maryanne says:

    See you for the full!

  33. Gail says:

    Yeah!!! SLR begins again. I am in for the full. Can’t wait to see the crazy long run group. Providence here I a come.

  34. Christina Antico says:

    In for the full.

  35. Greg Carson says:

    I’m in for the long run…visiting Mystic. Sorry, I didn’t know you did roll call says the former Green Beret…oops.

  36. Courtney Koschei says:

    My friend Dan and I are in for the full … looking forward to it!! I’ll bring you $30 since I never seem to have $1s!

  37. Courtney Koschei says:

    Ok we may drop to the half and do something to make it 6ish. So if we aren’t at the water stop don’t be alarmed hahha. See you soon!!!

  38. Bill O says:

    Thanks Jim, and fellow mushers, for 8.8 at 8 run as a birthday present for me.

  39. Dan Slattery says:

    Was it someone’s birthday this past Sunday? No? ok….

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