Week 7 – Old Melrose Half Marathon Route

Last week was difficult. It’s usually a difficult week, where the heat and humidity of a New England August conspire against your training. You each fought through it and gave a great effort to get the miles in. I guarantee this week will be shorter, I can’ control the weather though.

This week is Week 7. If you look at the maps, which are conveniently linked to the mileage numbers shown over to the right (———–>), they’ll say Week 4 because we used to run this route in Week 4. The route is the old Melrose Half Marathon route, with a little tacked on at the start and end since the Melrose Half Marathon didn’t start at Brueggers.

Leave Brueggers heading north on Main Street, up past Ell Pond (say hi to Clarence) and turn left on Melrose Street. Take a left onto the LynnFells Parkway and pass Melrose High School and Middle School. If you’re running long you’ll take a left at the lights at Tremont Street. If you’re running short you’ll continue straight towards Grimsby’s. Long runners loop Ell Pond with consecutive left turns on Lake, Emerson, and (not Palmer) Main which will you take you back to Clarence. Turn left on Melrose Street again, and the LynnFells Parkway again, and this time continue straight at Tremont to take the LynnFells past Grimsbys now trailing the short runners. After Grimsby’s you’ll continue straight on the Fellsway East, through the hills in the Fells, down to a traffic circle where you’ll turn right onto Highland Ave. Highland will take you to water stop 1 where you’ll find… wait for it… Lois!

After the water stop the shorter route will go straight through the rotary onto Woodland along the front side of Spot Pond. Continue to the right onto Pond Street, down to Grimsby’s and continue straight onto West Wyoming. A left onto Main will finish up your 7.1 mile run. Long runners will go left at the rotary onto Elm Street, this week you get to run down that hill. Turn right at the end of Elm onto the Fellsway West, running under I93 then over I93, past the Bresnahan I93 Offramp, to a right turn into the Straw Point parking lot where you should find Tom with some water for you. Continue through the lot turning right to stay along Spot Pond, continuing back to the rotary near the Flynn Rink. Run through the rotary back onto Highland, where you’ll find Lois again at another water stop.

After that water stop you’ll continue down Highland a bit, turning left onto East Border Road. Run to the lights and turn left onto the Fellsway East. Go through the hills past Grimsby’s, past Melrose High School, and turn right on Melrose Street. Make your way along Main Street, saying hi to Clarence once again, and into Melrose Center where you’ll stop at Brueggers to finish up 14. 6 miles.

If you’re running Chicago you may be looking to add some more miles. One choice would be to double look Spot Pond to add 5 miles, then turn right at Grimsby’s onto Wyoming to subtract a mile. For those that like math that’s 14.6+5-1=18.6 miles. Another option is to continue along the Melrose Running Club summer route after you pass Melrose High School to add either 2, 3, or 4 miles depending on where you break off back to Brueggers. Let Lois know what you’re planning though so we know when and where to expect you.

Ok, who’s in for the no-Jim-n-Hank Week 7 SLR? Roll Call!


25 Responses to “Week 7 – Old Melrose Half Marathon Route”

  1. Paul Locke says:

    I’m in. I’ll take half, please.

  2. Regina Curran says:

    Hi Jim & Lois

    Julie snd I are in for the full. We will do our additional miles before the run starts

    Thank you

  3. andy nagelin says:

    IFTF. Thanks Jim.

  4. Christina DiCalogero says:

    Jess and I are in for the short. Thank you.

  5. Stan lefave says:

    No Jim or Hank ?? Chaos will ensue but I guess I am iftf plus and Ray is iftf but on a positive Lois in charge of hydration Sweet thank you

  6. Matt Kerton says:

    In for the full. Thanks!

  7. Marianne ChmiELEWSKI says:

    IFTF, thanks!

  8. Lauren Cossette says:

    In for the full 14, no extra miles for me!

  9. Jen Bresnahan says:

    I’m in for the full and jen Dodge is in for the half. Thank you!!

  10. Allison Cunningham says:

    I’m in for the half, see you all tomorrow! 🙂

  11. Audrey H says:

    In for the half. Thank you!

  12. Lori says:


  13. Annmarie O'Connor says:

    I will be there for at least 7

  14. Glen says:

    In for the full run, thanks!

  15. Lynda Field says:

    Starting at 7:45 🙂 and will meet up on the half ! Jim you too know! Lous you too! Can you tell at mall with my teen back to school shopping?

  16. Maryanne says:

    In for the half…ty!

  17. Rowena Hakkaoui says:


  18. Nicole jacob says:


  19. Don Keren says:

    In for the full, thanks

  20. Jessi says:


  21. Jackie Ecker says:

    In for the half. Thanks!

  22. Shawn Conway says:

    in for the full

  23. Jen Elise Prescott says:

    Yikes – it looks like my comment didn’t load/save. Ifth

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