Planning for next week…

Hi All,

Just making sure I’ve heard from everyone so I can plan out next weeks 22 mile Hopkinton to BC run.  Please post here if I haven’t heard from you, if you will run the full 22 or part of, and if your car is available.  We look good for the number of cars we have so far, but it will depend on how many runners we are transporting. So far, and forgive me if you said something and I don’t remember, I have heard from the following runners and drivers:


Alicia, Carol, Dorota, Christina, Katie, Audrey, Michele, Sue C., Sue W.


Lisa and Derek, Liz, Dave H., Ginny

Cars available at this time = 8

Make sure I know you’re coming so I can finish up a plan before week’s end. I’m so looking forward to this year’s adventure with you all!

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  1. Michelle Palmer says:

    Tim will be there next weekend and can have car available if needed.
    I cannot make it, will be traveling for work.

  2. Bill Ozaslan says:

    I’m planning to run 22 and if needed can volunteer a car that can accommodate 4.

  3. Dan Slattrry says:

    In for the 22

  4. Paul Locke says:

    I cannot make it to run or drive – have fun everyone!!

  5. Jim says:

    Hi! I should be available to drive.

  6. Jeff Cook says:


    I’m planning on performing the FULL event.
    Are we meeting earlier then 8?

    Thanks for lining this run up, sounds like fun

  7. Lois Parker Carmona says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Stay tuned for more, but to answer your question… yes, we will be meeting at 6:45 in the Bruegger’s parking lot. All of our cars will be leaving the parking lot at 7am.

    oh, it is a lot of fun! I’m guessing you’ll enjoy it.

  8. Chris Hancock says:

    I’m in for 22. I’ll be there at 6:45 with a car that can go or stay. Just tell me what to do.

  9. Joe Winslow says:

    I am in for the 22. I have my daughters dance recital at 2pm so I will be needing to leave right after. I can take my car if needed and take anyone wanting to also leave right after back with me. See you Sunday at 6:45!

  10. Ed Bradford says:

    I’m planning on running about 13 or so. My van can accommodate 6 (comfortable) or 7 (three will be only slightly squished in back). I can run front or back 1/2 and support water stops for other part – whatever works – thanks.

  11. Joe Winslow says:

    I forgot to mention that my car can fit 4.

  12. Chris Hancock says:

    As an option, I’ll bring my Mazda5, which seats six. The only issue with it is the back row. It’s a little snug.

  13. Jeff Cook says:

    Hello just a heads up
    I needed to back out off Sundays run this week.
    Family stuff

    Have fun.

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