May 3 Run?

Sorry, I’m late posting this but I needed to figure out the weekend baseball/softball schedule. Tomorrow’s baseball game is at 11:00 so I should be able to get in a run tomorrow… I think. For those interested, post the distance you would like to run and we’ll pick a route tonight.

Hope to see you tomorrow, 8AM, Brueggers!

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  1. Sue Clough says:

    8-10 miles for me, and please not to the lake and back.

  2. Susan Taricani says:

    I ran a couple tuesday nights with MRC last year but was in school the past year in the evenings and haven’t ran with the group since then, I am interested in joining the club and would be up for a sunday morning run on 5/3. I would be happy running anywhere from 9-12 miles.

  3. Lauren says:

    Barry and I are doing the last big one before THE big one so 20 miles for us. We’re happy to do a water stop. Just let us know where to leave the car.

  4. Nancy says:

    count me in for 10ish, and I can help out with water stops too.

  5. Nick Lamberti says:


    Time to get back on the horse, I’ll be there!


  6. Catherine Kane says:

    Hi, I’ll be there 8 or 9 miles or whatever as long as I have company. If you need water stop help I can do it.

  7. Christina Antico says:


    I’m sorry I can’t be there tomorrow. I’m working this weekend at the hotel. Everyone have a great run!

  8. Dave McCaldon says:

    I’m in for 10-15. See you at 8am.

  9. Dave McCaldon says:

    Jim, if you’re looking for an alternative route, I have a 13 miler that’s kind of a bigger version of the Winter loop:

    You can cut it back to ~9 by omitting the Lake Q loop.

  10. Lois says:

    I’m in for 15. Or whatever comes the closest.

    I can leave my car somewhere if needed.

  11. Brian Gilroy says:

    Jim, I can help with water stop detail tomorrow. It would be nice if I can get in a six to 10 mile run but ok with just doing water stops. I will be there at 8 for whatever is needed.

  12. Peter Fopiano says:

    I’ll be there! I am looking to run 10-15 miles.

  13. Mary Corbett says:

    I’m in for 8-10

  14. Joanne Piper says:

    I hope to do 8. See you in the a.m!

  15. Jim says:

    I was thinking it would be a good week to run Horn Pond? This is a 14 mile run. If you want to do more you can add a loop of Spot Pond or the Summer Route in there. If you want to run less you can drive out to the water stop at Forest St over 93 and run 8 by ending there too. I’ll assume someone will meet us at Brueggers and go out there.

    The other water stop will be at Horn Pond. I can pick up someone there at 7:30 if they want to volunteer to do that one. I won’t be able to drop off there after the run though as I’ll have to get to a baseball game.

    Sound like a plan?

  16. Peter Fopiano says:

    I can do the Horn Pond stop. Should we meet there or follow each other? Do I need to bring supplies?

  17. Jim says:

    I’ll bring supplies. Just meet there at 7:30.


  18. Ginny Rowe says:

    Count me in. I love the sight seeing at Horn Pond!

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