Week 3 – To the Lake and Back

We had a good crowd last week as about 40 runners tackled the hills and the heat. This week we’ve got a much flatter and shorter run ahead of us.

The route will start from Brueggers at 8AM Sunday, heading north on Main Street to Wakefield. Continue on Main Street to the intersection of North, Nahant and Main. Across the street from Jiffy Lube is Nick’s Pizza, where you’ll find Water Stop 1.

If you’re going short, after your water, turn around and head back to Brueggers along the same route for a nice 6.1 miles.

Those running long will add a loop of Lake Quannapowitt. Continue north on the right side of Main Street through Wakefield Center and to Lake Q. Complete a counterclockwise loop of the lake by following Main Street along the east side of the lake, turning left on Lowell Street and left onto Quannapowitt Parkway, to a left on North Ave, over to the corner by the softball fields where you’ll turn left on Church Street. Once you get to the church, turn right on Common Street and run along Wakefield Common merging back on to Main Street. When you get to Nick’s stop for another water stop before following Main Street back to Brueggers to finish up your 10.7 miles.

I’ll take care of the water stops.

Who’s in? Roll Call.


29 Responses to “Week 3 – To the Lake and Back”

  1. Paul Locke says:

    Duncan goes long, I’ll go short.

  2. Christina DiCalogero says:

    Jess and I are in for the short. Thanks.

  3. Amy Giuliano says:

    IFTL. Thank you!

  4. Kristen says:

    I am in for the short run!

  5. Mary O'Connell says:

    IFTL. Thanks Jim!!

  6. Oscar Dirks says:

    Oscar and Erin IFTL. Thank you

  7. Stanley LeFave says:

    Ray and stan in for the full thanks

  8. Nicole says:

    Long please

  9. Erik Cann says:

    Long thank you

  10. Haecha Donnelly says:

    I’m in for the 6miles! Thanks Jim!

  11. Lauren Cossette says:

    In for the full!

  12. Mike McLaughlin says:

    In for the full. Thanks

  13. Judy Dolan says:

    Mike and I will be there for the 6 or 8

  14. Annmarie O'Connor says:

    I’m in for the long

  15. Jen Elise Prescott says:

    In for the short!

  16. Audrey H says:

    Donna and I are in for 6-8. Thank you Jim!

  17. Jeff Rushton says:

    The full and bringing another runner. Thanks JC!

  18. Jessi says:


  19. Freddi says:

    I’m in for the long. Brian will be there and he’s available to help with a water stop. Thanks!

  20. Brendan L says:

    Paul Bouchard is IFTF

  21. Alice says:

    IFTL, thanks!!!

  22. Bill Riley says:


  23. Jackie Ecker says:

    In for the Half. Thanks!

  24. Andrew Nagelin says:

    IFTF. Thank you!

  25. Pam says:

    IMFTH! Thanks!

  26. Lois says:

    iFSMDKHM (in for some miles don’t know how many)

  27. Rowena Hakkaoui says:

    IFTF. Thanks!

  28. Ed Bradford says:

    IFTF – thanks!

  29. Barry says:


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