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Week 6 – Enjoy the Scenery

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Here we go into Week 6 of the Wintriest Winter Ever! Well since the Ice Age anyway. But even though Old Man Winter is trying to keep us down, the SLR group is on the verge of its first 40+ runner week. I’m thinking as soon as we get a nice week we’ll break that mark.

This week you’ll go on my favorite run of the whole season. Starting from Brueggers you’ll head up to Spot Pond and go right. That will take you past Friendlies and over towards I-93. Don’t get on the highway! Although the breakdown lane is probably cleared wider than the roads we’ll be running on, I think there’s laws against running on the highway. Instead go to the next set of lights and turn right. This will take you up and over I-93 to the first water stop.

After leaving the stop you’ll head down Forest St into Winchester. Enjoy the wide  wooded downhill because you won’t enjoy the same stretch a little later. Taking a left on Highland Ave, climb up to Winchester Hospital and take a left onto Reservoir, what I consider the nicest street of the long run program. Take in the scenic Winchester Reservoir, the woods of the Fells, the large beautiful houses, the gas light style street lamps, and ignore the giant hill in front of you. Reservoir Rd will loop you back to Highland Ave. Take a left onto Highland and follow it all the way to the end for another water stop. Oh yeah, and Highland is named Highland because it ends up in some high lands, so yes there are hills. Love them, they’ll love you back.

At the water stop ask where you’re going next. We’ll try to explain it to you. You’ll take a right onto Rt38 and head over to a rotary. The goal is to come out of the rotart on Main St in Winchester. One trick though, there’s no street sign for Main St. Going counterclockwise in the rotary (with traffic) it will be the second street, the first being a small road, Main St being a bigger road. This will take over to a 5-way intersection crossing the Mystic Valley Parkway. Cross and bear right onto Washington St (look at the map before hand and make sure you understand this). Now it gets easier, follow Washington St back to Forest, turning right at the intersection with the Gingerbread Construction Company. Run conservatively up the hill, as Forest St is a progression of three hills on top of each other that go on for about a mile. This hill is getting you ready for any hill that’s ever put in front of you. Don’t let the hill beat you, you beat this hill, because there’s candy at the top of the hill! You’ll find yourself out of breath but back at water stop 1 at the top.

Now things get familiar again. Leaving the water stop head back over to Spot Pond the way we came, taking a right on Park St. At Friendly’s take a right and run the backside of Spot Pond. Turn at Elm and head up to the Flynn Skating rink. We’ll have a little stop there before you head home to Melrose via Pond St and West Wyoming.

Sounds like a long run, we’re just getting started on the longs one now. Two more months til Boston!

For those running shorter, you’ll be following the same route but taking a short cut in the middle. For those not interested in the full route, there are a few short cuts listed on the map to help you tailor your run. For those running Boston, don’t look at the short cuts.

As for water stops, Barry will be away but I’ll be handling the stops along with my two lovely assistants, Mary and Sue Clough.

Ok, who’s ready for Week 6? ROLL CALL!!!

Week 6 – Keep America Beautiful

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

This week we ran along one of my favorite running routes, with Spot Pond and one of the Winchester reservoirs along the way, running along both sides of the Fells, near Winchester Center, and hills everywhere you turned. But along the way I got distracted by things found on the side of the road. The first was the tiniest of flip flops which made me think who would think a baby would keep a flip flop on, they don’t keep real shoes on. I imagined the scene of the little one in their car seat flinging the shoe out of the window. Now I was looking along the ground for interesting things. This isn’t the best way to get through a long run, hunched over gazing from side to side at things to look at. It became obvious that the most discarded item by litterers is Dunkin Donuts cups. After that, beer cans. So with that, over 16 miles, here is the beer can inventory along the route:

19 Miller Lite cans, by far the drink of choice of drunken litterers.

8 Bud Light cans, interesting, less than half the number of the Miller Lites.

6 Budweiser cans, funny that you see both Bud and Bud Light, but you don’t see Miller along with the Miller Lites. Do they still sell the Champagne of Beers? Or perhaps those that live the High Life don’t litter.

2 Natural Light. An Anheuser-Busch product, the Natty Lite was surprising to me. Given that one was in Stoneham and the other was in Winchester makes me think they were actually being consumed by two different litters. A little research has taught me that it is actually the fifth largest selling beer in America. Who knew? I want to know, though, what’s “natural” about this one that is not natural about other beers. And why would someone who drinks a beer marketed as being natural discard their can in nature?

1 Michelob Ultra. Another A-B product which brings the litter quotient for that brewery  nearly to the level of the Miller Brewing Company.

1 Coors Light. The mountains weren’t blue so this one had been on the side of road for a while.

1 Keystone Light. Where’d this one come from? Coors actually, but who drinks this stuff?

I was kinda surprised to see that many cans of beer discarded over a 16 mile stretch (38 in all, plus a bottle of Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan). What would this guy say:


Other than the litter, this was a beautiful run. A little hot at the end, very hilly, scenic in spots… another quality Sunday Long Run. Thanks to Barry, Nancy, and Betty for helping us get through the run with snacks and drinks along the way (all of which were discarded properly).

Week 6 – Winchester Highlands

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

This week we run one of my favorite routes of the program. We’ll start out Franklin St, head into Stoneham and over to Winchester. Water stop 1 will be at the corner of Eugene and Forest St, where it was 2 weeks ago. From there we head to Highland Ave, and we’ll detour onto my favorite street, a very scenic Reservoir Rd, where you’ll see big houses on your right, water and woods on your left, and a big hill in front of you. Ignore the hill and continue on back to Highland Ave, turning left and following the rolling hills to water stop 2. The next section is a bit confusing so be sure of where you’re going. Right on Main St, Rt 38, you’ll come to a rotary. Take the second right out of the rotary, it’s still Main St, Rt 38, but there will be no sign to tell you you’re on the right street. This will bring you into a five way intersection at Mt Vernon and Mystic Valley Parkway. You want to cross the street and where the road forks on the other side you want to bear right onto Washington St. Not a hard right onto Mt Vernon, a bear right onto Washington St. If you get confused wait until someone else catches up to help you out. If you’re last, know where you’re going!

Washington St will bring you to the Gingerbread Construction Company. Don’t stop there, take a right and head up Forest St to water stop 3, which was water stop 1. After that stop you’ll head back over 93, turn onto Park St, head over to Main St, Rt28 in Stoneham and go right. This will bring you around Spot Pond. Continue around until you hit Pond St down to Wyoming which will bring you into Melrose and back to Brueggers.

Water stops. I believe Barry will be doing most of the work, but he’ll need some help this week. The map shows three stops in two places. An extra car at Eugene would help him out. Also we like to have an extra stop at the hockey rink at Spot Pond. If someone running shorter could run out there after their run to help out the long runners it would be appreciated.

Shorter distance runners, I don’t have a scenic route for you this week. Look at the maps and you can try to set up your own, or you can just follow the regular short route.

So who’s in and who can help with water stops? Barry can help coordinate that here.


Week 7 – Running with Bill

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

I’m back from vacation… just in time for an interesting long run. As Hurricane Bill passes to the east of New England he’ll throw some intermittent rain our way, some wind too, but of most concern to us is the humidity. It’ll be in the 70s for most of our run to Horn Pond and back, but as we’ve learned recently “it’s not the heat, its the humidity”. The 90% humidity will be hitting our area just around the time of our run so start hydrating NOW so you have plenty of sweat stored up for the run!!!

The long route is out to Horn Pond and back, the short run is out to the water stop and back (same as last week but in reverse). If you’re running short and don’t want to look at the same scenery as last week I suggest meeting us at the water stop and running the 7 miles in the middle instead.

Running tip of the week… I’m gonna take this one from Ginny, bring along a bandana to tuck in your waistband, it’ll come in handy for wiping away the sweat as you go along… and I guarantee you will sweat tomorrow!

Water stops. Rachelle volunteered to do water stop 1. Do I have a volunteer for water stop 2 at Horn Pond? Carol volunteered to pick up Rachelle, then couldn’t, then neverminded her couldn’t I think… I’m assuming Carol will be picking up supplies at my house in the morning? Do I have a volunteer to pick up whoever volunteers to leave their car at Horn Pond? That person would also need to pick up water stop supplies from my house? In the meantime, Cossettes and Gaudet, I’ll be by tonight at some point to pick up the water stop supplies from last week. Around 7:00 ok?

So who’s in for the Hurricane Bill humidity-palooza run?ROLL CALL! UeIPenimer nhIeoePg e riP l diaadcoaA OmnrladcSnmiraPmAT lya hPmecn iAtrgdnHne lniineFedeho tieyTen Mete Tnmiiir h aysPieru UrPncemtehnBam hriocrine OPpnnimNe yuB n Tr aomDnof Idru gnmKdo amkstn hi eucPoDssi CupmehpDrgChr gxo re mdhehnnO OyaMP i Rnhieereamtldxncn h nncdrec u ptsPheAmm dTrm en rNaoilT kr SN onkIenirhecn mt eto ithees s waraodl sacilyrrPddDa aoCuommT tc h0e9Pi9mt9n e cse psi tirneenttrFPP emr eei otn t Ne hiaPhc uWnro ihDettcneiom h ChPtsean rnogutieeePeBenh nmlhnlsnrtSPPaOeeiihl icneren eamttie Panohrmri A hp eimuhPS 3e rcertee Uapoeehi eP etrmmPn BorsdeairpilpaAcvn tmlai noPPeatDe SteHirre n tenccise PoCm eneht iaHrdg amelTtG n Ta inusrdlDcoamo ltniOi Mn e ieh7eil oo muto idO O rniPetndleC enithn.ee900 omatmTaaol rdd paiS treh e dmBPOinetsee nodl eCtreepOrisng enFihnhdePea Xvmthe alaoDrF rhedtei mrntPinR m tin ennxPrhldi emie er MDhtPiha eeaSPtnitlmn leneHi Iotni e dnTadlsmArS ensPdoiralnihtmi e ChpnrOgoia merdCn eraardSyuhviae aoxTlelCNp mDr Rto iS Pes MtramrpaTmslgbro Btshter one aeiyiCP mnuR OnT d rloan rif maAeluasnSdTo yBno O m thoesl y eaPeinelsti t C rnrletstoeenOPs tPpe nanhAsorts omnicldnnii roneim7 alrlhdeCtam ir heateeotndiaTgereheA aepr nnimseA PlhPleFosinieie e trDltra m Sn tdehii rie ennPP eeosNno mreD ouuFoirdrla m rd MinodanaartdeogDP o Tim i na dN aarammBd teBui iee rPt ePN anoespeiMree y proAdnehe aoFtvminC eamrha o W eamtIrhrlnPnextii h uh eoeeW T lnPUrei eteienQr c PpTearmrc ood niouePEmrineheca dtt 5a etn Pe lo Fdirenhri oidEaT oPt PtPsmnntirend Rhee 3r hW saGIriaamhnoedW dima nToarS nCrrx peetsmhbrPno ioEA ne e rneNi rmtspoePniPoh nOe rneh Pmscao oSmdTairs screaioeorCin pm toeinr orTdoa rapCo ilrodmasodC nd sueoAerrhR engitPce eoume eTPribdac omraoFre t munIDhronirtme FoW nerimhPeiht h laaenPpceCnete pte teaeehPr iT P n N rouRnPL umi oOyPne mnhBte nuiln niilOPOerdeehetinn renr nm eayaMeruoemOBdli nOnod y uutfnb AooCm nPenttaoor enirI l ApPixdeinmennDhOocr i oen snhe in tam a l02ra TdC1 a ia no odmas aSo urDlgfanemae T1crrl Hd edr M5nreu h eP uNyrtecriari olteCF rnodmrmhri .79 0rnP .e3h$5nt Fexmeie e lPDifrdaPeAohlei outeriPhtSmIsp WdOncianne i mkhPinaF en coGr tnnpsamaeFaB rerOGD he tenitemrinheenv0 Pyn 0u0 ktaBt oM Bdrs raogtch snsei fDgne anO renpt arnok CTomomobam d ender eehiiBlr mtevAntearnPset t emaePiPcs miauMirhn hrhraPinPUensemOc ee nali arTdmz oirmue rasSFe a uOin mGoeBd ey tPi errie yrPouiiD t uhP m rthhM eannoemiPn dlek go aaDoore iMHTusa Y hnrPnalaeetteePmi Etai n hnPreirmnnOdeile Oe lDe ePrgmih nylrnvtiu D hBntnoit dm eh EPtenPrecehiio DeefS Sdiirdf scaTE tmenlaneafCeo sLtenn egrdhierceP alPr t Pi l CmBya ayB r TodOu nr7nFie hi.Pnrer3e eptlrc Pnteeimi d Tlm lrdaAAhoo grniahitPvmn ih eFe5iheim euPStpcyrn P hFni PeeEoistiirreeS pNd ecdonht adeaoga Dm Pyc enieiihsuN soe rcPhr n imaaesUihpC Pgreetyp nnsmheasreaPrcm mM73ATpa. engP Inleell aroircn pe A rhevpmtoNnoP Toclvmetrnefsaefida eognrnctPmtrhoerNiL 0iiO d0Pe ee l rOaarodUm clAa t nhCiefaeeifnehii niP unceaPseneeeO ehletrmrhn TpCentadame eaoe xeruReriiesDmS conetnphu P pno tP rNiaeNo dpn eeteiC eniarmen refnOnf h vmeSec ltrienPmdr nhen esOeacnv thosa erh rSTuad TVrsm eiee ChnePneithh m hPeRhmetona N xi epr rs e ru asltlSBnao oa eil rdikBorFeQPulnynnetuyeihu seOqn A e o d e tiNidrhrnesecPoePt mp rPNd sRlr nlTmura eD 3eiee ir ainraeiCmnadnPnet riPNnoPei menth oidPrra eoOBn t NiProecsneetdeh m ouaidt rhopr imd me leie nlsteauc mInrneeN lelm PnriPneBit ehu b Aceateiaanm Tdohnria trni ain OLahPmPyrhnemce cimfP aPhOe iAtayetriri hf wneareene O aM srienyPh narcrap mtWmdt rsiPtcmdvithe eA nann pnDu PnOneuceoDhpi rnineSh e csi l Tl rvdna nrrmTi l rdh mnnPhtoirni medpoiep nhmnvhee PiE rktcc hi obg eeayvetuOsE rnPin n rBin p rh ChPecuestnyP rAdT aTamh 8riP$ theenn mnr PbeeeernhilWttriiuhW atVPirn gyBurie heneRgaeSnmhsrus atiPche d unghinmOodieee dieShtr oatWHmrIedaalaT ha s nnnPrr dmPmoceliTAra roh encnteH dnaTtnebgnn per BeruoiI ntiePeB heieentnrfm dm P e Phlctmema rVyloe rmehCd aTaa rm eenamlniPlaoinmrrotc PrinepiTa rlhettb oitW thirFsPre eiFDnvm nByd ed a TrRdam Ttlee hhiee rniOromanRPate ehenCehPilgPmnMln emrPet ipa rh tU cTninsmra tiReedxm o eePe snn nekPnm ceaePitmeoBbhr rnnti eeP ohPnom er Phateir Sl TerenennraehO ec a atmPitPl iaTtmVla i m mci n BnehmiCooOe i eypnlinAeue e BhPmri txDf EmaoSefc odeaTe e rhlrmDenneveinleintvdOE n iy exe emBu rei i Fnmeh eaTde hG eherrmonumPn mi Poetnn DNt rslBn nrSeMeslyi uh p nDeemPerhpnhOyrrt e staCd a Latigsgrunm ni opDfAeeire al0m5Tro dm0 01d lMora 0lHc a aamsma Hr oy ihaHi edmeluwrnrotendLicPhre Pttnhi inAa actOiieirmrD m nninnceaon c e trn iPvMoFeiheenmnietegaio 7Qa uel3iTnee .mPtbth gr5eM renn Peh rPRCeitn nonsCmUcnPsea mprrsyna im RrPfhnn

Week 6 – A Taste of Spring?

Friday, February 6th, 2009

This Sunday will be the 6th week of training and finally it seems Mother Nature will be giving us a break. The prediction for Sunday is a complete run with temperatures above freezing for the first time in 2009… plus no signs of precipitation! That’s the good news… the bad news is the planned route goes through Breakheart and despite Tall Dave’s treks through there I’m afraid the ice buildup on the hills will be too risky for the whole group to handle. For those not interested in risking it around Breakheart, the work-around will be to follow the same plan but replace the loop off Farm St through Breakheart with a loop out and around Lake Quannapowitt via Main St and North Ave.

This week’s water stop: Peter has volunteered to park his car at the stop and start his run early. Thanks Peter! With the change in route plan we may need a water stop off Farm St and one off Main St in Wakefield. I may not be running (injured achilles) and would be able to do the Main St stop. If I happen to heal up though we can still use my car but I’ll need a ride in the morning so let’s get a volunteer for that just in case. Anyone?

Now it’s time for the weekly ROLL CALL! I bought a bunch of Gatorade and Snickers expecting a big crowd this week. Who’s in?