Good Luck Sunday Long Runners!

I’m sure you’ve seen it in e-mails and on Facebook, and heard it from coworkers, friends and family, but one last blog post of the season for all you Sunday Long Runners: Good luck!

Each of you have shown pieces of what it takes to be a marathoner. From Judi’s mix of carefree yet competitive attitude, to the rock steadiness of Michelle, Dave’s cerebral take on long distance running, AJ’s developing confidence in his running ability, Barry’s determination to reach his goal, and Kerry’s big smile no matter what. These are just a few of the things I’ve noticed this season, things I hope to emulate in my training. So take these to the starting line on Monday and put them to work for you… and kick some butt!

6 Responses to “Good Luck Sunday Long Runners!”

  1. Dave Hayes says:

    When do was start over? Cheers Jim – thanks for everything.

  2. Dave Hayes says:

    oops – “when do WE start over?”

  3. Jim, I never expected to say this but “THANKS FOR THE HILLS”
    Hope to be back soon.


  4. Genevieve Rajewski says:

    Yes, I went from cursing you in training, Jim, to thanking you all the way up those hills. 🙂

    And the cheering/support at mile 20 was an amazing boost!

    Thank you all so much! Nate and I can’t wait to start training for a fall half-marathon.

  5. Melisa Thorne says:

    Thanks for letting me join the long runs. The 22 miler put me in the right mind-set for race day. And support from the MRC as a whole is invaluable. I am eternally grateful. When is the next long run??? Also, does MRC offer Speed Clinics? I’d really like to improve me pace.
    Thanks so much!

  6. Jim says:

    We haven’t stopped long running yet. We’ll try to keep Sunday mornings going through the end of May, although with my kids schedule’s I won’t make them all.

    At the end of May (May 23rd I believe) we’ll have a Winter/Spring ’10 Long Run Brunch to celebrate the end of the season.

    In June we take a break, and start up the week after July 4th for the fall marathon training. Rest up and we’ll see you all soon.

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