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The route this week is up to franklin st, out to Main St in Stoneham. Turn left and head to Friendly’s for the water stop. Short route turn left to Pond St and back. Long runners take the backside of the pond round toHighland Ave and waterstop 2. Continue to the rotary at the Fellsway and go left. At Grimsby’s go left up toSpot Pond and right back to Friendly’s. Then head back the way you came.
Water stops: I’m away so AJ has a bucket and I think Joe does. Please coordinate on your own who does what where and pick up supplies as needed. I won’t be back until March so I’ll take all the help I can get!
Who’s in? ROLL CALL!

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  1. Betty Cooper says:

    Jim, enjoy your time away! I’m in for the full.

  2. Alastair Drummond says:

    Hi there,
    I am indeed doing a water stop (well, my car is!) I will start everybody off at the beginning, then the car will be open at water stop two (Highland Ave and the Fellsway circle). It’s a blue Corolla, with bumper stickers (including a 26.2) I will also have extra maps for anyone who is not familiar with the route. See you tomorrow! And congratulations to all who ran this morning on Martha’s Vineyard!

  3. Lisa Hentschel says:

    I’m in for the Full. Derek will come with me and help with water stops if needed.

  4. Demi Dubois says:

    I’m in for the half-route. Thanks for the stop, AJ! If need be, I can leave my car for the 1st stop… but I’ll need transportation from (before 8 am) and back to (before noon).

  5. Christina Antico says:

    I’m in for the full…thank you for the water stops!

  6. diana mirabello says:

    I’m in for the full

  7. Joe Terranova says:

    I cannot do the stop but do have some supplies. Happy to deliver them to whoever is doing the stop. Sorry I am not available this week.

  8. Peter Fopiano says:

    In for the full!

  9. HI, thanks for the water stops! I will be running the half route, see you in the morning!

  10. Demi Dubois says:

    Joe! Is there a chance you can drop the stuff off at my house by 7:30 am? 7 Prospect Street. Big front porch. Or, just meet us a Brueggers with your supplies? I’ll do what I can, even if it means running around Spot Pond by myself! I’ll check the posts in the morning. Thanks!

  11. Michelle Palmer says:

    I’m in for the full.

  12. Joe Winslow says:

    I’m in for the full.

  13. Audrey Hanscom says:

    I am in for something…prob. just the half.

  14. Gillian Petrozziello says:

    Hi! I’m in for the full. Thanks for the water. See you in the morning!

  15. Thuy says:

    In for half. Thanks

  16. Carleen Melkonian says:

    Doing my own long run today staying mostly flat due to nagging glute/

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