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Week 9 – Laborious Twenty

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

It’s Labor Day Weekend. Labor is defined by the Free Dictionary as: Physical or mental exertion, especially when difficult or exhausting. Given that, what better way to celebrate Labor Day than to run 20 Miles with your friends!

The key to getting through a run like this is think of it as 6 short runs, so here’s what we have on tap…

Run 1: This week we’ll start from Brueggers of course and head out West Wyoming, past the Stone Zoo, past Friendly’s to Park St. A left on Marble St will bring us over Rt93 to Forest St in Winchester where we’ll stop for water.

Run 2: From there we’ll continue to Highland Ave, follow that to the end and get some more water.

Run 3: Taking Rt38 over to Playstead Rd where we turn right along Oak Grove Cemetery, we’ll head into West Medford. Turn right on RT60/High St, over the railroad tracks, past the Dunkin Donuts (a good place to take a potty break if needed). High Street will take you to the edge of Medford, where you’ll see Arlington across the river. As you’re running High St be careful NOT to veer right at a fork in the road at Grove St, STAY ON HIGH ST. At the river there will be a little rotary, this is where you turn right on Mystic Valley Parkway and run along the Mystic Lakes. If you run along the left side of the road you’ll find a path to run on, giving your feet a break from the concrete and asphalt. At the end of this street you’ll turn right, go under the train tracks and up to a park where you turn left, keeping on Mystic Valley Parkway. There is a paved path in this park you can run which will bring you up to water stop 3 near Winchester Center.

Run 4: Next you run up to Washington St, turn left and follow Washington through a f way intersection. We’ve been here before, but it is a bit confusing. You want to cross through the intersection and stay on the street to the right on the other side. This is still Washington St. Run up past a church and through Winchester to the Gingerbread Construction Company. Don’t stop for breakfast, instead turn right up Forest St, up to the top where you’ll hit the first water stop again.

Run 5: You’ve done this run before… cross over 93, turn right on Park St, over to Friendly’s again and right on Main St in Stoneham. Run the back side of Spot Pond past the Sheepfold over to Elm St. Left on Elm and up, up up to the rotary at Highland Ave. Turn right at the Mobil Station onto Highland and find the water stop there.

Run 6: The last run of the day is one you’ve run in the other direction many times. Follow Highland Ave all the way to the rotary where the paper boy sits. Turn left onto the Fellsway East and cruise through the final hills of the day. When you get to Grimsby’s be glad you’re turning right, a flat last mile down West Wyoming to Main ending at a chair on a sidewalk in front of Brueggers. Yay!

For those running shorter, there is a short route posted but I suggest looking at running the prettier parts of the run. Look on the map and find a water stop to start and end at. This will make your run more interesting and give you the chance to keep a 20 mile runner company if they want it. (Warning: sometimes they don’t want it so be wary of the long distance runner that wants some alone time)

Another tip before I end this long post… This is the perfect chance to dry run your marathon day. Choose clothes appropriate for this weekend’s weather, but try to wear as much of your race day clothes as possible. The right shoes, socks, bra, underwear, shorts, and shirt are hard to find. Today you can learn what chafes and blisters you before you get out on the race course. Also test our your marathon meals. Dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning are key to how you run. Try your meals out today and see how they work tomorrow. Again better to find out that certain thing you think will work doesn’t when you’re running your 20 than when you’re running your marathon.

OK, enough from me. I need three or four water stop volunteers. I’ll by some supplies and pass them out at Brueggers before the run. If you’re running short and starting somewhere else, consider letting us use your car. I think Dave and BrianW will be out on the course for us keeping us well. If so two more cars will make things work out well. One at Eugene, one at the last stop. Then those two can move around and help us out. Let me know and THANKS in advance!

Who’s in for 20, or something else?! ROLL CALL!!!!

Week 3 – To the Lake and Back

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Despite the crazy triple digit heat over the past few days, I think we’ll hit a relatively cool spot for our run on Sunday Morning. Temperatures at the start of the run are forecast to be 75 and as long as we finish within 2 hours we’ll be back at Brueggers before it hits 80. I did check the hourly forecast to see what difference it would make if we started an hour earlier, that would be 73 degrees at the start and 79 by the finish. Not really worth the confusion. So 8AM start it is!

The run will take us straight up Main St to Wakefield. The water stop will be at Nick’s Pizza at the corner of Nahant and Main St. From there the short route will turn right around and head back to Brueggers. There is a middle distance option as well, continuing up Main St to the lake, left on church, left on North to bring you back to the water stop. This addition will make the total distance 8 miles.

The longer runners will leave the water stop and head up to the lake and keep on Main St to the right of the lake. A full loop around the lake will bring them back on Church St where they’ll take Common St and merge back onto Main St to the water stop. From the water stop the route will take them back down Main St to Melrose finishing the 10.7 mile run at Brueggers.

As for the water stop. I’ll pick up water, gatorade, candy, and gu for this week’s run. If Brian volunteers again, I’ll drop the bucket of supplies off at his car, if not I’ll need someone to pick me up at about 7:45 and bring me back to Melrose. Post the options here and I’ll coordinate it all later tonight.

So who’s in for the Sunday Long Run?! ROLL CALL!!!