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Week 7 – Sidewalks are back!

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Last week we had 41 stars running through Melrose, Stoneham, and Winchester… and that doesn’t include our two dogs. That’s a record for the Sunday Long Run group. Thanks to all of you for making this program such a success!

At the end of this week’s run you’ll have completed half of the training to get you to Boston. You’ll also have completed the first week of the season in which sidewalks will be clear along the route. The weather usually plays a role in our training seasons but this year it has taken center stage in an attempt to steal the show. Temperatures in the 50s, a little rain, and some sunshine has cleared the 14 mile path this week, although as if not to spoil you the temperatures have quickly dropped and you’ll be greeted by wind chills near 0 degrees on Sunday morning. But enough about the weather! We know the real stars are the runners braving whatever is thrown in front of them to get their training miles in.

This Sunday we’ll be running familiar roads in an unfamiliar way. If you’re running the full route, pay attention on the way out because you’ll be coming back the same way. We’ll head out to Franklin St just like last week except we’ll take it all the way up to Stoneham Center and turn right left on Main St. Be careful on this road, although its wide it can get busy and cars travel fast. This will take you over to Spot Pond where I’ll be waiting at Friendly’s with a water stop.

If you’re running the shorter route you’ll turn here and head past the Stone Zoo, go left down Pond St, and another left at Grimsby’s onto the LynnFells Parkway. You know what to do from there, you’ve done it a few times already in this training: LynnFells to Melrose St to Main and Brueggers.

For those running long you continue straight. This will bring you around the back side of Spot Pond, through a few hills to Elm St and up a long hill to the rotary at Highland Ave. Head out Highland this week, that’s off to the right after the Mobil Station onto Highland. Highland Ave towards Malden. A right there at the rotary. Got it? I’ll be doing a water stop at the end of Highland Ave near the rotary on the Fellsway East end.

After that water stop you’ll be running up the Fellsway Easy, through those awesomely fun hills, and over to Grimsby’s. And at that point, just in case you think to yourself “I could use one more awesomely fun hill right now”, turn left and work that Pond St hill back up to Spot Pond. The sidewalk is clear there, but it might be icy, be careful and be smart here. At the top of the hill go right out past the Stone Zoo, take a peek and see if the wolves are out at the zoo and then head over to Friendly’s for the third and final water stop of the day.

From here you go back the way you came, Main St to Stoneham Center, right on Franklin St back to Melrose, and right on Main St to Brueggers.

Want more than 7 but less than 14 miles? Head out with the longer runners but turn right at Grimsby’s down Wyoming for a 10 mile run. For 11 miles go straight at Grimsby’s and finish up like the shorter route goes.

Be familiar with the route. Ask at the water stops if you aren’t sure where to go next. If the stop is unattended, there will be a map in the car for reference.

Speaking of water stops, I’m still on the bench so I’ll take care of the first and second stops, then there will be a car left back at Friendly’s for those that get there before I make it back.

Who’s in for the cold, sunny, sidewalking run? ROLL CALL!

Week 7 – Melrose Half

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

This week you’ll run the Melrose Half Marathon, actually called the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Half Marathon held in Melrose back in the 2000 time frame. You’ll know it better today as Boston’s Run to Remember.

The full route run will take you up Main St to Melrose St (pat the Clarence DeMar memorial on your way by for good luck).  Loop Ell Pond by taking Melrose St to the Lynn Fells Parkway, past the High School where the official start of the race was. Left on Tremont St, left on Lake St, left on West Emerson and back to Main. Yes the race did this loop, past Clarence DeMar again (tap tap) and back to Lynn Fells Parkway via Melrose St.

Now you’re ready to run! Along the Lynn Fells to the Fellsway East to Highland Ave. You remember the drill from Week 2… water stop at the end of Highland and around Spot Pond back to the water stop. From here you head up East Border Rd, and yes the original race went this way, I didn’t make all these hills up myself. Turn left on the Fellsway again and head back to the high school. If you were running the race you would turn into the track and let everyone watch you suffer the last 1/4 mile on the track, but you aren’t running the race so you’ll be going up to Melrose St and back Main to Brueggers.

For those running the Half Marathon training route, you can skip the loop around Ell Pond, and head straight to Grimsby’s. From there follow the full route to the water stop and come back the front side of Spot Pond, turning on Pond St to Wyoming and back Main.

Who’s in? I won’t be, I’m on vacation this week. ROLL CALL!

Week 7 – Halfway point

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

For training for Boston with us, this Sunday’s run will mark the halfway point. After this 14 mile run you’ll have trained for 7 weeks, with 7 weeks remaining. Enjoy this easy 14 though, the big miles are right around the corner!

This week we head over to Franklin St into Stoneham, around the back side of Spot Pond and up Highland Ave to the Fellsway and around to Grimsby’s where we’ll head back up to the Pond to Friendly’s again and back Franklin. Same roads as usual but with a twist in order and direction. With some new snow on the ground this week, keep a look out for icy spots and be extra careful when forced of the sidewalks into the road. Remember Sunday morning drivers aren’t always the most diligent.

For those running the shorter loop, this route is very similar to last week’s route, just changing the water stop location. It is possible to jump in at Friendly’s and get a 6.5 mile run in. Or go longer by following the full route and cutting back at Grimsby’s for about 10 miles.

Water Stops: there are two stops, Friendly’s in Stoneham and along Highland Ave in Medford/Malden. Barry’s away this weekend so he’s out. Let me know if you’re interested in volunteering (with or without running, or starting mid run). I’ll check back later and figure out how we’ll handle the stops.

So who’s in and for how much? Roll Call!

Week 7 – First trip to Winchester

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

As the routes get longer we get to venture out to different places. This week is one of my favorite routes: 16 miles out to Winchester and back… but I’ll be missing it, running the Martha’s Vineyard 20 Miler instead. I know a few other regulars will be running Martha’s Vineyard along with me, and some will be heading north to run the Half at the Hamptons, so there is a potential for a slightly smaller than normal crowd at Brueggers on Sunday.

Since I won’t be around I need some help planning the water stops. I’ll need two volunteers to help with water stops. One stop is on Eugene Drive off of Forest St in Winchester, which will be used twice at miles 3.5 and 10. If someone is looking for a 6.5 mile run you could stop and start there. The second water stop is at the end of Highland Ave in Winchester by Main St/Rt38, 7 miles into the run. I’ll be leaving tomorrow (Friday) afternoon so whoever plans on doing the water stops, I could drop the supplies on your doorstep at any time tomorrow.

Let’s start the planning! Who’s in and who’s helping?

Week 7 – I’m halfway home and I’m on my own

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Week 7, if you’re running a marathon in mid-October you’re halfway there. Halfway in weeks that is, from here the mileage ramps up quickly and stays up until its taper time.

This morning’s weather was perfect for running. Considering its August, you can’t complain about low 70s and breezy. Altogether we had 24 runners participate in the long run, not all started at the same place, not all ended at the same place, but as far as I can tell nobody got lost this week. Peter and Erin took care of leaving a car full of refreshments in the parking lot of Horn Pond in Woburn while Walt left his car at its usual perch by I93 in Winchester.

The route took us down Main St to W Wyoming and out to Spot Pond for a bit. Kaj and I ended up in the front of the pack and wondered time and time again why nobody was passing us. We pushed the pace as 12 more runners stretched out behind us, past the zoo where we spotted a pack of wolves getting in their morning jog, past Friendly’s where we picked up our pack of 6 half marathoner trainers, and past a sign alerting us to the location of Joey’s 2nd birthday, and over to Walt’s car. After Kaj and I pulled in and began pouring drinks, waves of runners came in handfuls at a time behind us. Walt, who had run from his car and arrived at Brueggers after we had left, was the last runner into the stop as he had planned. Usually one of the rabbits in the group and always quick to leave a water stop, Walt enjoyed the party atmosphere of 27 runners huddled around his car in a Gatorade feeding frenzy. This week our new system of cup reuse was put into full effect as each runner put their name on a plastic cup with a Sharpie so they could use it on the way back. That is everyone but Sue, who was looking at Erin as she was writing and found that she had marked her cup ‘ERIN’. That would break the system, so added a (Sue) notation next to it to avoid confusion. With the back of Walt’s car lined with cups the group headed out.

Jen, Denyce, Julie, Jocelyn and Kevin were the first to leave the stop, having run less than a mile to get there they didn’t need as much rehydration. Walt was next out since he’s never one to dawdle at a water stop. Brian and I headed out after him, in an attempt to keep Walt on course I decided to do my best to keep pace with him to the pond. Behind us the rest of the runners began their charge down Forest St to Washington St where Joanne jumped in and alerted us that Nancy had called ahead to her to let us know she had dropped out. Nancy’s battling a nasty Achilles tendon issue, heal up Nanc! We turned on to Cross St and passed the lead group, Walt encouraging them not to let us pull ahead too easily. At that point I was in the lead again, under the railroad tracks, past the “Welcome Back, Alicia” sign welcoming Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone back from Beijing, over to Rte 38 in Woburn. With a right onto Main St and a quick left onto Lake St we were on our way to Horn Pond where Peter’s car awaited us with water stop 2. Also awaiting us was a hot dog vending cart which couldn’t tempt any of us to partake. Unlike the public bathrooms which I hear had lots of partakers, so many that some women spilled into the men’s room!

Walt bolted out of the water stop as if he was Usain Bolt, owner of the world record for the 100m dash set at this year’s Olympics. Brian, Julie and I headed out behind him with no intention of keeping up with him. The loop around the pond is littered with left and right turns that lead to places I’ve never been. We weighed the odds of Walt getting lost, and wondered who behind us may wander off track. Some took more scenic routes, some took less hilly routes, but we all made it around the pond. Passing the wood carving of a Native American Indian girl holding a fish, past the shirtless guy with the ginormous pecs and muscular arms that don’t swing when he runs (Lois and Sue’s “friend” from when we ran this route back in late April), over the causeway that cuts across the far side of the pond, past a reported flying fish jumping out of the water, over the hill if you so chose to take it or the path that hugs the pond, ultimately ending up back at Lake Ave. Here Julie decided to cut back over to the water stop for a sip before continuing on (or was she just trying to lose Brian and I?) Brian and I followed a runner off Lake Ave to Main St and Cross St, finally passing him as we approached the railroad bridge underpass. I kept asking myself “is that one of our guys?” but it wasn’t. Heading back up Forest St Brian pulled ahead as the pace on the way out was starting to show on my tired legs. After we got a drink and headed out we spied Kevin coming into the water stop, and shortly after him runners began trickling in. Sue, who had planned to finish with Joanne by the Gingerbread Construction Company convinced herself that running up the hill back to Walt’s car was something she shouldn’t pass up. Love the hills, they’ll love you back. Way to go Sue!!!

As people sipped their water at the last stop Walt finished up his run and took some pictures. If you want to see what we look like on a hot day about 10 miles into a long run or 7 miles into an almost-as-long run, here you go (note the smiles):





The last 4 miles of the run cuts through Stoneham over to Franklin St. Near Weiss Farm Sue Worrall passed by on her bike and called out to Brian and I. She looked a lot happier than we did. The sun along Franklin St got hot and the temperatures were rising.  Brian pulled ahead finishing the run strong while I trailed back and found a noticeably slower pace for the last mile. Heading down Main St into downtown Melrose I passed Betty Kandler pushing Annika in a jogging stroller, both looking a lot happier than I did. But minutes later I was done, and shortly after that runners began streaming into the finish of the 14.1 mile route. Kaj, Mike, Dave, Ginny, Slater, Demi, Erin, Peter, and Lois all completed the full route.

Great job everyone! Strong runs on an enjoyable route.
(Ok, those of you who started at Friendly’s, who got something when you finished up?)