The changing of the guard… er, waterstop coordinator

There was a ceremonial handoff of waterstop buckets that took place on this seemingly ordinary Monday. With Jim leaving town for the next three Sundays, I offered to step in and do the weekly Roll Call post here on the blog and coordinate helpers for hydration duty. Jim leaves us well stocked with plenty of new Gu (thanks very much for the Peanut Butter and Vanilla GU, Mr. Carson).

Seeing as I’m less experienced than Jim, I’ll try to post the Roll Call on Thursdays for the Sunday Long Run so that people have ample time to express their desire to help support the crew.

So, stay tuned for this week’s post, eat your proverbial ‘Wheaties’ and get ready for more hills… uh, I mean delightful miles.


Your Temporary Waterstop Coordinator,


6 Responses to “The changing of the guard… er, waterstop coordinator”

  1. Jim Carson says:

    Thanks Lo!

    And don’t forget to help her out everyone, she’s training for a marathon too. Remember every moment you’ve turned a corner to find a trunk full of water, gatorade, powerade, and your favorite treats. Here’s your chance to make your car that long run oasis. And if you can’t leave your car there for the day, at least consider picking someone up that did and driving them back to the start on your way to Brueggers.

    Thanks in advance for all the help!

  2. Judy Dolan says:

    Mike and I are in for the half. Couldn’t do it without all the wonderful helpers!

  3. jose Viveiros says:

    This is a long weekend so I was wondering if the SLR run will still be on Sunday or will it be in Saturday? Just a suggestion in case people want to get two consecutive days of vacation.

  4. Lois Parker Carmona says:


    looking back i think we have moved SLR to Saturdays when a holiday falls on the Sunday or when we have a club party on the Saturday night…

    but for Labor day weekend, the run will be on Sunday. I totally understand if people need to fit in a last getaway before the full-on craziness of September is here.

  5. Betty Cooper says:

    Hi Lois,

    I can do water stop 1 & 2 or #3. Let me know what works.

  6. Brian walfield says:

    running is a vacation and only a door away.

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