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Week 10 – Back to Normal

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Last week we had great weather for our 20 mile run. A lot of our regular runners were off in Salem running the Black Cat 10 or 20 milers. A few more were in Clinton Running Stu’s. We did fill in the holes with some great company from Somerville. A handful of SSR runners stopped in, helped with the water stops, and enjoyed our challenging 20 mile run to the Mystic Lakes and back. They noted the course, the company, and the water stop selection as things that set our Sunday Long Run apart from others. It was nice to meet them and perhaps we’ll get together more often for runs.

This week we’re blessed with what is forecast to be good running conditions. Maybe a few rain drops to start, but mostly clear skies and temperatures in the 40s. To recover from the 20 mile run, we’ll step way back to 16 miles. It’ll start out very flat up Main St and around Lake Quannapowitt. From there you’ll head across Nahant and over to Breakheart. I believe Breakheart is ready for us, I’ll check on it later today. Most of the snow and ice has been washed away everywhere else so I think we’re good to go there, although flooding may be an issue. From Breakheart we’ll head back to Main St and home to Brueggers.

Shorter distances can be 6 miles to the water stop and back, about 8 running the route up to the lake and over to North Ave, or 10+ by just skipping the side trip to Breakheart. Another option for 10 is driving to the water stop and looping Lake Q and Breakheart with the group.

Lessons learned from last week: I hear at least one of our runners experienced some blisters on the 20 mile run. My tip, given to me by a podiatrist, is to spray antiperspirant on your feet before the run. Blisters come from sweaty feet rubbing against your socks during the run. While most search out the right sock, he suggests getting rid of the sweaty. Barefoot runners get cooled by their feet sweating. Us shoe wearers don’t get any benefit from it. So antiperspirant will rid your feet of the moisture that leads to blisters. I used to suffer from blisters and since I started to do this I’ve been relatively blister-free.

Also, I told many of you last week, EAT! You’re exercising for 3 to 4 hours on these runs. Unless they’re sleeping I think its rare for people to go that long without eating when they’re just sitting around working or watching TV. What makes you think you can exercise that long without eating. Don’t wait for 26.2 to realize you need this. We have the food and drink at the water stops for a reason, you DO need it. Try it now, see what works for you.

Speaking of water stops, there’s one common stop for the whole run tomorrow. Barry or I (or both) can handle it. If something comes up and neither of us can make it, BrianW has offered to put his car out there for us, so we have all our bases covered.

Now that we’re all prepared for a good 16 mile recovery run, who’s in? ROLL CALL! (Please post, I have a feeling the nicer weather will draw a lot of runners out this week and we want to be prepared with enough supplies for all of you. )

Week 10 – Slight change of schedule

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

It’s going to be a busy Sunday, so we are going to try and get a head start on everything!

Since the EMARC 5k starts at 10am, and some of the long runners would like to volunteer for the race and the Victorian Fair after the race, we will be starting the run at 7am.

Both routes overlap pretty well, so we will only be needing one water stop, which I’ve got covered.

If you have time after the run to help with the EMARC 5k, please contact Brian Slater.
Or just stop along the course near Pine Banks or Main St and cheer on the runners!

And if your free during the day for an hour or so, please check in with Erin Lynch about volunteering for the Victorian Fair booth.

See you Sunday!!


Week 10 – When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Ten people gathered inside Brueggers at 7AM for the early edition of the MRC Sunday Long Run. Preparations for the Victorian Fair were taking place outside, tents went up while rain fell down and discussion of how many laps under the tents would be needed to complete 16 miles passed the time before we headed out. As we began covering the MRC summer route to begin our run, we took advantage of the tent to keep us dry until Grove St where we headed out into the downpour. Sidestepping puddles along

Wyoming and the LynnFells, naturalized-citizen with an English accent Dave and I kept Erin Moseley company.Erin ran with us in the winter and spring in training for the Boston Marathon, regularly running with Judi, but since Judi and many of our other local speedsters were running the Reach the Beach Relay Dave and I stepped up and tried to keep pace. Running the summer route as if that’s all we were running we charged through the first 3 miles with her, stopping for a quick water stop at Lois’ car on the corner of Hillcrest and Upham. As we finished our drinks the rest of the crew quickly came in behind us: Kaj, Lois, Catherine, Kelly, Carol, Julie, and Peter.

Heading down Upham St I quickly described the rest of the summer routes to Erin, and devised the plan to have her run the full 7 mile run around the cemeteries and Pine Banks while Dave and I cut down Sylvan St for the 5.9 mile run. This would give her the freedom to stretch her legs and maybe tire her out a little plus give Dave and I a little longer rest back at the water stop behind Brueggers. Pulling into the parking lot we noticed most of the other runners had already returned having cut down Grove St. Ginny met up with us outside while inside Brueggers our shorter route runners awaited their 8AM start in dry quarters. As I stumbled in to use the men’s room I resembled a drowned rat Leann, Kevin, Jocelyn, Kristen, Audrey, Beth, and Leah found it funny to see how wet I was… and disturbing to think they were about to join me.

We headed North on Main St into rain, Erin and I starting at the back and as we passed everyone I tried to convince them to keep up with us. Polite ‘no’s or simple avoidance of the question were heard as we left everyone trailing behind us, even Dave who decided 16 miles at that pace just wasn’t going to happen. Despite the quick pace we held polite conversation all the way down Main St into Wakefield. Nancy was hosting the next water stop but this week the sight of Nancy lounging in a beach chair was replaced with her huddled under an awning next to Rick in a yellow rain slicker. A quick drink there and before everyone showed up we were off again up toLake Quannapowitt. The wind was driving the rain sideways by the lake and I was glad I had chosen to leave my glasses in my car as keeping them clear in this rain would have been tough. Still holding conversation we made our way around the Converse side of the building and back North Ave. Keeping a steady pace along North Ave I could tell the speed of the run as wearing me down, noted by the conversation coming to an end whenever we hit an incline. We followed North Ave back to Nancy’s car where I poured myself a large cup of Gatorade… not so much because I needed the drink but moreso I needed a minute to recover. After that minute I stared down North Ave searching the horizon for another runner that might help alter our pace a bit. No luck, although I found it hard to believe we were so far ahead. My hunch was right, Kevin and Leann were the next group coming up but they followed Church St to complete the circle of the lake for an extra ¼ mile, something others did too. Instead of short cuts people are now taking long cuts, nice.

The last stretch was a simple 3 mile run returning down Main St. I fed this info to Erin in case she wanted to race ahead. She didn’t, which in the end was good for me, keeping me hustling as hard as I could through the fatigue of miles 14, 15, and 16. The pace was obviously slowing though, asErin seemed to be sightseeing as we paralleled the train tracks heading from Wakefield to Melrose. As she gazed at houses, business, and neighborhoods I was intently searching the sidewalk for appropriate places between puddles and crab apples to possibly collapse. Huffing and puffing our way along, keepingErin company despite saying only 3 words: “One Mile Left!”, we strolled back down Main St and headed back to my car for all the Snickers, Gatorade, and water I could get my hands on. A solid run for me, and a comfortable cheery one for Erin had come to end. Minutes later runners began to stroll in, each one of them putting in a strong run despite the rain.

Today was a nice recovery run after the long runs for both marathon and half marathoner trainers. This run also gave us a chance to train in adverse running conditions, something you may be glad you know more about if race day ends up rainy. And as for the challenge of running a little harder to keep Erin company, well that’s a benefit of running in a training group… one week it’s my week to pull someone up a hill, the next week it my turn to be challenged to run harder. In the end it all makes us better runners and we can thank each other for it. Thanks!


Week 10 – Un-Fair Treatment – Roll Call

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

This week’s mission: avoid getting in the way of the Melrose Victorian Fair.

With the Victorian Fair being held Sunday our routine will be altered slightly. Avoid driving down Main St on  your way to Brueggers, it will be shut down from Grove St to Essex St most of the day. In the interest of completing the run before the start of the EMARC road race we’ll be starting our long long run early.

The plan is that the marathon trainers run the MRC summer route before 8AM, as much of it as you want, and return for a water stop behind Brueggers. At 8AM we’ll head out with the half marathon trainers to Lake Quannapowitt for a loop and back.  This should get us back to Brueggers before 10AM, allow us time for our traditional cup of coffee and bagel breakfast, and still head over to help Brian Slater with the race by being a course marshall, water stop attendant, or finish line official.

Here’s a map to explain what we’re doing, or confuse you even more: The Un-Fair Run

Water Stops – I’ll park my car behind Brueggers with supplies for the first water stop. I’ll need a volunteer to park at the corner of Nahant St and Main St in Wakefield, and someone to pick that person up at whatever time they plan on leaving their car there. Either I can get the water stop supplies to you Saturday, or you can pick them up from my car behind Brueggers after 7AM if you’re starting at 8.

So who’s in and for how much? Roll Call!

Week 10 – The time is right for goin’ racin’ in the street

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Most of our Sunday Long Run regulars were off elsewhere this morning racing. Many headed down to New Bedford to run Half Marathon, while others headed to shorter St Patrick’s day races in Somerville and Malden. This left very few behind to enjoy the dank but thankfully not windy day in Melrose.

In the Irish tradition today’s recap of the run will be short, sweet, and in the limerick format:

Here’s to our St Paddy’s long run
Only six people showed up for this one
Evan ran himself six
Walt’s ten were done sick
And the rest ran sixteen and were done

Nothing remarkable happened along the roads today. Brian, Pate, Tracy and myself comprised “the rest” that ran 16 miles. Walt provided a fine water stop in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot. Liz met us over in Saugus at Breakheart, having to sneak through the tight DCR security at a maple sugaring event. Thanks to both for helping our small group get through all those miles. Your assistance made 16 seem easy.

Note, next weekend is Easter. We’ll be running at 8AM from Brueggers still but ON SATURDAY. Don’t show up on Sunday, nobody will be there! Keep your eyes open for details on the route and the water stops through the week.