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Week 2 – Saturday Long Run – Roll Call

Friday, July 18th, 2008

This week’s training run will be held on Saturday, at 8AM, from Brueggers. We do this so people don’t use the excuse of the Sunday run to miss the MRC Summer Party Saturday Night or to use the excuse of the Summer Party to miss the Sunday Run. We’ll run Saturday morning, party Saturday night, and recover (from either the run, the party, or both) on Sunday morning.

The route this week will be our first of many training runs to follow part of the old Melrose Half Marathon route. Take a peek at the map (see the link on the sidebar on the right of the blog for the maps) and know where you’re going. We’ll hit some hills on the way out the Fellsway East, circle Spot Pond clockwise, and return along the LynnFells. Half Marathon trainers will cut along the front side of the pond to Pond St.

This loop is challenging and it will be a warm morning so I’m planning to have two water stops instead of the usual one. The first/third stop will be near the Mobil Station on Highland Ave, the second will be in the parking lot on the other side of Spot Pond near the other Mobil Station. Volunteers to help with the water stop. Peter mentioned not running but helping with the water stop. If he can meet us at Brueggers and handle the stop on Highland Ave, then I just need someone to pick me up in the morning on the South St side of the pond.

 So who’s in for the run? Please post here.

(For those who can’t make the Saturday Run, Walt has plans to go on a Sunday Run early, watch the MRC forum for more information)