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Week 14 – Taper Like You Mean It!

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

It’s the last week of the official Sunday Long Run schedule. Next week some of us will be spending a nervous weekend preparing their minds for the Boston Marathon! Reminder: You’ve already prepped your body, from here on out its time to let your body heal those little nagging injuries that have piled up. You should run this week, but you shouldn’t train this week. There is no cramming for a marathon. Run easy, eat well, sleep peacefully… you’re ready. This week’s taper run is 12.5 miles. You’ll run some hills, and they aren’t easy ones, but they’ll feel a lot easier than they did in January. I haven’t checked out Spot Pond in its entirety, there is a lot of construction going on at Woodland Rd, but I think we should have a clear path to run around.

The Route – You shouldn’t need online directions to get through this one.

Start – We leave Brueggers and head north on Main Street, one more pass by the Clarence DeMar monument at Ell Pond (if you’re running Boston, let him know). Turn left on Melrose Street and another left on the LynnFells Parkway, running out past Grimsby’s onto the Fellsway East. Run in a taperly fashion through the hills to the traffic circle at Highland where you’ll turn right onto Highland to bring you to water stop 1. Take a break before heading out for more.

Half Finish – The half route will go straight through the Highland Ave rotary onto Woodland and run through the construction area to Pond Street where they’ll take a right to head back down to Grimsby’s and straight on to West Wyoming. Turn left on Main Street and finish up at Brueggers!

Full 2 – Loop Spot Pond counterclockwise. Yes, you heard me! Continue straight through the Highland Ave rotary onto Woodland with the half runners and continue past the zoo, and turn left into the Straw Point parking lot. Find Hank cranking his tunes and get yourself some water at water stop 2.

Full 3 – Keep looping the back side of Spot Pond by taking a left out of Straw Point, running over (not on to) I-93, past the onramp to I-93, under I-93, and over to Elm Street where you turn left. Take your last trip of the season up Elm Street and turn at the rotary back on to Highland for the final water stop.

Full Finish – Turn left onto East Border Road and a left again at the traffic lights onto the Fellsway East. Roll through the hills making your way over to Grimsby’s. Turn right on West Wyoming and left on Main Street. Finish up your Boston training at Brueggers!

Water Stops Hank will be at his spot, I’ll take Highland, and hopefully I have some company. Big thanks again to the water stop volunteers (especially Hank, Tom, Audrey, and Lois) for getting through a cold, windy, rainy winter and a cold, windy, snowy spring.

Roll Call! Who’s in?

Week 13 – The S in SLR Stands For Saturday

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

This week, due to Easter, the SLR will be held on Saturday. Sunday is also April Fools Day… so maybe I’m just tricking you. Either way, show up at Brueggers at 8AM on Saturday and find out.

Also note that on Saturday there is a 3 hour parking limit in downtown Melrose so run fast and avoid the temptation of patronizing Melrose businesses because you have to leave by 11am. Also after you leave don’t come back to downtown Melrose until after 6PM because you could get a ticket even if you parked in the lot for non-consecutive hours.

Last week we had a good showing out on the Boston course with most runners completing all 22 miles in stellar fashion. Check out the Melrose Running Club group on Facebook for some photos from Matt Sazama.

This week March will go out like a lamb as we sneak in one more run before April begins. This is the start of taper time, or as I call it “Don’t do anything stupid” time. As your miles decrease there will be a lot of temptation to do some things with your new found free time. Resist! If you question whether an activity is stupid, pick up your phone and call me, while you’re dialing realize that if its close enough to actually ask then it is indeed stupid the weeks before your marathon. Stick to shorter runs, sitting, and sleeping.

This Week’s Route

Start 1 – We’ll start across Main Street as we’ll turn immediately onto East Foster, run up to Melrose Common and turn right onto 6th Street, which will become Swains Pond Ave. When you get to the ponds you will run up to a stop sign, turn right to stay on Swains Pond Ave. At the end of Swains Pond Ave you’ll turn right on to Lebanon Street and at the first set of lights turn left onto Forest Street. Follow that to the end, cross Main Street in Malden and find a water stop in the parking lot of Citizen’s Bank. Note its Saturday so the bank is open, we might be tucked in with parked cars.

Half Finish – The half runners are keeping it to 7 this week, so they’ll head off with the long runners along Winter Street, straight through a 5-way intersection to Glenwood Street. At the end of Glenwood you’ll turn right on Highland and an immediate right on the Fellsway East. Go through the hills to Grimsby’s, turn right on West Wyoming, left on Main Street and finish up at Brueggers.

Full 2 – The full route will follow the half route along Winter, onto Glenwood, right on Highland and Fellsway East, but continue past Grimsby’s onto the LynnFells. This will bring you over to Melrose High School where there will be a water stop at the knoll.

Full 3 – Continue along the LynnFells Parkway to Saugus, turning left on Main Street in Saugus. Run along Main Street as it becomes Farm Street and turn left at Wakefield High School on to Nahant. Follow this to Main Street and have a drink at the water stop.

Full Finish – Take Main Street back to Melrose. Finish at Brueggers. Bask in the glory of finishing your second to last training long run!

Water Stops – Tom and I will be there, probably Hank too. We got you!

Roll Call – Who’s in?

Week 12 – The Plan

Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Here is the plan for tomorrow. Review it, make sure you’re name is on a car list. Not everyone indicated whether they would be coming upstairs to the Knights. Feel free to, even if you don’t eat what I’m serving (pasta, pizza, and caesar salad). You guys deserve celebrating!


And the route…

Remember this is a training run, not a race. Winning only gets you a longer wait for your car to leave.

Drivers please show up at 6:40 to get your supplies and people’s bags. Everyone check in with your driver. I’ll be counting full cars before we leave.

Thanks to all the volunteers. The car count is low so it might be tight getting out there. Matt will meet us in Hopkinton so when you’re stinky there will be a little more room on the way home. Please mark your bags with your names so we can find it at the finish. It will be cold, maybe a little snowy at the finish so bring warm clothes, you may be waiting a bit before heading back to Melrose.

The Knights will open around noonish, I’ll have lunch (pasta, salad, pizza) at about 1:00. Let me know if you’re interested.

Week 12 – Remember When Those Volunteers Helped You Train For Boston…

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Here’s your chance to return the favor!!! This Sunday is the SLR from Hopkinton to Boston. So far we have 8 cars heading to the starting line that can hold 26 runners and counting. One car needs to return early, another one is coming from west of Hopkinton, and I need seats for 27 so far. I need at least 1 more driver, maybe 2. Let me know if you can help.

Below is the initial tally of runners, I’ll be adding columns for lunch and gu count later. Some have expressed interest, but you don’t count unless you respond on this blog. Let me know if I missed you!

DRIVERS + seats for runners
Jim Carson +3
Lois Parker Carmona +3
Hank Murphy +4
Tom Gorman +3
Audrey Paradis +3
Sheree Wheeler +4
Matt Sazama +3
Liz Hecht +3


FULL RUNNERS (or darn close to full)
1 Cynthia Berger
2 Dan Slattery
3 Roy Mournier
4 Jeff Rushton
5 Johan Keller
6 Carly Rose
7 Katie Sinnott
8 Nicole Jacob
9 Jenny Boshco
10 Deb Reppucci
11 Rachel Bandi
12 Thuy Dang
13 Mary O’Connell
14 Greg Mastrangelo
15 Lee Romprey
16 Paul Whitelam
17 Brian Walfield
18 Freddi Triback
19 John Egan
20 Andy Nagelin
21 Mike McLaughlin
22 Jessica Crispin
23 Christina DeCalogero
24 Ashley DeAcetis
25 Judi Chiavetta
26 Amanda DeRi
27 Jessi Marquardt

(28) Liz Hecht

Week 12 – Please Respond. Drivers Wanted. Runner Info Needed.

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

It’s time to start organizing next week’s 22 mile Hopkinton to Boston College run.

Wanted: Drivers – Qualifications include a valid Drivers License, a free Sunday (3/25), ability to pour water and Gatorade and hand to a runner. Must be capable of arriving at Brueggers at 6:45am, follow direction, and be available to at least 2pm. Payment will be in smiles, hugs, and deep appreciation from weary runners. Please indicate your desire to volunteer and the number of seats in your car (including your drivers). By Thursday I’ll notify you whether you’ve been accepted.

Response Required – Runners interested in running a portion or the entire 22 mile route, please respond and tell me how many miles you are interested in running and your approximate time you expect your run to take.
Please indicate whether you are interested in being part of an early bird start, we haven’t done this in the past, and I am not committing to actually doing it because it can make water stops harder to coordinate, so I’m toying with the idea to try to get people to the finish in a tighter time period.
The cost of the run is still a minimum of $2, or $2/Gu you plan on eating. Please indicate how many Gu you will need so I bring enough for everyone. If you don’t ask for Gu, please be aware runners behind you may be expecting that Gu you see so don’t have more than one Gu.
Note, in case there is more runners than car seats, preference will be given to runners that regular attend the SLR. Runners should also bring a few dollars for their driver, they’ll be driving well over 50 miles and paying tolls to help you run.
After the run we will be heading upstairs to the Knights of Columbus for a celebratory lunch. If interested I’ll be collecting $10 per person join in on the party. The bar will be open for cash purchases as well.

Please respond before Tuesday Night. Wednesday we’ll start putting together the plan!